Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 33

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 33

Chapter 33


Seeing Melody’s happy look, Briana was curious about which guy fascinated Melody, a woman with a strong personality.

“I was going to invite you to dinner tonight, but since you have an appointment with your boyfriend, I will treat you another day.”


After Melody left, Briana was about to read the file when her mobile phone suddenly rang.

She answered the phone. It was Kendra, “Briana, Maxim signed the divorce agreement. Come to the Yoder’s house now!”

Briana frowned. Maxim refused to divorce yesterday, but why did he sign it so happily today?

“Did he really sign?”

The voice on the phone paused for a few seconds before Kendra’s sarcastic voice came over. “Or what? Do I have to lie to you?! You don’t think Maxim can’t live without you, do you?”

Briana pursed her lips and said, “Alright. I’ll be there right away.”

After Kendra hung up the phone, Kiley, sitting next to Kendra, said anxiously, “Mrs. Yoder, is it proper for us to do this? If Maxim knows about this, he will be angry.”

Kendra’s eyes are full of chills. “You don’t have to worry. When he and Briana are divorced, even if he is really angry, he can’t do anything to change it. I am his mother. What can he do to me?”

Last night she called Reese back and embellished the story of Briana and those men in the club. She wanted Reese to force Maxim and Briana to divorce. Unexpectedly, Reese scolded her instead, saying that it was not her business. Reese told Kendra not to mess around!

Kendra was so angry that she couldn’t fall asleep last night. She believed that Briana was such a shameful woman, so she couldn’t let Briana be with Maxim.

Half an hour later, Briana walked into the living room of the Yoder’s house.

Both Kiley and Kendra stopped smiling when they saw Briana.

Kendra raised her chin and said contemptuously, “The divorce agreement is on the table. After you sign it, you have nothing to do with Maxim anymore!”

Briana walked directly to the table. She picked up the divorce agreement and turned to the last page, and sure enough, she saw Maxim’s signature on it.

Briana picked up the pen. She couldn’t help but turn to Kendra and reconfirmed, “Is this signature authentic and effective?”

Kendra sneered, “Of course it’s authentic. I don’t have to deceive you with a fake signature!”


Seeing that Briana did not hesitate to sign her name, Kendra felt a little uncomfortable. She thought, “Shouldn’t Briana hesitate to sign? But why did it seem that it was as easy as throwing off a burden for her?”

To avoid any accidents, Briana suggested, “I will now take the divorce agreement to the courthouse for notarization.

As soon as Briana said that, Kendra said coldly, “I’ll go with you so that you won’t play any tricks behind my back!”

Briana didn’t refuse, “Okay.”

When they walked out of the Yoder’s house, Kendra saw the Lamborghini parked at the door and frowned. “Did Maxim buy this car for you? Now that you’re getting a divorce, you can’t take the car away with you.”

Briana did not expect Kendra to be so strange and penny-pinching. Not to mention that Briana bought the car on her own, even if Maxim bought it for her, she had been taking care of him for three years, so it was not too much to ask for a car from him.

At the side, Kiley’s eyes became red out of anger. She looked at Briana with jealousy.

“That’s right. Briana, you won’t take advantage of Maxim after getting divorced, will you?”

After Kiley married Maxim, Maxim’s money was hers, so she would never let Briana take the car away!

Briana took a cold look at them and said indifferently, “I may

disappoint you. This car has nothing to do with Maxim. I will wait for you at the gate of the courthouse.”

After saying that, Briana got in the car and started it. Standing there, the only thing Kiley and Kendra got was vehicle exhaust.

When Briana got to the courthouse, she waited for over an hour, but Kiley and Kendra didn’t show up.

With a flash of impatience in her eyes, she decided to go directly to notarization alone.

Just as Briana got out of the car, a black Maybach parked right in front of her.

Briana’s pupils shrank out of shock. She unconsciously pinched the divorce agreement in her hand.

The next second, the backseat door of the Maybach was pushed open.

Maxim got out of it and walked to Briana with a cold face full of anger.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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