Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 36

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Briana had a trace of cold in her eyes. Soon, some big guys surrounded her.

One of them even stretched out to pull her and sneered, “Chick, come with me.”

Just as he was about to touch her, Briana grabbed his wrist and did a suplex. The man screamed and was thrown onto the ground.

The other three men realized the problem and jumped at her together.

One minute later, they all moaned on the ground.

Briana felt that she had reached her limit too. Her sight became blurry.

She tried to support herself and moved faster.

After walking into the elevator, Briana pushed a button intuitively. She thought it was for the first floor. Then, she leaned against the wall and gasped.

When the door opened, Briana walked out and found that it was not the first floor. She frowned. If she went back, she may meet those people again.

There was a long corridor ahead. Briana struggled to walk forward.

After a long while, she felt that she was losing consciousness. Just as she lost all her strength and was about to fall, she fell into a warm embrace.

In the most luxurious box on the 8th floor of Grande Club.

Maxim drank quietly. He had finished two bottles of good wine.

Brycen said disapprovingly, “Maxim, you’ve been drinking quietly. What? Do you need a woman?”

Maxim glanced at him coldly. “If you don’t know how to use your mouth, just shut up.”

Brycen was speechless.

Tyrone patted Brycen’s shoulder with pity. “Didn’t you see his bad mood? You ask for it.”

Just then, the door was opened. Oliver walked in with Adeline.

“Hi, guys. This is Adeline Ponce, my girlfriend!”

The three people in the box knew that Adeline used to date Oliver. They didn’t expect them to go back together soon after Adeline returned home.

Brycen couldn’t help frowning because he came across Oliver and Melody in the street days ago.

Melody was born into a rich family too and disappeared for some time after her family went bankrupt. When she came back, she turned the table as the president of MY Corporation.

But MY Corporation had been declining in the past two years. So people didn’t have faith in it.

Brycen even worried that Melody and Oliver’s relationship would end up in nowhere once the Newman family refused to accept Melody after MY Corporation went bankrupt.

However, to his surprise, Oliver was with Adeline again.

Seeing that they were all silent, Oliver had an upset look in his eyes. “What do you mean? No congrats? You don’t like her?”

Tyrone smiled as he looked at Oliver. “We are afraid that we might scare her.”

Then he looked at Adeline. “Ms. Ponce, my name is Tyrone Moyer, Oliver’s friend.”

Adeline put on a gentle smile. “Hi.”

After the greeting, Oliver and Adeline sat down. He looked at her. “If you feel bored, you can call Kiley over. You are good friends, right?”

Hearing this, Adeline hesitated and glanced at Maxim subconsciously. “Is that OK for everyone?”

“Of course. We all know her, anyway

Just as Adeline was about to make a phone call, Maxim stood up suddenly. “I got something to do. Bye.”

Adeline’s face turned pale. She looked at Oliver sadly, “He doesn’t like me, right?”

Brycen frowned because he felt she was playing the victim.

With his eyebrows raised, he teased, “If Maxim likes you, someone will be jealous.”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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