Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 41

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Did she know that Adeline was plotting against her at Desmond’s birthday party?

Oliver frowned and coldly looked at Briana, “What do you mean by that?!”

Briana looked at him with indifference and said, “What do I mean? Shouldn’t you all be very clear? The dress your girlfriend is wearing, it’s the birthday gift I gave to Melody. Why is she wearing it now? I think you should explain.”

Adeline’s face turned pale, and a sense of shame and anger surged in her heart. This dress was actually given to Melody by Briana?!

Oliver sneered, “I had already had someone transfer the money to Melody, so this dress is now my girlfriend’s!”

Briana raised an eyebrow, “As expected, shameless people are unbeatable. Melody probably didn’t agree to sell the dress to you, right?”

Oliver’s face looked unpleasant, and he remained silent without speaking.

Adeline looked at Briana with a sad expression on her face, her eyes filled with tears. “Ms. Schneider, I didn’t know that this dress was a gift from you to Ms. Joyce. I simply liked this dress, so I asked Oliver to buy it for me from Ms. Joyce. If you want to blame someone, blame


Briana finally understood why Melody couldn’t compete with Adeline. With such a pitiful appearance, even a man would feel sorry for her.

“Do you think it’s necessary to go to great lengths to get what you like? I see you’ve gotten used to being a mistress and wanting to snatch. everything!”

“Briana, don’t speak too rudely. I only spared you because of Maxim’s face!”

Maxim glanced at Oliver with a faint expression and said expressionlessly, “You don’t have to endure.”

A hint of joy flashed in Adeline’s eyes, it seems that Maxim really didn’t like Briana.

Oliver was also taken aback, looking at Briana with a mocking gaze, “Since Maxim said so, then I…”

Maxim interrupted coldly before the words were finished.

“Because even I, look down on you!”

Oliver’s expression suddenly became extremely ugly as he looked at Maxim in disbelief.

However, Maxim didn’t even look at him and coldly stood up, saying, “Return the dress as soon as possible, otherwise, not only Briana, but I won’t let your girlfriend have an easy time either!”

Oliver didn’t expect Maxim to leave him with no dignity at all. “Maxim, we have been brothers for so many years, and just for a dress, you would hit me in the face like this?!”

Maxim gave him a cold glance and said, “If I don’t give you face, I would have made Adeline take off her dress right now. The dress my wife gave to a friend, is she worthy of wearing it?!”

Oliver’s face turned pale, anger filled his eyes. “Fine, since you say so, we’re done!”

“Suit yourself!”

Maxim pulled Briana and left directly.

The compartment suddenly became extremely quiet. Adeline had already been scared pale and looked at Oliver cautiously as she spoke, “Oliver, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault… If I hadn’t insisted on keeping this dress, it wouldn’t have led to you arguing with Mr. Yoder…..”

Oliver looked coldly at Adeline and said, “Go back and change out of the dress, wash it, and return it to Melody.”

Adeline had lots of unwillingness in her heart, but she didn’t dare to anger Oliver at this moment, so she could only nod and say, “I understand.”

She lowered her gaze, a flash of anger flickering in her eyes.

She would return the dress, but she also wanted to prevent Melody from wearing it!

Leaving the restaurant, Briana shook off Maxim’s hand.

“Maxim, you don’t have to stand up for me, this is my own business and it has nothing to do with you.”

“You were my wife, and your matters were my matters!”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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