Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 43

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“I got it, in the future, if anyone from the Yoder Group comes to discuss acquisition, just reject them directly.”


On the way back to the Yoder Group, Rayan couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Yoder, the price we offered has far exceeded the value of MY. I don’t think acquiring MY will be feasible.”

Maxim’s eyes were cold, and he remained silent for a moment before speaking, “Please compile a file for me listing the clothing companies under the Yoder Group.”

Originally, he had planned to acquire MY and let Kiley practice on it, but the people on MY’s side refused to budge, so he had to think of another way.

“Okay, Mr. Yoder.”

Time passed quickly, and before she knew it, it was Saturday, the day Briana had agreed to go to the Schneider’s house for dinner.

She got up in the morning and changed her clothes. Just as she went downstairs, she saw Maxim sitting on the sofa, reading documents.

Hearing footsteps, he put away the documents and looked up at Briana.

She wore a waist-cinching long skirt today, with a delicate fair face untouched by makeup, and her long hair tied up in a bun, making her look like a youthful college student. She appeared to be more than ten years younger than Maxim, who was dressed in a suit and tie.

Maxim frowned and reached out to remove the hair tie that held Briana’s hair in a bun, causing her long hair to cascade down.

Briana looked at him displeasedly and said, “What are you doing?! Give me back my hair tie!”

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Maxim threw the hairband into the trash can and spoke in a calm tone, “The bun hairstyle doesn’t suit you, it looks better if you let it down.”


What does it matter to him whether she is good-looking or not?!

“Let’s go, we’ll be late if we wait any longer.”

Maxim took the lead and noticed that Briana hadn’t followed. He turned back and frowned at her, “What are you standing there for?”

“Did my dad also inform you to go to the Schneider’s house for dinner?”

“Well, is there any problem?”

Briana remained silent for a few seconds and calmly said, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”

Zane took matters into his own hands, knowing full well that she wouldn’t agree, but he went ahead and did it anyway, clearly not caring about her opinion.

An hour later, Maxim’s car stopped in front of the Schneider’s house.

Kiley knew that Maxim was coming, so she waited at the door early. When she saw Briana also arrived, there was no change in her facial expression, and she completely ignored Briana.

“Maxim, we have been waiting for you for a long time, I will take you


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Maxim looked indifferent and turned to look at Briana, saying, “Let’s go.”

Briana found Maxim’s behavior confusing. He clearly liked Kiley, so why was he now acting as if he had no connection to her?

However, soon Briana thought of those photos of Maxim and Kiley, and her eyes grew cold.

The two of them walked into the Schneider’s house, one in front and one behind. As soon as they entered the living room, Desmond came forward to greet them.

“Mr. Yoder and Briana have arrived, please have a seat!”

Seeing Desmond’s old face, which was as bright as a flower, Briana averted her gaze with an indifferent expression. Their invitation to come back for dinner was just a pretense; their true intention was to meet with Maxim.

Not willing to continue wearing a smile here, Briana said to Maxim, “I went to take a walk in the garden.”

Briana had just sat down in the gazebo in the garden when Kiley appeared in front of her.

“Briana, don’t think that you have won. All you have now is the title of Maxim’s wife, but deep down, Maxim still loves me!”

“Is that so?”

Briana raised an eyebrow, a hint of mockery flickering in her eyes, “But just now at the door, it seemed like he didn’t even glance at you.”

Kiley’s face changed, and then she gritted her teeth and said, “That’s

because we had an argument recently, but we will make up in a while!”

By the way, do you remember the incident when you hired a male model on grandpa’s birthday? Maxim found out about it and realized that I was involved, but he didn’t blame me. He even helped me keep it a secret! So now that you are his wife, it doesn’t matter because he will always stand by my side!


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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