Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 44

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Kiley hoped to see anger and jealousy on Briana’s face, but she was disappointed. Throughout the entire time, Briana only looked at her calmly, without any hint of emotion in her eyes.

She sneered and looked at Briana contemptuously, “Do you think pretending to be magnanimous will make Maxim fall in love with you? Dream on!”

Briana remained calm and said slowly, “Kiley, you were really pitiful.”

“What did you say?!”

Kiley’s pupils suddenly contracted, anger and disbelief filled her eyes.

Briana dared to say that she was pitiful!

“Isn’t it true? All your topics revolve around Maxim, as if your life has no meaning without Maxim.”

Seeing Kiley now, Briana couldn’t help but wonder if she had also appeared pitiful and pathetic in the eyes of others over the past three


“Briana, you were pitiful. Even though your parents brought you back home, no one in our family cared about you, not even your husband. That’s why you were the poor thing!”

Briana smiled and in the past, she may have fantasized about receiving some love from the Schneider family and Maxim, but now she no longer cares.

Only when you love yourself is the most important thing. Fantasizing

about getting attention from others will only trap yourself in a vicious cycle of self-validation.

“Say whatever you want, if you could convince Maxim to divorce me, I might even thank you!”

After finishing speaking, Briana turned around and left directly. However, when she reached the corner, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Maxim was tall and he looked down at her, his pitch-black eyes filled with emotions that were unreadable.

Briana’s heart skipped a beat as Maxim had always disliked it when she brought up the topic of divorce.

Just when she thought Maxim was about to get angry, Maxim suddenly turned around and left directly.

Noticing that he was angry, Briana frowned but still didn’t catch up with him in the end.

Just as she returned to the living room, Zane walked up to her and whispered, “Your grandmother is in the side hall and wants to talk to you. Why don’t you go over there?”

Briana nodded and turned to walk towards the side hall.

This time, Lacey’s attitude was completely different from before, with a kind smile on her face.

“Briana came, come sit next to me!”

Briana walked over and sat down one seat away from Lacey. She spoke in a calm tone, “Grandma, what do you need me for?”

Lacey started with a few pleasantries before changing the topic

abruptly, “It has been three years since you married into the Yoder family. Since Maxim is treating you well now, you should seize the opportunity and have a child with him. That way, your position will be unshakeable!”

A hint of surprise flashed in Briana’s eyes. Previously, the Schneider family had wanted her to divorce Maxim immediately and have Maxim marry Kiley.

I didn’t expect her to change her attitude so quickly, which made me admire her.

“Grandma, there is something I wanted to tell you all this time I came.”

“What happened?”

“I planned to divorce Maxim.”

At the words, Lacey’s smile froze on her face, and a hint of coldness flickered in her eyes.

“Briana, I thought you were always a smart child, how could you say such a confused thing!”

Briana looked at her with a faint expression and said slowly, “I

divorced Maxim, which is beneficial and harmless to the Schneider family. Compared to me, who returned to the Schneider family at the age of sixteen, if Kiley marries Maxim, she will definitely be able to help the Schneider family more wholeheartedly.”

Lacey didn’t expect that Briana would directly speak her mind. She remained silent for a moment before speaking, “Are you being sincere with your words?”

Briana smiled and said, “Of course it’s true. For the past three years, he has been thinking about Kiley. I have also realized that. As long as the Schneider family is willing to intervene, I agree to divorce Maxim.”

Lacey was still somewhat skeptical. She didn’t believe Briana would give up Maxim or the wealth of the Yoder family.

“Let me think about this matter, after all, it is mainly based on Maxim’s idea!”

After hearing these words, Briana realized that Lacey was playing Tai Chi with her. She was both tempted to have Kiley marry her and afraid of offending Maxim because of it.

“Grandma, you take your time to consider.”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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