Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 56

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Briana looked indifferent and said, “There’s nothing for me to talk to you about.”

“If you are still angry about the last time, I can apologize to you. It was indeed my fault last time.”

Briana looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to apologize.

“If it’s for this matter, I have received your apology, can I leave now?”

Maxim’s gaze sank, and he murmured. “You were still angry.”

Briana felt a bit helpless, “Since you have already apologized, whether I am angry or not is my own business, and it seems to have nothing to do with you.”

After speaking, Briana reversed her car and drove away, passing Maxim.

Since that day, Briana and Maxim never saw each other again. Sometimes, in entertainment magazines, you could see Maxim accompanying Kiley to events.

Briana glanced lightly and then calmly averted her gaze, showing no

interest in it.

Two weeks later.

On Friday night, Briana finished work and returned to her villa, it was already past ten o’clock at night.

She had just finished taking a shower and was getting ready to read a

book and go to sleep when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Walking to the door, she looked through the peephole and saw Maxim. She furrowed her brows.

She straightened her nightgown and opened the door, looking at Maxim with an indifferent expression. She was about to speak when suddenly she smelled a strong scent of alcohol.

“Did you drink alcohol?”

Maxim’s expression was still clear, but there was a hint of intoxication in his eyes.

“Briana, do you remember what day it was today?”

Briana pondered for a moment before suddenly realizing that today seemed to be the third anniversary of their marriage.

During this period, the company was very busy, and combined with my lack of interest in this matter, I had long forgotten about it.

She pursed her lips and impatience flashed in her eyes. “If you’re just here to talk nonsense, you can leave now. I need to rest.”

Maxim leaned against the door, his gaze filled with coldness as he said, “Do you know that today is our wedding anniversary?”

Briana frowned, “So what? You never cared anyway, why bother coming here now and pretending to be sentimental?”

Maxim didn’t get angry, instead he chuckled softly twice.

“I prepared a gift for you, what about you?”

“I didn’t need your gift, just go…”

Before I could even speak, my waist was suddenly grabbed.

The next second, Maxim’s tall figure pressed down.

It was not until Briana felt the warm touch on her lips that she suddenly pushed Maxim away.

“Maxim, were you sick?”

She raised her hand to wipe her lips, unaware that her action angered Maxim. He immediately grabbed her wrist, and the next second, she was pressed against the wall.

A torrent of kisses rained down, Briana wanted to struggle, but she was tightly suppressed by Maxim.

She was furious in her heart and bit Maxim hard, instantly filling both of their mouths with the taste of blood.

Maxim let go of her, looked down at her, and whispered, “Since you didn’t prepare a gift for me, consider this kiss as compensation.”


Briana was about to push him away when a sudden chill ran down her neck.

She reached out and touched it, only to find that it was a necklace. She frowned and was about to take it off, but Maxim was one step ahead and held her hand.

“If you dared to take it off, I would continue to forcefully kiss you.”

Briana didn’t move anymore, but her gaze at Maxim was icy cold. “Maxim, did you drink fake alcohol?!”

Otherwise, tonight wouldn’t have been so abnormal!

Maxim pinched her chin and forced her to make eye contact with him.

“Even if you were really angry, isn’t it enough time already?”

Briana pushed him away and coldly looked at him, saying, “Maxim, I wasn’t angry with you, I simply didn’t want to be in the same space as you.”

Maxim’s eyes filled with coldness, he didn’t expect himself to be so humble to please her, and Briana still had this attitude towards him.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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