Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 6

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Briana opened the door, got out of the car, turned, and walked back. The black Maybach stopped in situ for a few seconds and finally went the other way.

Maxim was in the car. He looked at her figure which was getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror and was annoyed.

He didn’t get it. Why was Briana so stubborn this time? She had always been so obedient and gentle. He had already swallowed his pride and came to her, and yet she still wanted a divorce.

Yet he found that the priority was to go find Kiley now. He would find some time to talk to Briana.

Briana went back for about 100 meters when she got a call from Hector.

“Briana, where are you?”

Hearing the anxiety in Hector’s voice, Briana felt warm.

“I’m halfway up the mountain on my way back.”

“Where’s Mr. Yoder?”

There was no emotion in her eyes. She said calmly, “He’s gone.”

“It’s the middle of the night, and he just left you, a girl, halfway up the mountain? I’ll be right there! Give me five minutes!”

He hung up before giving her a chance to turn him down.

Briana put away her phone and stood in situ, waiting for Hector.

When Hector arrived, Briana was standing on the side of the road, kicking stones out of boredom.

Hearing the engine, she looked up and saw Hector’s car pull up in front of her.

He pushed the door open and got out. He was relieved to see that she was OK, and then he walked quickly to her side and opened the passenger door for her.

“Get in, Briana.”

Seeing him so considerate, Briana couldn’t help smiling and teased, “No wonder so many girls want to be your girlfriend. You are so gentlemanly.”

Hector smiled, “What about you? Do you think I’m boyfriend material?”

Seeing his casual expression, she knew he was joking, so she nodded and said, “Of course. If you are someone’s boyfriend, you will be the perfect guy.”

His eyes flashed with disappointment, but he smiled and said, “It’s a pity that the person I like doesn’t like me.”

Briana patted him on the shoulder and said, “What a coincidence. Same here.”

Hector could not help but smile and shake his head. He said, “You’re so bad at comforting. I feel sadder.”

“Enough jokes. Let’s hurry back. I’ll start working tomorrow.”

Hector raised his eyebrows. “Are you coming back to be my agent again?”

“I don’t think so. Besides, you have an agent already. Even if I do come back, I don’t get to have you as my artist.”

Hector smiled and said nothing more.

By the time they got back to the villa, the coffee was cold, and she wasn’t in the mood for coffee anymore. She said good night to Hector and went to her room.

The next morning, Briana got up, washed up, and went downstairs. Seeing that Melody had been waiting for her in the living room on the first floor, she hurried downstairs.

“Ms. Joyce, would you consider giving me another day off?”

Melody sneered, looking like a demoness who was about to eat Briana alive. She threw a stack of papers straight into Briana’s arms.

“You’ve taken three years off already. And you’re telling me that you want another day off? Finish these papers on the way to the office. We’ve got a big battle ahead of us today!”

Briana looked at the papers in her arms, feeling a bit speechless. Then she said, “Are you trying to wear me off on my first day of work?”

“You have no idea. In the three years you were away, those old bastards have been ruining MY Corporation. They kept shoving their relatives into the company, who cared nothing but money and never worked. If you don’t come back, the company will collapse sooner or later!”

Briana was rendered speechless.

On the way to work, Melody couldn’t help but gossip.

“By the way, when I went to see you this morning, I saw Hector, the trending best actor at your place. You just divorced Maxim, and you’re already keeping an actor?”

Briana turned her gaze from the papers to Melody and said seriously, “For one thing, Hector and I are just friends. For another, Maxim and I are still married, so he’s not my ex-husband for now.”

Melody’s eyes were filled with shock. “In other words, you’re already keeping an actor while being Maxim’s wife still? How juicy!”

Briana was speechless again. “Do you not understand my words? How did you manage to graduate?”

Melody raised her chin. “Of course, I do. I used to be first in my class.”

“Were you the only student in your class?”

Melody said, “Briana, just shut up.”

Briana said nothing more and looked down at the papers.

Shortly after, her phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number, she was confused.

The second she picked it up, she heard Maxim’s furious voice.

“Briana, unblock my number right now!”

Briana hung up, turned her phone off, tossed it at Melody, and said, “Go get me a new card and cancel this one.”

Thinking back to how Briana had mocked her earlier, Melody said, deliberately sarcastically, “I’m not your secretary! Go get your secretary to run your errands!”

Briana closed the files, raised her eyebrows, and said, “Alright. MY Corporation is going down anyway. We might as well apply for bankruptcy.”

“No! I was wrong. I’ll get on it right, OK?”

Seeing how fawning Melody was, Briana couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows again. “I was just teasing you. Don’t take it seriously.”

This time, it was Melody who was speechless.

Arriving at MY Corporation, the first thing Briana did was call a shareholder meeting.

An hour later, the normally swaggering shareholders walked out of the meeting room livid and angry.

Soon, only Melody and Briana were alone in the room.

Melody gave Briana a thumbs-up and said, admiring Briana, “Ms. Schneider, you are something! I was stunned to see you render those old bastards speechless. I’ve never seen them so battered.”

Briana glanced at her calmly and said expressionlessly, “Sort out the name list of those being shoved into MY Corporation by other shareholders. I want it now. And layoffs start tomorrow.”

Melody’s eyes flashed with shock. “So soon? You just gave them a hard time today, and they are still furious. If we make a move on their people right now, I’m afraid they’ll be even more upset.”

“If anyone has a problem, they can come to me in my office.”

With that, Briana stood up and left. She now had a general idea of MY Corporation’s problems. If those issues didn’t get resolved quickly, the company might go bankrupt within the next year.

Returning to the office after three years of absence, Briana did not have much time to reminisce. She directly began to work.

Less than an hour, the news of the return of MY Corporation’s founder spread in the entire business circle of Bridenville.

Yet Briana had never shown her face to others before and was very mysterious to the outside world. Everyone was guessing that her coming back was to pull MY Corporation back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Maxim was in the CEO’s office at the Yoder Group.

He was still trying to reach Briana, but her phone was always off, and his patience was wearing off.

The second Rayan walked into the office, he felt like he was in an ice cave, and he subconsciously trod softly.

“Mr. Yoder, our plan to acquire MY Corporation may have to be shelved. I heard that MY Corporation’s founder returned today.”

Maxim frowned and said somewhat absent-mindedly, “Stick to the acquisition plan. Add an extra 16 million dollars.”

“MY Corporation’s founder established the company back then from scratch and stepped down without any warning. It’s everyone’s guess that the founder is back to save the company. If we are going to acquire, I’m afraid MY Corporation isn’t the best option.”

Maxim looked indifferent and coldly said, “Continue the plan. If the money isn’t enough, add more. I don’t want to repeat myself again. Also, send someone to guard Hector’s villa and let me know once Briana shows up.”

“Alright, Mr. Yoder.”

Rayan noticed how irritated Maxim was, which made him feel weird. He figured that Maxim had feelings for Kiley. If so, why wouldn’t Maxim divorce Briana and marry Kiley?

Yet it was Maxim’s business, and he wasn’t in a place to interfere. He could only follow Maxim’s orders.

“By the way, Mr. Yoder, Tear of Elf, the necklace you got at auction in Setherville has arrived. Do you want to give it to Ms. Schneider yourself?”

Tear of Elf was a necklace decorated with thousands of diamonds with a blue teardrop-shaped stone as the main stone. It glistened in the light and was so beautiful that one could hardly look away.

When Maxim saw it at first glance, he figured that it matched Briana perfectly, so he immediately auctioned off the necklace and intended to give it to her as a gift for their third anniversary. Then he put it behind him, because they quarreled.

He pressed his thin lips and looked indifferent. “Give it to me. I’ll give it to her myself.”

Rayan dropped the necklace off at Maxim’s office and left. Maxim picked up a document, but he could not focus at all. His mind was filled with Briana’s look who left so resolutely last night.

He closed the file irritably, confused by the sense of loss of control.

He was about to get up for some air when his phone rang.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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