Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 61

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 61

Chapter 61

Briana frowned and coldly looked at Maxim, her eyes devoid of any warmth.

Maxim was filled with anger. He had barely left for a while, and she was already having dinner with another man. If he came back any later, he might even end up wearing a cuckold’s hat!

He walked over to Briana and sat down, coldly laughing as he looked at Hector across from him.”

Hector, unwilling to be outdone, smiled and said, “Mr. Yoder, Briana’s matter is my matter too. As long as she needs it, I can lend a helping hand anytime.”

Maxim looked at him coldly and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic about other people’s affairs. But I advise you to think more about how to improve your acting skills when you have free time, instead of meddling in other people’s business!”

“How was my acting? It was not Mr. Yoder’s concern.”

The two of them locked eyes, neither willing to back down.

Sensing the intense atmosphere in the air, Briana frowned and looked at Maxim. “Mr. Yoder, if you’re here to cause trouble, you can leave


Maxim’s anger surged to its peak in an instant, gritting his teeth he said, “Briana, who is the one stirring up trouble between us in front of you, this little pretty face?!”

Briana’s eyes were cold. “First, Hector is not a gigolo, he is my friend.

Chapter 61

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Please respect him. Second, our relationship doesn’t need anyone to sow discord. We both know what the truth is.”

Maxim, furious, burst into laughter and grabbed Briana’s hand, pulling her outside.

As Hector passed by Briana, he suddenly grabbed her other hand.

“Mr. Yoder, Briana almost fell, didn’t you see?”

Seeing Maxim treat Briana like this, Hector felt anger rising in his heart. Is this the man she chose over everything else in the past?!

If she was with him, he would definitely be unwilling to let her suffer any grievances or harm, instead of disregarding her feelings completely!

Maxim turned around and saw Hector grabbing Briana’s hand. His pupils suddenly contracted, and his eyes became as cold as ice that had been frozen for a thousand years, chilling him to the bone.

“Let go, if you still want your hand!”

Hector was not at all intimidated by the coldness in his eyes, and said slowly, “It is you who should let go!”

The two of them stood facing each other coldly, quickly attracting the attention of the people around.

Briana had a headache. She just wanted to have a quiet meal, but it turned out to be like this.

She remained silent for a few seconds, then she abruptly let go of their hands and quickly walked out of the restaurant.

Just as I reached the elevator, Maxim caught up with me.

“Briana, it seems like you really have a short memory. Unless I teach you a lesson, you won’t learn your lesson!”

He took out his phone and dialed Rayan’s number directly, “Go check what upcoming movies and TV shows Hector has recently signed or will be released soon, immediately…”

Before I could finish speaking, someone suddenly snatched away my phone.

Briana hung up the phone decisively and sneered, “Maxim, is this the only lowly trick you know?”

Maxim exuded a cold aura all over his body and spoke

expressionlessly, “Do you think that by doing this, you can stop me

from dealing with Hector? Unles

you keep an eye on me for twenty- four hours, I will always have the opportunity to make him disappear from the entertainment industry!”

Briana frowned and was about to speak when Hector’s cold voice sounded from behind.

“Briana, you don’t have to worry about this matter. I also want to see how Mr. Yoder will make me disappear!”

Briana turned to look at Hector and whispered, “This is between him and me, I don’t want to involve you and burden you.”

Maxim clearly blamed Hector, who had worked so hard for many years to reach this position. She didn’t want it all to be ruined because of her in an instant.

Hector smiled and said, “I am not afraid, and I don’t believe Mr. Yoder can really control everything.”

Maxim sneered, “You can give it a try!”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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