Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 64

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 64

Chapter 64

A flash of anger crossed Tyrone’s eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

“Maxim, now is not the time to be stubborn. If Briana really gets hurt, you will regret it too late!”

Maxim gave him a cold glance and said, “If you are really that worried, go and persuade him yourself!”

Tyrone hesitated for a few seconds and walked quickly forward.

When he reached Briana, the coach had already led the horse to her side and was telling her about the precautions.

Briana turned her head and immediately collided with Tyrone’s worried eyes, realizing that there was someone standing beside her.

“Ms. Schneider, this horse is not suitable for you. You should change to another one, otherwise you might lose control and get injured.”

The worry in his eyes seemed genuine, Briana smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, Mr. Qi, but I have already made up my mind.”

Tyrone couldn’t help but frown and whispered, “Even if it’s to spite Maxim, one shouldn’t gamble with their own life.”

Upon hearing this, Briana couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr. Qi, you’re overthinking. He hasn’t become that important to me yet.”

She mounted the horse directly, with a perfect and graceful movement, showing no signs of being a first-time rider.

Tyrone paused for a moment, his gaze unconsciously falling on her.

She was wearing a set of burgundy equestrian attire, which outlined her perfect curves. Her slender waist seemed like it could be held in one hand, and her long hair was tied up in a ponytail. The whole person exuded a sense of sharpness and coolness, so beautiful that he could hardly take his eyes off her.

Noticing that he was lost in thought, Tyrone quickly lowered his gaze to hide the emotions deep in his eyes. He was about to speak, but Briana had already ridden off towards the horse field.

Maxim stared at the figure of Mahogany, her long hair swaying in the wind. Just her back alone was enough to make one’s heart flutter.

This kind of Briana was something he had never seen before.

In his eyes, Briana was gentle, like a morning glory that could only cling to a big tree, so weak that she could only rely on him to survive.

So when everything spiraled out of control, Maxim was caught off guard and felt like he had never truly understood Briana.

Kiley saw Maxim’s gaze fall on Briana and felt insanely jealous, but she managed to put on a gentle smile on her face.

“Adeline, I also wanted to go horseback riding. Will you come with me?”

Adeline and Kiley exchanged a glance and instantly understood what Kiley meant.

“Sure, it’s been a while since we rode horses together. Oliver, do you want to join us?”

Oliver turned to ask the others, but seeing that they were not interested, he dismissed the idea. “Adeline, you go with Kiley, we’ll wait for you here.”

Adeline and Kiley quickly changed into their riding gear and both chose smaller and gentle horses.

The others sat in the resting area next to the horse stable, watching as the two slowly rode their horses towards the stable.

The racecourse was very big, and Briana’s figure had long disappeared from the sight of the crowd.

After about ten minutes, the figures of Adeline and Kiley became so small that they were hardly visible.

Several people sat in the lounge area chatting, and Oliver sincerely apologized to Maxim again.

“Maxim, I was indeed confused before, and I know I was wrong. I promise I won’t be foolish again in the future. Please forgive me this time!”

Maxim looked at him with a faint expression and said, “As long as you don’t let your love brain interfere, we won’t have any conflicts between us.”

Oliver: “…”

Brycen glanced at Oliver with a diflicult expression and spoke up for him, “Maxim, don’t worry. This time, Tyrone and I scolded him mercilessly. If there’s another time, I don’t think he’ll have the face to come and ask for your forgiveness.”

Maxim nodded and coldly said, “Warn your girlfriend to stay away from Briana!”

Oliver and Brycen exchanged a glance, and both saw surprise in each other’s eyes.

Is Maxim going to protect Briana?

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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