Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 70

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 70


Chapter 70

Maxim frowned and said, “Grandma, what do

“What does it mean?!”



Norma looked at him with anger on her face and coldly said, “I know all about you helping outsiders bully Briana. What use is a husband like you who only helps outsiders?”

Maxim’s eyes grew cold as he looked at Briana and said, “Did you tell Grandma?”

Norma stood in front of Briana and glared at Maxim, “You dare to hurt Briana and still think you’re right?! I warn you, stay away from Briana! When we return tomorrow, you will go and divorce Briana, and I will have the divorce agreement sent to your company!”


Maxim was really angry, he had never even thought about divorcing Briana.

“Don’t call me grandma, I don’t have a grandson like you!”

After speaking, Norma directly pulled Briana away.

After Norma had escorted Briana to her new room, she looked at her with pity and said, “Briana, don’t worry, I won’t let Maxim bully you. After what happened today, I’ve been thinking, maybe you and him are really not suitable for each other. It’s him who doesn’t deserve you!”

Briana didn’t expect to receive Norma’s support, and her eyes immediately became slightly red. “Grandma, thank you!”

“What’s there to thank for? If anyone should be thanking, it should be me thanking you. If it weren’t for you, Maxim wouldn’t have been able to stand up. But that foolish boy is blind and can’t see your goodness. It’s his misfortune.”

Briana shook her head, “Grandma, you don’t need to thank me. It was all voluntary on my part, and I am truly grateful that you were willing to help me!”

Although she had a bad relationship with Maxim, Norma was really good to her. She didn’t need to hold a grudge against Norma because of Maxim.

“Just now you said not to say thank you, but how come you turned around and started saying thank you again? Alright, you’re tired today, rest well. I’ll go back first.”


After leaving Briana’s room, Norma’s gaze turned cold.

If she hadn’t impulsively decided to check the surveillance, she wouldn’t have witnessed the scene where Kiley and Adeline were trying to harm Briana, but Maxim was helping them to force Briana to apologize.

Just as she arrived at the door of her room, she saw Maxim standing next to it with a cold expression on his face, clearly waiting for her.

Norma walked up to Maxim and coldly stared at him, “Do you know that you were wrong?”

Maxim pursed his thin lips and looked at Norma, saying, “Grandma, you shouldn’t have agreed to help Briana leave…”

Before the word “marriage” could be uttered, Norma slapped him.

“Maxim, how did I teach you back then?! I told you to treat Briana well, and this is how you treat her?!”

Norma exerted all her strength to deliver this slap, and a handprint immediately appeared on Maxim’s face.

His hand, hanging by his side, unconsciously clenched into a fist, and a cold aura emanated from his entire body.

Norma’s eyes were filled with anger as she looked at him with a disappointed expression. “Who took care of you day and night for those two years when you were partially paralyzed? Who found people to help treat your legs? Do you really think Kiley likes you? If she truly liked you, why wasn’t she by your side during the most difficult two years of your life?”

Maxim fell silent for a few seconds and whispered, “Grandma, at that time Kiley was abroad and heard about me marrying Briana, so she refused to come back.”

“Since you knew that you were married to Briana, why did you get involved with Kiley again after she returned to her country?!”

Maxim frowned at Norma’s skeptical expression and said, “I didn’t have any entanglement with Kiley, it was Briana who misunderstood.”

Norma was extremely angry and laughed sarcastically, pointing at Maxim and angrily said, “Oh, so now you’ve learned to lie too? If you weren’t involved with her, then why did you let her stay in our marital home before? Why did you take her to various events?!”

Just as the words fell, there was a sudden muflled sound from behind.

Norma and Maxim turned around at the same time and saw Briana standing nearby with a faint expression. Norma’s heart tightened.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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