Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 8

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 8

apter 8

Briana looked at Melody calmly. “I’m going home.”

“How boring is that? To celebrate your return to MY Corporation and your upcoming new life of getting rid of your consuming marriage, I booked a booth at Charm Club tonight. I heard that they’ve got some new male models there. I’ll take you there and have some fun!”

Melody smiled and raised eyebrows at Briana, and Melody’s eyes were filled with irrepressible excitement.

Briana seriously wondered that at the sight of those male models, Melody would throw herself at them.

She looked at Melody with a half-smile. “Are you taking me there to have fun? Or do you want to have fun for yourself?”

Being seen through, Melody wasn’t embarrassed at all. She walked up to Briana, put her arm around Briana’s neck, and said, “Baby, there’s no you or I. There’s only ‘us’! Besides, I’m sure the only reason why you have always liked Maxim is because you have not seen the world!

“Join me tonight, and I promise that you’ll enjoy yourself so much that you won’t even remember him tomorrow morning after you wake up.”

Briana couldn’t help but chuckle and say, “Forget it. Enjoy it yourself. I’m not interested.”

Seeing that Briana was about to leave, Melody hurriedly grabbed her arm. “You’ve got nothing to do after you get home, right? Think of it as keeping me company. Besides, you’re going to get a divorce soon anyway. Are you saying that you still want to refuse other men for Maxim’s sake?”

That wasn’t what Briana was thinking. Yet seeing that Melody wouldn’t give up till she said yes, she had no choice but to nod helplessly.

“Let me be clear. Just this once.”

Melody instantly smiled brightly, “OK. Let’s go get dinner before anything!”

They had dinner and went to the club. The second they stepped inside, they were overwhelmed by deafening sounds. Under the colorful lights, people on the dance floor writhed and screamed.

Melody took her directly to the second floor. The club had two floors, the first floor was the dance floor and booths, and the second floor had boxes with better privacy and transparent ones.

The transparent boxes were designed for guests to enjoy the crowd dancing on the dance floor downstairs, and the disadvantage was its poor privacy. Everyone could see what the ones in the boxes were doing.

Melody and Briana were ushered into a transparent box by a waiter. Soon, their drinks and the male models were here.

Seeing the two handsome male models in front of them, Melody looked at Briana with a proud face. “I didn’t lie to you, did I? Who’s your type? I’ll have the one left.”

The male models at Charm Club only drank with customers, and they didn’t provide other kinds of services, so every one of them had some skills, like singing, dancing, and doing magic tricks.

Briana glanced at them and then looked at Melody with a smile. “You may have both. It seems to me that both of them are your type.”

“That won’t do. We will share everything. Tell you what? The one closer to you is yours. And the other one belongs to me.”

The two men were sensible. Hearing Melody’s words, they each walked to Melody and Briana and sat down next to them.

“Ma’am, what’s your name? I’m Jason Nell. What kind of service are you looking forward to?”

Jason looked at Briana, smiling. He couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart at all. She was the prettiest customer he had ever had, and he could tell that she was a natural beauty. He was so lucky tonight.

He figured that if all the customers he received were as pretty as her, he would be willing to do anything.

Briana glanced at him and said in a bit indifferent tone, “You don’t have to do anything. Just sit here quietly.”

She had no idea how to cope with such an occasion. She regretted agreeing to be here.

Jason froze for a moment, a trace of surprise flashing across his eyes.

Yet he had been trained professionally, and soon, he recovered his composure. “Why don’t I sing you a song?” he said with a smile. “I’m pretty good at singing.”

Briana nodded. “OK.”

Jason quickly picked a song, and a low, sweet music filled the box.

Melody and her male model had started to feed fruit to each other. Looking at them, Briana couldn’t help but blush. She hurriedly looked away and listened carefully to Jason sing.

When Brycen Carney passed the box Melody and Briana were in, he inadvertently looked inside, and then his eyes flashed with shock.

Other than the Schneider family and the Yoder family, those close to Maxim also knew about the secret marriage between Maxim and Briana.

It never occurred to Brycen that Briana, who was always well-behaved in Maxim’s mouth, would come to a club.

He involuntarily curled his lips and thought, “This is gonna be fun.”

He withdrew his gaze and walked quickly into a nearby box. As soon as he opened the door, he heard Oliver Newman’s smiling voice from inside. Oliver said, “You are late for more than half an hour, Brycen. It’ll be your treat today!”

Other than Oliver and Tyrone Moyer, Maxim, who was drinking coldly, was also inside.

Maxim was alone while Oliver and Tyrone were accompanied by two beauties who dressed little.

Brycen closed the door to shut out the deafening music outside. He sat down next to them, glanced at Maxim, and said, “Do you know who I just saw outside?”


Oliver looked intrigued. “Your ex-girlfriend who broke up with you and faked the pregnancy test results to marry you?”

Brycen had always been a playboy, yet he got unlucky this time. He found himself a scheming Z-list star who set him up. He was recently forced by his mother to go on blind dates and marry a suitable wife because of this. To avoid her, he had been living in the company for several days already.

Brycen pulled a long face and said grumpily, “You may shut up, Oliver. No one will think you’re dead.”

Yet Oliver’s smile deepened, and he said, “Tell us. Who did you see? Stop being mysterious. You’re so late, and you should feel lucky that we didn’t make you drink. Stop hemming and hawing.”

“Believe it or not, I saw Maxim’s wife.”

The second Brycen said so, he saw Maxim stop drinking. Maxim then looked at Brycen coldly.

“Are you sure?”

Brycen nodded with a gleeful look on his face. “She’s here with her friend. They each ordered a male model. When I passed their box, she was staring at the man singing. Maxim, it seems that someone is being cuckolded here…”

Before he could finish speaking, Maxim put his glass hard on the table, got up, and walked quickly outside.

Maxim thought, “Good for you, Briana!

“You wanted to divorce me, blacklisted me, and even came to a club to get yourself a male model! You’re getting bolder!”

Brycen gawked at Maxim’s back and then looked at Oliver and Tyrone. “He is fond of Kiley, isn’t he? How come he reacts like this when hearing that Briana is with a male model?”

Oliver shrugged. “No matter how little he cares about her, they are married. Would you be OK with your wife cheating on you openly?”

In Oliver’s opinion, Maxim’s reaction had nothing to do with whether he had feelings for Briana or not. Maxim simply couldn’t bear the thought of his wife openly having an affair with another man.

Tyrone, who was aside, blinked. He unconsciously tightened his hands, which were hanging at his sides, took the glass in front of him, and drank it down.

“By the way, do you know who Briana’s friend is? You’ll be surprised!”

“Who?” Oliver wasn’t that interested.


Instantly, Oliver pulled a long face. He gritted his teeth. “Come again?”

“Melody, the woman whose family went broke a few years ago. We used to go to parties together. Why?”

Oliver sneered and said word by word, “Nothing. I’m just asking.”

After saying that, he held the beauty next to him, took a selfie with his phone, and then posted a Timeline.

The beauty looked at him with a gleam of surprise.

“Mr. Newman, this is…”

Oliver looked at her coldly. “Don’t think too much. I just want someone to see it.”

The beauty’s face turned pale, and she realized that it was her own infatuation.

Maxim went outside and took a few looks. Then, sure enough, he was Briana in a transparent box. Seeing that she was feeding the man next to her fruit, her slender, fair fingers almost touching the man’s lips, Maxim was even angrier.

In the box, Melody found Briana wasn’t high-spirited, so she proposed they play Truth or Dare.

Briana lost. Melody asked her to feed the male model next to her fruit.

Briana had just put the fruit in her hand into the male model’s mouth when the door of the box was suddenly pushed open. A cold, angry voice came from the door.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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