Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 139

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 139

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Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Nine 

Luna Ryley 

My head was pounding in sync with the excessive beeping that just wouldn’t stop. Why is no one stopping the beeping? I wanted to yell but I couldn’t get my body to do what I wanted it to do. It felt heavy and I couldn’t move. The only thing keeping me from panicking is the warm hand holding mine. I knew it was Blake. He’s the only one who can send tingles through my body with his touch

When I managed to open my eyes, the room was dark and my mate was sitting in a chair beside the bed I was in. He had his head resting against my hip, gently snoring as he held my hand in his

Events from earlier came rushing back but I chose to ignore them for now. Right now I just needed my mate. By the time ! ran my fingers of my other hand through Blake’s dark hair, I was exhausted

Lily, please keep our pup safe,I whispered as I closed my eyes. I could hear her snoring. It didn’t take long before I was asleep again

I awoke with a start when a loud bang startled me. I groaned as I looked around the bright white hospital room. Blinking until everything came into focus. Blake was no longer sitting beside me and I could hear Lily snoring in my head

Alpha or not, you have no right to keep my daughter from me,I heard a woman scream. A growl had my heart 

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Chapter One Hundred ThirtyNine 

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pounding in my chest and the monitor I was hooked to, to beep frantically

She is my mate and until she’s awake to make decisions for herself, no one but me and our boys will step foot in her room. I don’t trust anyone. Your beta shows up and the next day the council is taking her. You should be thankful someone loves your daughter enough to protect her. As I’ve said before, you are welcome to stay in my pack. And I’m thankful you healed her when you did, I am but I’m not putting her life at risk again.I heard Blake say

Healing me? Daughter? Was he talking to my mother? But why was she even here? The pounding in my head returned as I tried to place the pieces of what had happened together

I didn’t have to wait long before Blake stormed into the room. He quickly took the seat beside me again and grabbed my hand. He leaned forward bringing my hand to his lips. I hoped he would have noticed I was awake but he seemed deep in thought. He was grumbling to himself and his pout was adorable as I watched him

I squeezed his hand before his head shot up from resting in 

his other hand

Everything okay, handsome?I whispered, unsure of what happened to my voice. I still felt weak but I didn’t know why. I know that yesterday must have been traumatic and I wish I could remember more than just the bits and pieces

“Baby?Blake exclaimed, springing to his feet. He leaned over the bed, taking hold of my cheeks

Fuck, baby, you have no idea how grateful I am that you’re awake He mumbled, kissing my forehead. My words turned 

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Chapter One Hundred ThirtyNine 

into coughs as I tried to ask him what had happened

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He sat down on the edge of the bed before bringing a glass of water to my lips. When the glass was empty I felt like I could speak again

Blake, where are the boys? And our baby? Lily is snoring,I rushed out

The boys are both okay, baby. And our baby is growing strong.He told me and I let out a breath

I don’t understand, why was my mother here?I asked him

Ryley, what is the last thing you remember?He sat back, still holding my cheeks

I, I remember going dress shopping. And then I remember Dorian kidnapping me. But I don’t know how I ended up here.I answered

Before he could say anything, there was a knock on the door before Dr. Perry came in

Alpha, Luna, it’s good to see you awake.He smiled as he approached us. Goosebumps covered my skin when he let his walls down. Looking through his memories, I let out a gasp

Baby, are you okay? What’s wrong?Blake’s panicked voice pulled me from the doctor’s open mind

Alpha, the body shakes are normal when people are coming out of shock. Luna, are you in any pain?I pulled my hand away before he could touch me

Blake,my voice was a trembling whisper as I fought through the panic of what this man did to me. He almost cost us our 

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Hundred ThirtyNine 

child. I gripped Blake tightly, needing to feel safe

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Baby, what’s wrong?Blake took hold of my cheeks, forcing me to look at him and away from the man who almost took everything from me

It was him,I leaned forward and whispered into Blake’s ear. Just high enough so only Blake could hear

I let out a scream when Blake had the doctor pinned against the wall in the blink of an eye

What the fuck did you do?Blake screamed in his face with his hands wrapped around his neck. Blood began to run when Blake’s claws seeped out, digging deeply into Perry’s neck

I jumped and let out another scream when the door to my room was thrown open and Luca stormed in

Take this fucker to the cells and don’t let him speak to anyone,Blake growled, throwing the doctor at Luca. His shirt was covered in blood and his face was a deep red. He 

coughed as Luca grabbed him

Luca gave me a smile and a nod before he left, dragging the traitor with him

Ryley, how are you feeling? Does anything hurt?Blake rushed over to me and started to pull back the blanket

I feel okay. But Blake, he called the council. He helped Dorian.I confessed. I reached for my mate’s hands before his anger could erupt

Fuck, baby, I’m so sorry,he cried as he wrapped his arms around me, sitting beside me again. I welcomed his embrace 

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as I held him tightly

It’s not your fault, Blake,I mumbled into his chest

It is my fault. You have been out for two weeks. I didn’t know if you were ever going to wake up. And to learn the doctor who I trusted, betrayed me. He could have killed you.Blake’s voice cracked and hot tears hit my cheek. His guilt bled into me as I held him tighter

And our pup,he whispered and my heart broke

How could I have been here for two weeks? What happened to Dorian? I was questioning if what I thought happened even happened as I comforted my mate

If I’ve been out for the past two weeks, it means he would have been strong for our boys and himself. And right now, it was my turn to protect him

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Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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