Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 141

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 141


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Chapter One Hundred FortyOne 

Luna Ryley 

I stared at my son as I processed what he had just told me

You did what?I yelled, standing from my seat. I moved around the coffee table where Channing was sitting and started to pace

Baby, please sit,Blake said and my attention snapped to 


And you just let him do something like that. How could you let him kill someone, especially his father,” I screamed before my lungs constricted and it was hard to breathe. I know I should be grateful that he’s dead and I never have to deal with him again but Channing shouldn’t have been the one to kill him. And now he’s an alpha

Mom, it’s okay. It’s not that bad,Channing defended

Not that bad,I mocked

Are you just going to give up your dreams to be an alpha now?I questioned

We haven’t decided anything yet, baby. We had been so worried about you. When the pack house exploded,Blake’s voice faded as I was hit with a memory

I was in the basement and then I was in a bunker under the house. My father had it installed. But when the explosion. happened, something broke through the roof of the safe 



Chapter One Hundred FortyOne 

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room and I needed to get out.I recalled before looking at Blake

It’s why you were found outside the pack house.Blake stood up and approached me

Yeah, it’s a blur and I don’t remember how I got outside,I mumbled shaking my head

Mom, there’s more,Channing murmured and I looked at him. He was sitting with his back to me. I looked at Blake

There isn’t an easy way to tell you any of this. I know I should have been the one to kill him but once the pack house exploded, I couldn’t move. I knew you were inside, Baby.Blake confessed, pulling me into his arms. He snuggled his face into my neck

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn’t the life I wanted for my son. I always knew he would be a strong alpha. A compassionate alpha but I didn’t want him to feel forced into something he didn’t want. I always believed I didn’t have. a choice. I was born to be Luna and I grew up believing that was just my life and nothing was going to change. And I was lost when it did

“Channing, what else happened?I opened my eyes and asked my son. It’s better to get it all out and then we can come up with a solution as a family

Dorian had killed his father and was also the alpha of his father’s pack.I took a sharp intake of breath. He’s not just the alpha of one pack but of two

Baby, please breathe. None of us knew what that fucker had done until after he was already dead.Blake said. My heart 

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Chapter One Hundred FortyOne 

sank and my stomach twisted painfully

Something happened to Lisa and Chadwick.My voice cracked as I remembered what Dorian had told me

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I’m so sorry,Blake said as he wrapped his arms around me. So much death for nothing. And it should have been me and Channing. I may have been his fated but he had marked her. In all accounts, I was the other woman. Guilt twisted my 


I need a moment,” I stammered as I moved out of Blake’s embrace and towards the stairs

Mom?Aspen reached out. He was by the kitchen

Just a moment,” I told him before I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. Nothing they were going to say was going to make me feel any better about what happened. And it shouldn’t. I came back to this world and people lost their lives. Good people

Mom,Channing called out. I held up my finger to say I needed a minute, as I climbed the stairs

As soon as I was in my room and the door was closed, I let out a scream before sobs consumed me. I didn’t make it to the bed as my legs gave out and I rested my head on the side of 

the mattress

Baby,Blake was beside me before I knew he was in the room. I know I said let’s get everything out but this was too much. I didn’t expect him to actually do something like this. How could he

Blake scooped me up and sat down on our bed with me 


Chapter One Hundred FortyOne 

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straddling his waist. I rested my head on his chest. I don’t know how long I cried as Blake rubbed my back and whispered sweet words to me. None of his words made me 

feel better

Please say that’s it, Blake, because I don’t think I can take anymore?I cried

Everything else can wait, Ryley. I have Aiden looking into finding Lisa’s family since her father was killed in the battle. I will make sure they are remembered.He answered as he held me tightly

I don’t think Chadwick was Dorian’s son,I sniffed as

remembered what Dorian had confessed to me before he left 

me in the basement

Ryley, what are you saying?” 

It’s something Dorian said to me. He called Lisa a cheater and he claimed Chadwick wasn’t his son.I recalled

Then Lisa found her mate before she agreed to be with Dorian. I’ll let Aiden know and he will find him. And her family.I nodded against his chest

My mom is here,Blake let out a sigh

She is and I wouldn’t let her see you.” 

I understand, Blake. You don’t know her and truth is, I don’t either.I confessed. My sobs had dried up but my chest was still heavy

I’m not saying you have to see her, but she has been at the hospital every day demanding to see you and Channing.


Chapter One Hundred FortyOne 

wouldn’t let her see him either. I didn’t want her to take him away from me if anything happened to you,he choked on the last word and I looked up from Blake’s chest to see tears in my alpha’s eyes. These past two weeks have been hard on my mate and I wanted to take it all away. To help carry the burden

Thank you for protecting us,I whispered, moving to rest my forehead against his. I placed his hands on my belly

All of us.” 


Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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