Four or dead by G O A Chapter 77

Four or dead by G O A Chapter 77

Chapter 77 

Violet felt a chill creeping up her spine, Can you really guarantee that without Zenobia, Director Frost will come knocking at your door?” 

Quintessa tilted her chin up, brimming with confidence and pride, Yes. I can guarantee that in Director Frost’s heart, I’m the one, his favorite Queen Seraphina.” 

Quintessa was disheveled yet stunning; her face was alight with selfassurance, and she shone with the 

brilliance of a diamond

Observing that, Violet sincerely said, You’re going to be a star, a huge star.” 

Quintessa’s lips curled into a sly smile, It’s inevitable. If Quintessa doesn’t light up the sky, the universe won’t stand for it.” 

Tsk, getting cocky, aren’t we? That night you brushed off Mr. York, has there been any fallout these past few days?” 

Quintessa recalled the previous evening and chuckled, Nope.” 

What happened that night was known only to the heavens, to her, and to Tyrone

Still, Quintessa couldn’t be sure what Tyrone would do next

Violet probed, What’s your plan? I’ve heard Tyrone is no pushover, and that people who cross him won’t end up in a good place.” 

Quintessa perked up, insisting, Well, I’m not someone to be trifled with either.” 

Violet scoffed, Oh please, get over yourself.” 

It hadn’t been an hour after Quintessa sent the photo to Miranda that she found out who the vixenin the picture was, thanks to Violet deliberately leaking the news about Zenobia cozying up to Jerome

After smashing an antique vase at home in a fit of rage, Miranda immediately took Lilian to confront Zenobia

She tried calling Jerome, but he was unreachable. She looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Jerome was making it clear with his silence that their game was over

All of Miranda’s hatred was now directed at Zenobia

Miranda truly loved Jerome; even though her man had hooked up with the starlet, she still made excuses for him in her heart. She was convinced that Zenobia must have seduced Jerome; otherwise, how could he betray her

Miranda’s tantrum was unknown to Quintessa, but Violet, who kept a close watch, relayed the 

newsZenobia was hospitalized

Indeed, it was Miranda who had sent her to the ER

Quintessa sneered without a shred of sympathy for Zenobia. Though they had never exchanged a word, Quintessa’s machinations were indeed ruthless

But the fault lay in Zenobia because she tried to steal Quintessa’s role

That’s show business for youif you’re not cutthroat, you’ll have your chances snatched away time and 





Then, just a day later, Violet received a call from Director Frost

Violet was the epitome of composure on the phone, Alright, I’ll convey the message to Quinn and get her thoughts on it. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, goodbye Director Frost.” 

After hanging up, Violet leapt onto Quintessa with her robust frame, nearly crushing her

Director Frost’s call, Queen Seraphina, it’s still yours, still yours! Quinn, you’re truly incredible.” 

Quintessa gasped for air, Get off. I can’t breathe.” 

Violet’s face was flushed with excitement, In twenty minutes, I’ll call Director Frost back and tell him that you’ll accept the role. Quinn, I’m over the moon.” 

The reason why Violet hadn’t agreed immediately over the phone earlier was to maintain some dignity and make Director Frost think they weren’t desperate for the part

Despite lacking leverage, one must always carry oneself with a certain poise


Four or dead by G O A

Four or dead by G O A

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Emma Grace?” “Yes.” “I’m sorry to tell you this but he didn’t make it.” The doctor says offering me a sympathetic look. “T-thank you.” I say with a trembling breath. My father was dead, and the man who killed him was standing right beside me this very minute. Of course, there was no way I could tell anyone this because I would be considered and accomplice for even knowing what happened and doing nothing. I was eighteen and could be looking at prison time if the truth ever got out. Not long ago I was trying to get through my senior year and getting out of this town for good, but now I have no idea what I will do. I was almost free, and now I would be lucky to make it another day without my life completely falling apart. Four or Dead by G O A
“You’re with us, now and forever.” His hot breath said against my ear sending a shiver down my spine. They had me in their tight grip now and my life depended on them. How things got to this point it’s hard to say, but here I was…an orphan…with blood on my hands…literally. Hell on earth is the only way I can describe the life I have lived. Having every bit of my soul being stripped away each and every day by not only my father but by four boys called The Dark Angels and their followers. Tormented for three years is about all I can take and with no one on my side I know what I have to do…I have to get out the only way I know how, Death means peace but things are never that easy, especially when the very guys who led me to ledge are the ones who end up saving my life. They give me something I never thought would be possible…revenge served dead. They have created a monster and i am ready to burn the world down. Mature content! Mentions of drugs, violence, suicide. 18+ recommended. Reverse Harem, bully-to-lover.
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