Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak Chapter 103

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak Chapter 103

Chapter 103 

Blake and Yasmin arrived at Oak Garden

Yasmin’s damp hair was plastered all over her delicate little face

Blake parted her long hair and carried her to the second floor

Yasmin lay on the bed. Despite her situation, she still had the time to joke. Your leg has recovered?” 

Almost,Blake replied

Have you removed your cast 

I removed it this afternoon,Blake replied. Upon seeing her suffering so much discomfort, he rinsed a towel for her to wipe her sweat

Feeling a sudden wave of heat, Yasmin curled up and quivered

Joel is almost here. Bear with it for a while longer.Blake helped her up and gave her some 

warm water to drink 

Yasmin’s logic flew out of the window. She lay in his arms, drank two sips of water, and didn’t want to let 

go of him

She felt so hot. When she touched Blake’s cool skin, she refused to let go. She leaned against him, nestled in his sturdy arms

Yasmin?Blake looked down at her

It was rather unlike her to do such a thing

She was flushed a scarlet red, her dazed expression lively and captivating

I’m so hot.” Yasmin leaned on his shoulder, her eyes bright and watery as if shrouded by a layer of mist. She was so beautiful that you couldn’t take your eyes off her

That bad?Blake asked

Yasmin gave a low grunt. She didn’t know why, but his thin lips looked so sexy. She reached a hand out and touched his lips

Blake didn’t pull away. He sized her up, his gaze burning dangerously

She called his name gently, Blake” 

Hmm?He responded

As she looked at him, a wave of heat suddenly rushed over her entire body. She quivered and 

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threw herself at him

Blake hugged her, and his burning gaze could burn her to ashes

StrangeI’m the one who was drugged. Why are you so hot too?Yasmin murmured in a low 


Then, her red lips lightly pecked his

Blake’s breathing was heavy. He wasn’t satisfied with this type of flirting from her. He held her head in his large palms and pressed his lips against hers

Yasmin closed her eyes

He was cuddling her, and his gaze was lingering over her dangerously

They didn’t know how they ended up tangled with each other

Blake held her close, and Yasmin only felt that his arms were so strong, so hot that she couldn’t stop herself from saying, I want” 

Blake’s pupils dilated as he probed the hem of her skirtas if lighting a fire on her delicate 


He also left a hickey on her neck 

Yasmin was unable to resist his kisses. She quivered, redeyed, and said, Be gentle” 

He grunted in a husky voice

Yasmin narrowed her eyes. Amid the tussle, she thought she heard someone knocking on the 

door downstairs

Is someone at the door?she asked

Of course, there was. Joel was at the entrance, knocking on the door

Blake ignored her, looked into her lazy eyes, and said, No one’s knocking. Focus.” 

Blake! I’ve brought the medicine! Open the door!” 

Joel was at the door. He was as anxious as if he had ants in his pants

Yasmin, still dazed, heard it clearly. She opened her eyes wide and said, There is! I think it’s 

Dr. Sawyer. He’s probably brought the medicine” 

Blake was astonished that she could still think of this at this moment. Yasmin continued, BlakeGo and open the door.– 

She struggled, trying to get off him

Blake still held her tightly. Don’t move.” 

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Joel started yelling from outside, Blake! Where are you? Didn’t you ask me to come to Oak Garden? Why is there no one here?Upon getting no response, he called Blake on his cell phone

The phone on the nightstand rang

From outside, Joel could hear the phone ringing inside. He leaned his ear against the door and yelled, BLAKE! ARE YOU BOTH INSIDE?!” 


Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

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On the day that Yasmin Starr gets divorced, a divorce agreement becomes the number one trending topic."The divorce is due to the man's inability to fulfill his basic duties as a husband!"That night, Yasmin is dragged into a car. Blake Ford chomps down on her lip, looking fierce. "You can test me out tonight to see whether I'm able to fulfill my duties, Ms. Starr."After the divorce, Yasmin becomes an internationally renowned designer. Countless handsome men surround her.

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

As the line of men waiting for her hand grows longer, Blake can't sit still anymore. He finds opportunities to show up before her, begging for her love domineeringly yet tenderly. "Yasmin, come home with me, okay?""Belated love isn't worth anything, Mr. Ford.""Yes, I'm the worthless one and a lapdog to boot. I was wrong, Yaz. Come home, please …"


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