Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak Chapter 104

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak Chapter 104

Chapter 104 

Blake was a little wild, but he knew they could only do so much tonight

Thus, he stopped what he was doing, reluctantly let go of her, and went downstairs to open the door

Blake opened the door to reveal Joel clutching his phone

Joel looked at him strangely and asked, Blake, what’s going on? I’ve been yelling so many times. Why was there no response from either of you?” 

Blake’s face was frigid as he demanded, Where’s the medicine?” 

Joel passed him a box of medicine

Blake took it. Wanting to assess Yasmin’s condition, Joel pushed at the door, intending to go into the house

With his foot, Blake stopped him from entering the house. What’s the dosage?” 

Take two pills and wash them down with water.Joel looked at Blake questioningly. Blake, why are you blocking the door? Let me go and assess Yasmin’s condition.” 

No need. Get lost.Blake took the medicine and slammed the door in Joel’s face

Outside, Joel was cursing at Blake, What the hell? I brought medicine for you, and this is the treatment I get in return? Blake! Are you even human?!” 

Blake’s cold voice echoed through the thick door, Get lost.” 

Joel was rendered speechless

Blake took the medicine and walked back to the bedroom

The room was hot, and Yasmin lay on a pillow. She was in a daze and feeling so weaklike all 

her energy had been sucked away. Her face was as red as a rose

Blake helped her up, saying, You’ll be fine after you take the medicine.” 


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Yasmin leaned against him, wincing as she swallowed the with vulnerability

Do you feel better?Blake asked her ten minutes later

The medicine had taken effect, and the burning heat in her body was slowly subsiding. Yasmin 

felt a little more sober. She looked at Blake and whispered, Thank you.” 

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What happened tonight?Blake asked, seeing that she was more clearheaded

But Yasmin was exhausted. Unable to answer his question, she closed her eyes and fell asleep

Blake didn’t stay in the room for long. He went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that, he dialed Malcolm’s number, asking, What did Caleb say?” 

He said that he thought you and Mrs. Ford were divorced,Malcolm replied

Why would he think that?Blake asked

He said that he ran into Ms. O’Shea in the alley. She told him about it. If not for that, he would never have the guts to touch your woman.” 

Blake’s handsome face turned grave. He ended Malcolm’s call and phoned Giselle

Giselle felt a little nervous upon receiving Blake’s call. She bit her lip and said gently, Hi, Blake. Is Yasmin okay?” 

What did you tell Caleb just now?Blake asked her icily

Giselle knew that she could not hide this matter from him. Thus, she replied, Just now, Caleb asked about Yasmin. I thought they knew each other, so I told him you and Yasmin were divorced.” 

Who allowed you to say all these things?Blake asked sharply

Giselle was frightened and broke out in cold sweat. Blake, I’m sorry. I would never have said all these things if I knew it would hurt Yasmin. It’s my fault,she admitted and apologized sincerely

Next time, don’t interfere with things that have nothing to do with you,Blake said, his voice as cold as ice

I’m sorry,Giselle apologized

Blake ended the call

He went back to the bed. Yasmin was sleeping soundly, looking like a young and cute kitten snuggled up under the covers

Blake sat next to her. He parted her hair with his finger and silently watched her sleeping figure 

A sigh pierced the long night as he whispered, Now you know the outside world is dangerous, don’t you?” 

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

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On the day that Yasmin Starr gets divorced, a divorce agreement becomes the number one trending topic."The divorce is due to the man's inability to fulfill his basic duties as a husband!"That night, Yasmin is dragged into a car. Blake Ford chomps down on her lip, looking fierce. "You can test me out tonight to see whether I'm able to fulfill my duties, Ms. Starr."After the divorce, Yasmin becomes an internationally renowned designer. Countless handsome men surround her.

Giving in to Her Rebellious Streak

As the line of men waiting for her hand grows longer, Blake can't sit still anymore. He finds opportunities to show up before her, begging for her love domineeringly yet tenderly. "Yasmin, come home with me, okay?""Belated love isn't worth anything, Mr. Ford.""Yes, I'm the worthless one and a lapdog to boot. I was wrong, Yaz. Come home, please …"


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