Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 899

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 899

Chapter 899 False Accusation 

The woman, who spoke in a heavy foreign accent, approached hastily

You asked for it, bitch! No one hits my child and gets away with it,she yelled while raising her hand to slap Brenda

Frightened, Brenda cocked her head back and hugged Winnie’s neck to cry


Winnie slapped the woman’s hand away, hugged Brenda, and consoled her, Don’t cry, Brenda. Mommy’s here,” 

Her mother’s little girl, Brenda, stopped the tears and curled up in Winnie’s arms before staring at the foreign woman shyly

The foreign woman held her arm and glared at Winnie menacingly. Ah! You’re such a savage lowlife! How dare you hit me!” 

The fact that Winnie hit her enraged her more than her child getting hit

Ma’am, use your words, not violence,Winnie said with a grimace

The foreign woman stood aside and watched the children bully Brenda. Now that her child had fallen over, she tried to strike Brenda

With Winnie’s words striking a nerve, the foreign woman uttered in rage, Even your government has to show me respect when I arrive in this country. How dare you disrespect me

You people are vile and crude!” 

Her screams caught the attention of many

The public was outraged by the utter slander of their beautiful country

However, nobody stepped forward to stop the foreign woman as they did not get the full picture

Winnie said angrily, Ma’am, who are you calling vile and crude? You tried to attack my daughter without reason. She’s only five. She can’t handle the rough handling of an adult

I’m only doing my job as a mother and protecting my daughter.” 

Winnie held Brenda and backed away a little in case the foreign woman decided to assault them again

Shit! All I’m doing is parenting your wild child for you!the foreign woman screamed exasperatedly

A few foreign couples, likely the parents of the children around, arrived in haste

Oh, my goodness, Joshua. My baby, are you alright? What happened?” 

They approached their children and asked

The boy named Joshua pointed at Brenda and said, We won’t play with that kid, so she 

+15 BONUS 

pushed Danny out of the trampoline. Danny hurt his arm

Another two foreign children backed up Joshua’s story

Shit! These crass.locals are so wicked to kids.” 

Devil! She’s a devil!” 

The foreign parents looked at Winnie and Brenda in disgust

Jesus! Oh, my God! Danny Jr. is bleeding.” 

Suddenly, the foreign woman pointed at Danny Jr.’s arm and screamed

She turned around and shouted harshly at an approaching man. Danny, are you going to stand and watch as someone pushes Junior? Are you still a man?” 

Bigbodied Danny sported an elite look.. 

He frowned and pulled a blank face at Kaze and Winnie before uttering arrogantly, Before I flip out,  

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

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The Novel Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals - Kaze Lee just married the woman of his life, Darcy Quint, but on the night of their wedding, his family sent him to fight in a war on behalf of his brother. Forced to leave his wife alone, he fought many brutal battles and won many of them, ultimately winning the war. He returned with glory and honor, but his wicked brother poisoned him because of jealousy, turning him into a retard. Fortunately, an intimate session with his wife cured him. Never forgetting the oppression of his family and the insults he received from the world, he ought to take revenge on those who hurt him and his wife now that he had awakened.

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

“Honey, this is the last time I’ll bathe you. We’ve been married for three years but we’ve never made love. I want you to pop my cherry before we divorce…” Kaze Lee sat in the bathtub with Darcy Quint behind him. Her voluptuous body was pressed against his back and her slender hands were exploring his body. The water showered the two of them, producing a bodily fragrance in the air. Darcy poured body shampoo onto Kaze’s muscular body. Her delicate hands stroked his abs and it made her blush. When she looked at Kaze, bitterness struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kaze’s head was slightly tilted. His handsome face looked blank and dull while he drooled uncontrollably as if he were a mindless puppet.


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