Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 907

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 907

Chapter 907 No Right to Look Down on Him 

Mr. Tulip hails from a royal lineage in Paladia. He is a special guest invited by our consulate there

Kaze, on the other hand, is an absolute brute. He doesn’t deserve an apology.” 

Scott glanced at Kaze in disdain and smirked

Leland shuddered at the remark

He cautiously looked at Kaze’s expression and felt assured as Kaze did not take the insult to heart. Leland cocked his head back and reprimanded, I told you to shut up, Scott.” 

I’m only acting in your best interest, Mr. Williams.” 

Not realizing that Leland had it up in there with him, Scott went on. It’s beneath you to apologize to him any-” 

A slap across his face abruptly ended Scott’s tirade


Leland lost it and knocked Scott to the ground with full force

Bastard! Who are you to look down on Mr. Lee?” 

Leland yelled at Scott, Do you know who the biggest shareholder of Century Fun, my company included, is?” 

II do. It’s Sky Ocean Corporation.” 

Scott looked at Leland with his hand over his face

Leland scoffed. Do you know that Mr. Lee’s wife is the chairman of Sky Ocean Corporation?Um” 

Scott looked at Kaze in shock

Leland chided, Don’t you know that Mr. Lee is also the CEO of Hudson Investment Firm? He controls billions of dollars in funds. The kind of money is more than you can ever imagine.Woah” 

Gasps filled the room

No one expected the young man who hit Danny’s wife to be the chairman of a multibillion- dollar investment firm

Kaze was a wealthy man

Yet, Scott belittled him and considered him a civilian, forcing him to apologize to the foreigners

Jem, standing behind Danny, stared at Kaze in shock

He worked as a sales director at Hudson Investment Firm

+15 BONUS 

It never occurred to Jem that he would run into his soontobe boss. Jem took a couple of steps back and hid in the crowd

Scott was dumbstruck. He had no more tears left to cry

Kaze, whether as the husband of Sky Ocean Corporation’s chairwoman or the CEO of Hudson Investment Firm, could crush him easily

Bastard, who are you to disrespect Mr. Lee?” 

Infuriated, Leland kicked Scott. Scott groaned in pain

Fighting through the pain, Scott crawled toward Kaze, fell to his knees, clung to Kaze’s leg, and begged, Mr. Lee, I was blind. I didn’t know you were Ms. Quint’s husband. I didn’t mean to disrespect you.” 

Get lost!” 

Kaze shook Scott off his leg and turned to Leland

It doesn’t matter who I am, Mr. William. You should apologize to me

These foreign children bullied my goddaughter, and she reacted in selfdefense. Their parents demanded an apology and compensation without reason

As the manager of Century Fun, Scott didn’t check the surveillance footage because they were foreigners. He even took their orders and attacked his own people.” 


Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

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The Novel Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals - Kaze Lee just married the woman of his life, Darcy Quint, but on the night of their wedding, his family sent him to fight in a war on behalf of his brother. Forced to leave his wife alone, he fought many brutal battles and won many of them, ultimately winning the war. He returned with glory and honor, but his wicked brother poisoned him because of jealousy, turning him into a retard. Fortunately, an intimate session with his wife cured him. Never forgetting the oppression of his family and the insults he received from the world, he ought to take revenge on those who hurt him and his wife now that he had awakened.

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

“Honey, this is the last time I’ll bathe you. We’ve been married for three years but we’ve never made love. I want you to pop my cherry before we divorce…” Kaze Lee sat in the bathtub with Darcy Quint behind him. Her voluptuous body was pressed against his back and her slender hands were exploring his body. The water showered the two of them, producing a bodily fragrance in the air. Darcy poured body shampoo onto Kaze’s muscular body. Her delicate hands stroked his abs and it made her blush. When she looked at Kaze, bitterness struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kaze’s head was slightly tilted. His handsome face looked blank and dull while he drooled uncontrollably as if he were a mindless puppet.


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