Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 912

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Welcome Party 

It’s no secret that Kaze is a moocher who took his wife’s last name. No one gives any 

about him.” 


Jem was from Chrysant. He only followed Hudson to Lilyrose when the latter established an investment firm in the city

Upon learning that Kaze would be the CEO of the company, Jem looked him up and held him in disdain

Mr. Tulip, Kaze only became the CEO of my firm through his wife. He’s only a CEO by name,Jem uttered contemptuously

Loser or not, I’m going to kill him

Danny looked upset

was not a

It feeling to be beaten up by a wellknown loser in the city

Jem said, An emotional blow is more anguish than a physical attack, Mr. Tulip.” 

Your people sure love to beat around the bush. What are you trying to say?Danny asked impatiently

Jem uttered, Kaze will be reporting to work tomorrow. I can resort to some tactics to sideline him and make him transfer billions of dollars into your projects. We can take the money and leave

The investor would go straight to him for the massive financial loss. His wife will divorce him. He’ll be ruined. Isn’t that better than killing him?” 

Jem worked for Hudson in the shadows to hollow out Hudson Investment Firm. Hence, had no qualms about diverting the funds


After Danny’s and his group’s clash with Kaze today, Kaze was bound to recognize Jem at work tomorrow. Kaze might go after Jem

Jem decided to make the first move

Danny, I love Jem’s idea. I can’t wait to see the moment Kaze becomes homeless.” 

Danny’s wife was the first to support the idea


+15 BONUS 

Mr. Tulip, Kaze’s wife holds a lot of sway in Lilyrose, which is the reason why Mr. Vinland had a hard time gaining a foothold here. You must support me, Mr. Tulip.” 

Jem made another request

Danny patted his shoulder. You have my full support, Jem. You will earn yourself a solid friendship with the Tulip family if you get the job done

You have my number if your children want to get a visa or permanent residency for Paladia.” 

Danny made an empty promise

Thank you, Mr. Tulip. I’m happy to be of service.” 

Jem was overjoyed

He knew that he could not remain in the country once he succeeded in getting the money. Miru would hold him accountable for the multibilliondollar loss

Jem would have to cut contact with the Vinlands after returning to Chrysant. Hudson had fallen from power and could not protect him anymore

After saying goodbye to Danny’s party, Jem returned to the investment firm

Upon arrival at the office, Jem heard Sophie, the newly hired assistant to the CEO, was there

Mr. Tart, Kaze poached Sophie from Shangrila Group. She was the chairman’s assistant there. I heard she’s rather capable at her job.” 

Soon, the secretary placed a file on Sophie on Jem’s desk

Looking at the young and beautiful woman in the photograph, Jem sneered. What can a girl do? She might be capable, but she can’t beat me in experience.” 

Jem quickly figured out a plan against Kaze

In the CEO’s office, Sophie reviewed the investment firm’s human resource files to bring Kaze up to speed on office affairs when his appointment was to take place tomorrow

Jem’s secretary entered the office

Ms. Song, Mr. Tart organized a welcome party for you since you’re new to the job. We hope you can attend the party.” 

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

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The Novel Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals - Kaze Lee just married the woman of his life, Darcy Quint, but on the night of their wedding, his family sent him to fight in a war on behalf of his brother. Forced to leave his wife alone, he fought many brutal battles and won many of them, ultimately winning the war. He returned with glory and honor, but his wicked brother poisoned him because of jealousy, turning him into a retard. Fortunately, an intimate session with his wife cured him. Never forgetting the oppression of his family and the insults he received from the world, he ought to take revenge on those who hurt him and his wife now that he had awakened.

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

“Honey, this is the last time I’ll bathe you. We’ve been married for three years but we’ve never made love. I want you to pop my cherry before we divorce…” Kaze Lee sat in the bathtub with Darcy Quint behind him. Her voluptuous body was pressed against his back and her slender hands were exploring his body. The water showered the two of them, producing a bodily fragrance in the air. Darcy poured body shampoo onto Kaze’s muscular body. Her delicate hands stroked his abs and it made her blush. When she looked at Kaze, bitterness struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kaze’s head was slightly tilted. His handsome face looked blank and dull while he drooled uncontrollably as if he were a mindless puppet.


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