Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 962

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Discipline Him for Me 

The people around heard Dwight’s voice loud and clear from the phone’s loudspeaker

They turned to Kaze in disbelief

Dwight was wellknown in the martial arts community. In fact, he was an influential figure in that respect. Yet, he showed Kaze with utmost courtesy and respect

He even sounded careful in his speech

Everybody thought Kaze was nothing but a moocher

Gavin, Yaryn, and the others scowled, their limbs shaking

It did not take them much to figure out that they had messed with the wrong guy

Fortunately, Billy was there to take the brunt

Principal Tensor, your son didn’t just offend me.” 

Sinking his back against the couch, Kaze said indifferently, He threatened the cousin of my wife that he would crush me unless she slept with him

Even when he was rejected, he forced her to get with him

It’s not a minor misbehavior. He’s committing a crime

Dwight trembled, nearly dropping the phone

Bastard! You make me so angry.‘ 

Dwight lashed out


Knowing that Billy had screwed around with Kaze, Dwight called Jumbo right away and told him not to hold back on Billy at Bay Club. At the very least, Jumbo could pretend to be merciless

Only then, Kaze might get over it

Dwight did not expect Billy to make matters worse

Billy was playing with fire by hitting on Kaze’s family in front of him.. 

Dwight’s mind wandered back to when he disrespected Winnie outside Shangrila Group. In the end, Kaze hurled Dwight to kneel in front of Winnie in public. Dwight lost his pride that day. There was no chance to plead Billy’s case at that point

Dwight made his stance known. I’m sorry, Kaze. I didn’t discipline the bastard well

I’m on bed rest, so I can’t go there now. If you could punish him for me, I would present you with gifts to express my gratitude.” 

Dwight was a smart cookie

He was going to leave his son with Kaze, so Kaze could take his anger out on Billy. However, Dwight presented the whole thing as Kaze disciplining Billy. Dwight would even thank Kaze 

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with a gift

In a way, Dwight was giving Kaze authority over Billy

Dwight realized that Kaze’s willingness to talk showed that he had no intentions to kill Billy

It was only right that Dwight took a humble pie

Anybody else with Kaze’s combat competence would have crushed Billy

Hence, Dwight was grateful to Kaze. He did not harbor any resentment toward Kaze

Kaze earned that respect

Feel free to rough him up

I will sort out the funeral affairs if you kill the bastard.” 

Dwight’s words were harsh

Since he knew that Kaze would not take things far, Dwight to make Kaze look good

Silence befell


Billy scowled

Not only was Billy about to take a beating from Kaze, but he could not retaliate either because Kaze was disciplining him on behalf of his father

Several minutes ago, Kaze was still the lowly soninlaw of the Quints

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

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The Novel Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals - Kaze Lee just married the woman of his life, Darcy Quint, but on the night of their wedding, his family sent him to fight in a war on behalf of his brother. Forced to leave his wife alone, he fought many brutal battles and won many of them, ultimately winning the war. He returned with glory and honor, but his wicked brother poisoned him because of jealousy, turning him into a retard. Fortunately, an intimate session with his wife cured him. Never forgetting the oppression of his family and the insults he received from the world, he ought to take revenge on those who hurt him and his wife now that he had awakened.

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

“Honey, this is the last time I’ll bathe you. We’ve been married for three years but we’ve never made love. I want you to pop my cherry before we divorce…” Kaze Lee sat in the bathtub with Darcy Quint behind him. Her voluptuous body was pressed against his back and her slender hands were exploring his body. The water showered the two of them, producing a bodily fragrance in the air. Darcy poured body shampoo onto Kaze’s muscular body. Her delicate hands stroked his abs and it made her blush. When she looked at Kaze, bitterness struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kaze’s head was slightly tilted. His handsome face looked blank and dull while he drooled uncontrollably as if he were a mindless puppet.


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