Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 969

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Ask for Kaze Specifically 

Even though Kaze was clueless as to what happened, he took Rose and Landon home right 


The tension was thick at home

Agatha was chatting away with Agnes with a gloating smile. When she cocked her head back, she had no more reason to smile

Jesus, Landon. What happened to you? Did you fall, or did someone hit you?” 

Agatha rushed over to hold her son

At closer inspection, Agatha noticed the handprints on both sides of his cheeks and his bloodied lips

Judging by the footprints all over his body, Landon must have taken a severe beating. Oh, my poor Landon.” 

Agatha hugged Landon and cried. After the tear shed, she yelled at Kaze, Landon went out with you, Kaze! How did he get injured on your watch

You’re such a loser. You can’t do anything right

I’ll make you pay if anything happens to Landon!” 

Kaze went to pour himself a drink, not wanting to waste his breath with her

He was blamed for not watching out for Landon. Yet, Agatha never taught Landon to respect 


At the end of the day, Agatha was just looking for someone to point her finger at because her son was battered and bruised while Kaze was unharmed

Rose explained, Don’t yell at Kaze without getting to the bottom of the situation, Mom. Do you know what type of person Landon is learning from

He’s the son of Tensor Martial Arts School’s principal. He’s an arrogant prick

He tried to assault me. He even hurt Landon

If Kaze hadn’t interfered, we wouldn’t be able to come home in one piece.” 

Agnes and Agatha exchanged glances

Did Kaze really do that

They were skeptical

Agnes asked anxiously, I heard about the principal of Tensor Martial Arts School. No one would mess with him recklessly. I think he’s connected to the criminal world

What did you do to his son? I hope you didn’t hurt him.” 

She was afraid Kaze might get involved with the wrong type of people and put the family in 

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danger again

He didn’t just hurt him, Aunt Agnes. He was awesome!” 

Excited, Landon said, Kaze knocked Billy silly when he tried something with Rose.” 

Agnes and the others were dumbfounded


With Darcy approaching, Kaze cleared his throat to stop Landon from talking

Darcy would get worried if she were to find out that Taz’s legs were crippled

Kaze said indifferently, I know Dwight, so I gave him a call

Dwight was pretty mad to learn what his son did. He asked me to discipline his son for him, and everything turned out alright in the end.” 

That was one mystery solved

How did you know Dwight, Kaze? Why did you ask you to discipline his son?Darcy asked doubtfully

Kaze could not say that he destroyed James and saved Dwight because he would make Darcy even more worried

He replied

We go way back.” 

As Kaze was once connected to the Lee family, Darcy nodded without saying more. She turned to ask Agnes, Why did you call me back urgently, Mom?” 

Struck by the thought, Agnes glared at Kaze

Your Uncle Adam is in town. He specifically asks for Kaze.” 

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

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The Novel Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals - Kaze Lee just married the woman of his life, Darcy Quint, but on the night of their wedding, his family sent him to fight in a war on behalf of his brother. Forced to leave his wife alone, he fought many brutal battles and won many of them, ultimately winning the war. He returned with glory and honor, but his wicked brother poisoned him because of jealousy, turning him into a retard. Fortunately, an intimate session with his wife cured him. Never forgetting the oppression of his family and the insults he received from the world, he ought to take revenge on those who hurt him and his wife now that he had awakened.

Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

“Honey, this is the last time I’ll bathe you. We’ve been married for three years but we’ve never made love. I want you to pop my cherry before we divorce…” Kaze Lee sat in the bathtub with Darcy Quint behind him. Her voluptuous body was pressed against his back and her slender hands were exploring his body. The water showered the two of them, producing a bodily fragrance in the air. Darcy poured body shampoo onto Kaze’s muscular body. Her delicate hands stroked his abs and it made her blush. When she looked at Kaze, bitterness struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks. Kaze’s head was slightly tilted. His handsome face looked blank and dull while he drooled uncontrollably as if he were a mindless puppet.


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