Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 39

Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 39

Chapter 39 

Agnes trailed behind Jared as they left the airport.

For some reason, she felt a bit deflated.

Jared didn’t look surprised or excited to see her, not even a bit.

But Agnes noticed that Jared was walking a bit faster than usual

So, was he eager to get home?

Jared’s private car was already waiting for them outside the airport.

However, Jared instructed his driver Moss, “Hand me the keys. I’ll drive and you can take a cab home.”

Moss exited the car, and Jared slid into the driver’s seat.

Agnes quietly opened the back door, ready to get in.

“Sit in the front,” Jared suddenly said.

Agnes obediently closed the back door and opened the front passenger door.

She asked herself, “Does it really matter where I sit?”

After buckling her seatbelt, Agnes noticed Jared hadn’t started the car yet. Instead, he was gazing at her with a strange look.

His eyes were deep and mysterious, like the sea at night. It felt like she could drown in them with just one glance.

Feeling uncomfortable under his gaze, Agnes asked, “What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

With a serious tone, Jared said, “Yeah, come here, let me wipe it off.”

Thinking that she really had something on her face, Agnes leaned in

Unexpectedly, Jared leaned over and kissed her. The kiss was full of dominance.

Agnes could even feel Jared’s desire. However, she was still bit shy.

They were parked in the open–air parking lot at the airport, surrounded by people and cars coming and going.

Although she knew that Jared’s car windows were made from a special material that made it impossible for people outside to see, Agnes was still a bit embarrassed. She pulled Jared’s hand from under her clothes and said, “Can we go home first. please?”

Her face was slightly flushed, and her eyes were filled with affection. It was clear that she was also moved.

Jared had always thought he had good self–control, but for some reason, he couldn’t resist Agnes’s kitten–like eyes.

But he knew Agnes was shy. He wanted to have her right there, to love her deeply.

Suppressing his desire, Jared once again kissed Agnes and said, Til let you off this time, but you’ll have to make it up to me twice over.

After saying this, he carefully straightened out her dishevelled clothes.

As the car sped away, Agnes’s mood suddenly lifted.

Even the unpleasant experiences at school seemed to vanish.

They drove directly into Maplewood Manor.

As soon as they entered, Jared scooped Agnes into his arms.

Agnes let out a startled yelp but instinctively wrapped her arms around Jared’s neck.

The kissing started again. It had only been three days, but it felt like they hadn’t seen each other for three months.

Agnes admitted that she had missed him terribly over these three days..

That deep emotion that surprised even her seemed to find comfort only in their kisses and release in their body contact.

Agnes’s cheeks flushed as she responded to him.

They went from the entrance to the staircase, down the corridor to the bedroom, and finally landed on the soft bed.

Jared whispered in her ear, deep and powerful, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes, Agnes replied honestly.

“Do you love me?”

Yes,” Agnes’s mind was starting to get fuzzy.

At that moment, Agnes felt like she was in a dream, not even knowing what she was saying…

Day two

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

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The Heartstrings on Fire Novel is an Romance Novel – Betrayed on her 20th birthday! Agnes caught her boyfriend and best friend in the act. But instead of wallowing in misery, she turned the tables by marrying the most precious man in the city – Jared Pritchard. Together, they became a power couple, taking on the world and kicking butt! And when faced with scumbags and scheming women, Jared didn’t hold back – he defeated them all! But that’s not all, behind closed doors, he showed his tender side by showering his wife with love, passion and ultimate pleasure. People thought he was ruthless and heartless, but little did they know, he was a true romantic at heart. And when Agnes faced challenges from a wicked stepmother and cruel sister, Jared was there to show them who was boss! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, and steamy romance in this epic tale of a man who feared no one, except losing his beloved wife!

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

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