Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 77

Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 77

Chapter 77 

Every room here had balconyand the distance between each wasn’t that far at all

Agnes had no clue who her neighbors wereshe just saw bright lights in their roomand everything on their balcony was clear as day

When Agnes saw the face of the personshe was gobsmackedFor split secondshe thought she was hallucinatingrubbing her eyes in disbeliefWhen she opened her eyes againhe was still thereonly with chillier aura

No hallucinationIt was Jared she was staring at

Agnes couldn’t help but feel that the world worked in mysterious waysWhy would Jared just pop up hereHe was dressed in white shirt and black trouserslooking dashingwith wine glass in one hand and the other in his pocketThe combination of the light and the moonlight made him look like dreamboat straight out of comic bookonly the growing chill in the air was impossible to ignoreThe balcony felt like walkin freezer

Agnes first reaction was to freezeThey stared at each other across the few meters for what felt like forever

Ivan walked up behind Jared and caught sight of this sceneJared’s demeanor was frosty, and that look in his eyes could freeze hell overAnd Agnes opposite himher face was mask of panicher eyes brimming with undeniable tensionIt was like walking in on huge scandal

Ivan furrowed his brows and askedDo you guys know each other?” 

Jared had already turned and walked back to his room

Agnes didn’t breathe sigh of reliefher mind felt like it was in fogblankSure enoughwithin minutethere was knock at Agnes‘ door

The inevitable had happened

Agnes quickly composed herselfwalked overand opened the doorJared and Ivan were both standing there

Jared looked none too pleasedHe said in frosty toneAgnesyou owe me an explanation as to why you’re here.” 

Agnes felt that single sentence wouldn’t suffice

Ivan sensed something was amiss and saidShe’s the lead in my new showShe needed place to stay temporarilyso she’s here for now.” 

Ivan then turned to Agnes and askedAnd what’s the deal between you two?” 

In truthIvan had already made his guessHe and Jared had been friends for twenty yearsbut he had never seen Jared looking this icy

Jared’s voice dropped lowerThe lead in a new showWhy didn’t you tell me you were acting?” 

Agnes saidWhy should tell you everything I’m doingHave you never kept secrets from me?” 

Jared gave Agnes onceover and noticed she was in her pajamasThis made him even more irate

Jared said coldlyCome home with me.” 

Agnes felt that whatever had happened between her and Jared was their businessShe didn’t want it to turn into spectacleSoshe kept quietimplying her agreement

As she was leavingAgnes said to Ivan, “appreciate your help todayI’ll find time to explain everything to you.” 

Jared was standing nearby and said coldlyYou should think about how to explain to me first.” 

Agnes ignored him and walked away

Jared gave Ivan cold lookAnd youwe’ll settle this later.” 

Ivan spread his hands innocently and said casuallyDon’t blame mehad no idea she was your runaway wife.” 

Jared snorted coldly and walked away

The smile on Ivan’s face slowly faded


Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Score 9.0
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 10, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Novel Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

The Heartstrings on Fire Novel is an Romance Novel – Betrayed on her 20th birthday! Agnes caught her boyfriend and best friend in the act. But instead of wallowing in misery, she turned the tables by marrying the most precious man in the city – Jared Pritchard. Together, they became a power couple, taking on the world and kicking butt! And when faced with scumbags and scheming women, Jared didn’t hold back – he defeated them all! But that’s not all, behind closed doors, he showed his tender side by showering his wife with love, passion and ultimate pleasure. People thought he was ruthless and heartless, but little did they know, he was a true romantic at heart. And when Agnes faced challenges from a wicked stepmother and cruel sister, Jared was there to show them who was boss! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, and steamy romance in this epic tale of a man who feared no one, except losing his beloved wife!

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Description of Novels Title: Heartstrings on Fire Rating: 9.3 (Very Good) Genre: Romance Language: English Read Online Format Pages: Onging Where to read: 94Series.com

What is the best time to read Heartstrings on Fire Novel?

The best time to read a novel depends mainly on your personal preferences and your schedule. However, here are some suggestions:
  • Before bed: Many people find that reading a Heartstrings on Fire novel before bed is a relaxing and enjoyable way to unwind. It can help you transition from the hectic of the day to a calmer and more peaceful state, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • During Quiet Hours: Pick a time when you have a few uninterrupted quiet hours available. This could be early in the morning, a quiet evening, or anytime you can create a calm environment without distractions.
  • While commuting or traveling: If you have to commute or are on a trip, reading a Heartstrings on Fire novel can be a great way to pass the time. Whether on a train, bus or plane, it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different world and make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Leisure time: Dedicate specific moments of free time to reading. It can be during the weekends, holidays or any free time you have throughout the day. Setting designated reading periods allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the experience.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, choose a time that suits your personal preferences and habits. Some people prefer to read in the morning to start the day with a positive and enriching activity, while others find that reading at night is more conducive to relaxation. Find the time that works best for you and fits into your routine.
Remember that the goal is to create a calm and focused environment in which you can fully engage with the novel. Find the time that works for you and allows you to enjoy the book without distractions.

How to Read Novel Heartstrings on Fire Full Episode

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