Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 88

Heartstrings on Fire Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

Agnes‘ survival instinct told her that if she really sat next to Justinshe would be in for hot mess

Soshe chose spot as far away from Justin as possible 

Justin grumbled from the sideAgnesmy girlyou’ve got some sassbut kinda dig that about you” 

Agnes rolled her eyes at Justin 

What does he mean by my girlHe needed to watch his mouth in such situations

But everyone in the entertainment industry knew Justin’s characterhe loved to flirt with the female actressesIn the industrypeople even used Justi’s flirting as bragging 


They got pretty used to itAfter allAgnes was indeed Justin’s girl in the drama

Agnes sneaked peek at Jaredwho had already turned around to chat with IvanHe didn’t seem to react much

Agnes let out sigh of relief

Sooneveryone arrivedand the waiter began to serve the dishes

Director Zoe said few words of thanks to Jaredbasically appreciating his timely help 

He then raised his glass and saidLet’s toast to Mr. Whitfieldwe will surely do our best to make great work in return” 

Everyone raised their glassesThe dinner then officially started

Agnes noticed that almost no one was really eatingMost of them were busy toasting and drinking

The directorIvanJustinand of coursethe one who got the most toasts was JaredThere was constant flow of women by his sideas one left another came

This had been going on for several rounds already And Agnes noticed Jared had already downed 12 glasses

Didn’t he know how to say noAgnes thoughtlittle annoyed

And each woman was trying to stick around him bit longer

Beatrice was already on her third round of toastingShe walked up to Jaredcheeks flushedlooking all shyI’d love to toast you againdidn’t get to introduce myself properly earlierI’m Preston and Laura’s daughterBeatriceattended Tim’s birthday party beforedo you remember me?” 

Jared responded with flatHello Ms. Beatricebut don’t quite remember.” 

Beatrice was overjoyed insideshe didn’t leave good impression on Jared at the party beforeInsteadit was Agnes who stole the show

Just thinking about it made Beatrice hate Agnes

But Jared not rememberingwas even better

Beatrice downed her glass of red wineAs she put down the glassshe pretended to sway bitthen leaned towards JaredBut it was clear to everyoneBeatrice wasn’t drunkThis kind of trick was easy to spot

Howeverbefore she could lean on Jaredhe had already stood up and stepped backHis response was quick and cooleven his retreat had charming vibe

Beatrice missed her mark and almost fell on the table

Soft laughter was heard from the other women at the table

Feeling embarrassedBeatrice started to get angry

Jared began to speakMs. Beatrice might’ve had bit too much to drinkshe should probably go take break.” 

Take breakWhat jokeHow could she leave early in such setting

Beatrice forced smileThank you for your concernMr. Whitfieldjust need little rest” 

After saying thatBeatrice went back to her seather fingers tightly gripping the edge of the glassas if she wanted to crush it

At this momentIvan suddenly said calmlyAgnesrecall you not having toasted Mr. Whitfield yetwhy don’t you give Mr. Whitfield toast as well?” 

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Score 9.0
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 10, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Novel Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

The Heartstrings on Fire Novel is an Romance Novel – Betrayed on her 20th birthday! Agnes caught her boyfriend and best friend in the act. But instead of wallowing in misery, she turned the tables by marrying the most precious man in the city – Jared Pritchard. Together, they became a power couple, taking on the world and kicking butt! And when faced with scumbags and scheming women, Jared didn’t hold back – he defeated them all! But that’s not all, behind closed doors, he showed his tender side by showering his wife with love, passion and ultimate pleasure. People thought he was ruthless and heartless, but little did they know, he was a true romantic at heart. And when Agnes faced challenges from a wicked stepmother and cruel sister, Jared was there to show them who was boss! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, and steamy romance in this epic tale of a man who feared no one, except losing his beloved wife!

Heartstrings on Fire Novel Full Episode

Description of Novels Title: Heartstrings on Fire Rating: 9.3 (Very Good) Genre: Romance Language: English Read Online Format Pages: Onging Where to read: 94Series.com

What is the best time to read Heartstrings on Fire Novel?

The best time to read a novel depends mainly on your personal preferences and your schedule. However, here are some suggestions:
  • Before bed: Many people find that reading a Heartstrings on Fire novel before bed is a relaxing and enjoyable way to unwind. It can help you transition from the hectic of the day to a calmer and more peaceful state, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • During Quiet Hours: Pick a time when you have a few uninterrupted quiet hours available. This could be early in the morning, a quiet evening, or anytime you can create a calm environment without distractions.
  • While commuting or traveling: If you have to commute or are on a trip, reading a Heartstrings on Fire novel can be a great way to pass the time. Whether on a train, bus or plane, it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different world and make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Leisure time: Dedicate specific moments of free time to reading. It can be during the weekends, holidays or any free time you have throughout the day. Setting designated reading periods allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the experience.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, choose a time that suits your personal preferences and habits. Some people prefer to read in the morning to start the day with a positive and enriching activity, while others find that reading at night is more conducive to relaxation. Find the time that works best for you and fits into your routine.
Remember that the goal is to create a calm and focused environment in which you can fully engage with the novel. Find the time that works for you and allows you to enjoy the book without distractions.

How to Read Novel Heartstrings on Fire Full Episode

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