His Chapter 7

His Chapter 7
  1. Dinner 

The Council meeting had given Declan a short distraction from Layana. Having spent the threehour meeting filling in the council of ten high ranking nobles at the king’s table of everything that had gone on at the border to the forbidden lands. From the dead livestock and other odd occurrences. Currently they had no idea what was linked to the dark lord and what was not

The king had shared the letter of the general too. Despite some of the council members being a little doubtful of the claims in it, the majority ruled they had to play it safe

One thing that was crystal clear was that none of the council liked him. The hostility was clear, but it didn’t bother Declan.. 

After the council meeting, Declan and Aren had been invited to dinner with the royals. Much to Declan’s annoyance, Aren on the other hand was extremely excited to meet all the princesses. Something Declan hoped he would be sorely disappointed with

Dinner with the royals also meant dressing more presentably, but Declan was not one for rules and instead took a collarless dark grey shirt with a slight V cut at the front, he had his sleeves folded to the elbows, paired with black pants and boots that reached his calves. A black belt hung around his waist completing his simple look. A silver tag necklace he always wore hung in his shirt

A loud banging on the door of his bedroom made Declan frown, walking over he pulled it open, glaring at the blond man who had clearly got dressed for the occasion

Wearing a shimmering blue tunic shirt similar to Declan’s but unlike his friend’s rich cotton fabric, Aren’s was made of satin, with silver embroidery going along the hem. He had it paired with black pants and grey boots. With a silver belt at the 


So, tell me how do I look?he said raising an eyebrow, Declan raised an eyebrow stepping out

Like a fool,he said shutting the door behind him, Aren sighed

This blue brings out my eyes,he explained to Declan, who ignored him. Wait, you wore grey to bring out the colour of your eyes right?” 

The darkhaired man simply overlooked his friend’s comment, walking to the two guards who were waiting to escort them to the royals private quarters for the 


+15 BÓNUS 

Layana looked in the mirror of her vanity table, the windows were open, letting the cool evening breeze enter the room. She was satisfied with how she looked, it was good enough for a dinner with guests, perhaps not the usual expectation but still elegant

You look beautiful your highness,Rina said looking in the mirror at her mistress. Layana smiled at her 

Thank you, Rina,she said taking another look at her reflection

She had chosen one of the dresses she had designed herself. This was one that she rather liked as it was not too heavy, perfect for the warm weather. Consisting of loose pants in a shimmering black satin, a black lace top with fitted sleeves. It was tucked into her pants and showed her black bra and skin through the lacy motifs. The top layer was like a jacket, made of a deep teal blue satin, it was fitted to the waist, emphasising her ample breasts and tiny waist, with her curvy hips, it had a high cuff collar, with buttons down the bodice, it opened up at the waist with a slit down the centre to the floor, showing off her lacecovered stomach

Her curls were pinned up in a small quiff and the rest cascaded down her back, a few tendrils framed her face prettily. To keep to customs a thin tiara of dark silver set with some black and teal jewels sat upon her head, it was only half an inch thick. Queen Myra always said a tiara showed a person’s status. She surely would not approve

The only other ornament she wore were the large drop earrings set with precious. teal jewels made from the same metal as her tiara. They stood out glittering under the light and gave her outfit a more glamourous edge

Her makeup was smoky on the eyes. her long thick lashes coated in black, a dusky pink lipstick covered her lips

I do hope the dinner guests aren’t too boring, she thought as she stepped out of her room, pausing to turn to her maid

Ah Rina, for tonight Cordelia will be visiting, could you please simply run my bath and leave for the night?she said hoping her maid did not see through her, relieved when Rina curtsied not curious at all at the request. It was not the first time the sisters visited each other after all

Of course my lady,she said and Layana gave her a sweet smile thinking she was rather excited about sneaking to the restricted area. Life as a princess was rather boring and small things like this gave her a small adrenaline rush. Smiling 

at the thought she strolled leisurely to the dining room taking her sweet time

The dining room was as beautiful and luxurious as the rest of the palace. The walls were covered with ornate portraits with golden frames. There were two doors in the room, one that led to the hall and the other where the food was bought in from. The four large arched windows were set with purple and teal glass. A large rug ran under the length of the large oval table sat in the centre of the room. And sixteen chairs sat around the table

The table was already laden with many dishes, from roast chicken, lamb chops, baked potatoes, fried fish, mince pie, vegetable soup, vegetable rice, salads and cheese were all laden out, the delicious scents filled the air. Pitchers of fine wine and juices were set out along the table with small bowls of sauces and salads. within everyone’s reach

The king sat at the head of the table, with queen Myra on his right and queen Azalea on his left. Next to Myra sat Terania 

Aurelia too wore a pretty gown in mint and white covered in golden embroidery and gems. She was seated on Cordelia’s left

But it was Cordelia who stood out, second only to Myra herself. her guard had told her the man she had seen was Declan of House Storm. Although she had insulted the house earlier, after seeing the man, she desired him. Dressing grandly in hopes he would notice her

She had chosen a deep royal blue silk strapless gown, that pushed her breasts up, giving them a fuller look. The bodice was heavily embroidered in gold too. Soft strings of glittering gold beads trailed from her sweetheart neckline and draped around her upper arms. Her jewellery was heavy and elegant as was her make up. Her hair was twisted into an elegant and intricate high updo and a glittering

g gold crown set with royal blue jewels was set upon it

The doors opened making the royals turn to see Declan and Aren enter. The dark- haired man walked with arrogance, an aura of power oozed off him demanding attention. He said nothing only looking at the king with a curt nod as Aren bowed to the royals, taking in the three princesses, thinking they were beauties indeed

Lord Aren of House Silver Mountain, and Sir Declanthe king said his cold voice loud and clear in the room, the princesses gave a polite tilt of their heads. and Azalea smiled graciously

Welcome to the palace,Myra said a hint of disapproval at Declan’s blatant disrespect. Evaan looked at his wife warningly, he had already forewarned her of Declan’s behaviout forbidding her to speak out over it

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It is an honour to meet you your majesties, your highnesses,Aren said flashing the women a dazzling smile, as he walked over taking the seat next to Terania, and Declan sat on his right

It is a pleasure indeed,Azalea said smiling gently

Thank you, your majesty,Aren said as he glanced at the two princesses opposite him, so these were queen Azalea’s daughters, he could see the similarity between the youngest daughter and her mother, with the brunette princess looking a lot like her father. She was rather pretty he had to admit… 

We are waiting for the last of my daughters,Evaan said coldly thinking the girl was becoming rather uncivilized

When is princess Layana ever where she must beMyra said with a tinkling laugh that held a hint of mockery

Declan didn’t bother adding to the conversation, thinking the sooner they ate the sooner he could leave

They did not have to wait for long as the door opened once more and Layana stepped inside, the sound of her heels against the marble loud in the silent room, looking at her father, her heart hammered, realising she was the last one there. She curtsied gracefully

Do forgive me for my tardiness father,she said

It was as if a bucket of icecold water had enveloped Declan, the woman before him was by far the most beautiful he had ever seen, she was an average height, with long blond hair that cascaded down her back in soft curls. A softly angular face with a pointed chin, a slender nose, soft plump lips, and eyes so unique that they caught anyone’s attention, no rumours that passed through the kingdom could put justice to those part amber, red, part topaz gold shimmering orbs, rimmed with long thick lashes

Declan’s eyes involuntarily ran over the princess, taking in every dip and curve of her body, the way her chest rose and fell, the curve of her hips, the hint of her stomach teasing through the lace of her gown. He looked away, barely able to mask the anger and disgust that filled him. From all the women in the kingdom, the one woman who had caught his eye was part of the family he hated the most

Layana kept her gaze on her father, his disapproval clear in his cold grey eyes. The king frowned slightly as he looked at her, she was already riding on thin ice

Take a seat Layana,he said curtly, the young woman gave a small nod looking at her usual seat that was occupied next to Terania, a small frown crossed her 

+15 BÓNUS 

brows, looking at the blond culprit

The servants who had stood silently against the wall stepped forward removing the glass lids from the dishes before taking them away swiftly. Now seated Layana looked at Declan wondering if he ever smiled. His elbow rested on the table with his knuckles under his chin, as dark stormy eyes glared directly at her making her eyes widen in surprise. Her heart skipped a beat, she had been so distracted in observing him, she had not noticed his murderous glare. She looked away quickly glad when queen Myra reached forward placing some food into the kingsplate gracefully

Dig in,the king said, and everyone began helping themselves, only the sound of metal gently clacking against the fine china could be heard, as everyone filled. their plates

The king took the first bite, the signal that everyone may start. Allow me to formally introduce my daughters,Evaan said, as he began introducing them one by one, starting with Terania, then Aurelia

Princess Cordelia my second daughter,Evaan continued 

It’s an honour to meet you, my lords,Cordelia said in a soft tone making Layana look at her surprised, as she saw Cordelia blush lightly smiling eloquently at the two men, Aren flashed her a smile thinking she was charming

Likewise my princess,Aren said as Aurelia resisted rolling her eyes at the blatant flirting, but Cordelia’s eyes were fixed on the darkhaired man

And finally princess Layana,Evaan said his frown deepening remembering her tardiness again

It is a pleasure to meet you princess Layana, officiallyI have heard a lot about you,Aren said smiling 

Really? What an honour, would you like to share what you have heard about me?she said to the blond, making Aren’s smile falter once Again. Aurelia suppressed a giggle as although her sistersvoice was soft and seemingly innocent, she knew Layana was not happy with the man for taking her seat. WwellI am sure the princess must know already, thatAren trailed off

How did he tell her in front of her father that it was her beauty that was the talk of the kingdom. Declan smirked, for once the man was shut up so easily and not wanting to make it easier for him he turned to look at the flustered blond

Do share Aren, I don’t remember hearing anything about the princess that was worth remembering,He said mockingly making Layana frown at him too, she 

sliced a piece of steak and ate it elegantly her eyes set on the blond man awaiting her answer

Well..Her beauty for one, and of course all of yoursAren said glancing at the king who was frowning disapprovingly at Layana, he knew the way her mind worked, not missing the glint in her eye

Oh, beauty is only skin deep my lord, be very careful of whom you think is beautiful, you never know it may simply a devil in disguise,Layana said smiling sweetly, as Aurelia ducked her head to stop her laughter

Declan looked at the princess despite telling himself he would not look her way. Surprised, he had not expected that answer, and it was clear that neither did. Aren who was simply staring a few shades paler. For once his charm was not working

Azalea seeing the king’s frown, placed a hand on his giving him a gentle smile, something that only angered Queen Myra

LayanaEvaan warned

Yes father, I apologise if I stepped out of line but it’s a fact, sometimes the most beautiful things in this kingdom are vile, evil and malicious on the inside,Layana said, smugly thinking of queen Myra

You are not evil, vile or malicious Layana, and Lord Aren is an excellent knight, and I expect you to treat him with respect,Evaan said glancing at the man who was always bright and confident sitting quietly, visibly unsure what to say

Yes of course,Layana said her tone not very convincing

Forgive Princess Layana, she had an odd sense of humour,Cordelia said glancing at Declan whose face was once again schooled to passiveness as he drank his wine. Why not tell us about yourselves, my lords,” 

Evaan glanced at his daughter, it was clear she was being as engaging as ever, Aren would be a good match for her, he only prayed that someone would want his devious Layana as a wife. After all, despite her beauty, she tormented any man who paid attention to her. He looked at her frowning once more as she innocently smiled back

Terania smiled and gave a small nod, That would be lovely,” 

There is not much to tell, I am the eldest of four, I have two brothers and a sister as sweet as innocent as she can be, I have trained to become a knight in the western army. Declan here is my best friend, more like a brother to me, I love to dance, dine and of course horseback riding,” 

+15 BONUS 

You like to dance?Aurelia asked slightly surprised, Aren smiled 

Why yes I do, little princess,he said, Aurelia smiled thinking not many men would openly admit they liked dancing

Lord Declan will you not share something about yourself?Cordelia asked hoping the handsome dark male would speak. Declan ate some of his food not bothering to look up

None of my thoughts are anything a sheltered princess only worried about playing dressup would understand and nor any that I would like to share,he said coldly, glancing at Cordelia for a second, his deathly glare making her heart hammer, a sting of pain clutched at her heart. She felt humiliated and hurt. 

Layana frowned about to speak when Aurelia gripped her wrist, thinking she was already in trouble, poking her blue eyes out at her elder sister who simply pouted. I was only trying to make conversation my lord,Cordelia said softly as Aren frowned at Declan 

Be nice,he murmured 

I’m not interested in making conversation if that is not clear enough,Declan replied icily 

Then you could have just stayed quiet,Layana said as Azalea, Aurelia and Terapi 

closed their eyes thinking she simply could never stay out of trouble… 

His Caged Princess

His Caged Princess

Status: Ongoing Native Language: English

Princess Layana's birth was a mystery and her heritage a secret. Despite the luxurious life of a royal, she simply wished for a life away from the cage-like palace. Declan of House Storm was the sole survivor of a massacred clan, an event that gave birth to the darkness within him. Fuelled by hate, rage and betrayal he wants nothing but to get revenge on the royals that slaughtered his family. What will happen when the shielded princess with a heart as pure as the first ray of dawn meets the heir whose soul is shrouded in a blanket of darkness.

His Caged Princess

Will he set her free from her shackles? Will she be able to lead him to the light before it’s too late? When the first whispers of darkness spread from the borders, they are brought together to protect the kingdom.Beware the prophecy decreed a long time passed for it may hold their world in its balance. -------- “It seems Lord Declan holds more ignorance than he is aware, we are women with emotions, wishes and hopes that we put behind us for the betterment of the kingdom,” Layana said her eyes flashing “Do enlighten me, what exactly can the precious jewels of the kingdom do for its people?” Declan mocked arrogantly. “Jewels? You compare us to items devoid of emotions, but yes, like jewels, we will be given away to the highest bidder. So before assuming princesses are simply there to play dress up and have tea parties, remember our lives are not simply fun and games!”


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