Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver Chapter 315

Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver Chapter 315



Chapter 315 

Wilbur raised his eyebrows before barking out a loud laugh. He had just been wondering how he was going to separate this fog from Sammy’s spirit flame when the problem had solved itself for him

He stared right at the incoming fog and two silver sparks shot out of his pupils

The sparks shot out, torching the gray fog into oblivion within seconds. There was hardly a trace left

The fog was gone, and so was the curse. Wilbur’s work was all done now

The spirit was the most mysterious part of the human body, but also the most fragile and complicated. That was why Wilbur had taken so much care in doing this

Honestly, he had the curse itself to thank for being able to break it so quickly

The curse had an aggressive nature and was prone to attacking all sentient bodies that approached

However, the curse’s attack was hardly anything against someone like Wilbur

Upon breaking Sammy’s curse, Wilbur slowly exited Sammy’s consciousness as he retracted his spirit presence back into his own body

Damn. Even celebrities have a hell lot to be upset about,he chuckled, tapping Sammy lightly on the 


Sammy stirred slowly, looking at Wilbur in a daze

He smiled back at her. Your curse has been broken, and your spirit’s undamaged.” 

Really?Sammy was overjoyed

Wilbur nodded. Sammy got to her feet to thank Wilbur but was overcome with a wave of dizziness

Wilbur said, Your spirit’s extremely weak right now, so you’ll need to rest for a while.” 

He retracted the barrier and let Dom in

Seeing his sister unharmed and the smile on Wilbur’s face, Dom figured that his sister’s curse had been 


Both brother and sister thanked Wilbur profusely, but he merely said, Don’t mention it. You gave me your jade statue in exchange for this. It’s a fair trade.” 

The siblings did not really agree with this

It was true that the jade statue was their family heirloom and practically priceless

However, at the end of the day, it was just an item

Money was hardly a problem to the Shandon family, and they would even be willing to spend the rest of their days as regular folks in exchange for Sammy’s curse being broken

The two of them thanked Wilbur profusely and even invited him to dinner. However, Wilbur turned them 


With no other choice, they could only invite Wilbur to visit Zealand whenever he had the time with the promise of treating him like a king to show their sincerity

Wilbur nodded in agreement, and the siblings finally left

They got into their car, and Dorn could not help but say, This trip to Seechertown has really been eye- 

Chapter 315 

opening. I can’t believe there’s so much of the world I never knew about.” 

I know, right? Who could’ve thought that people like Mister Penn existed?Sammy was overwhelmed 

with emotion as well

Dom looked at his sister, narrowing his gaze. Do you have a crush on him?” 

That’s ridiculous!Sammy flushed at once, glaring at her brother

Dom chuckled. Go for it if you like him. You’re a beautiful woman. You might just stand a chance.” 

Ha! Mister Penn’s like a god. I wouldn’t even think about it!Sammy sighed. She did like Wilbur but did not have the courage to court him

Dom sighed to himself as well. The Shandon family was quite reputable, and Sammy had countless admirers back in Zealand

Those admirers only multiplied after she became a celebrity, but Sammy’s standards had always been too high to pay them any mind

Both Sammy and Dom had finally realized just what it meant to be someone of power, and how small the both of them looked in comparison to these powerful elites

Let’s go home and take care of Ria first,Dom said at last, his gaze burning with anger

How dare she do that to Sammy as her best friend? That was truly unforgivable

Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver Novel Full Episode

Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: November 4, 2023 Native Language: English

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The novel Living With My Lady Boss is a Urban/Realistic, telling a story of A legend returns to find that his wife has kicked him out for someone richer. He reveals his identity in a fit of rage, resulting in countless beautiful women in power flocking to him. His wife is at a loss for words!

Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver

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