Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 180

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 180

Chapter 180 

Paulina felt her world crumbling around her as the truth dawned on her it was her own daughter, Leila, who had taken the photo that smeared Merry’s reputation. The polite, obedient girl she thought she knew had changed, and Paulina couldn’t come to terms with this harsh new reality 

In her desperation to understand why her daughter had changed so drastically, Paulina had believed Leila’s accusation against Latham. She needed a reason to explain her change, so she believed without question that Latham had acted inappropriately towards Leila

Now, faced with undeniable proof of her daughter’s deceit, Paulina was forced to confront a bitter truth: her daughter was not the victim she’d portrayed herself to be, but the architect of her own sister’s downfall

Cain was equally stunned. When he first heard Leila’s claims of being harassed and blackmailed into hurting Merry, he felt a sense of relief. His mind refused to accept that his daughter could be capable of such cruelty As a businessman, he was no fool, yet his paternal instincts led him to defend his daughter unconditionally. He even called in the press, hoping to blow the issue up and clear his daughter’s name, not realizing that his actions would backfire spectacularly

The click of cameras and the relentless flashes from the reportersequipment captured Leila’s downfall, and Cain regretted his earlier decision profoundly

After being confronted by Paulina, Leila stood up, dropping her facade of meekness. With a chilling calm, she revealed her true colors, Why did I do it? Because if Mr. Latham hadn’t called Dad, he wouldn’t have doubted. me! Because I was hit in the head by a football from Daniel, and Dad defended him instead of me!” 

She pointed an accusing finger at Cain and Paulina, Look at how kind you are to me now that I’m the victim.’ By slandering Mr. Latham, I regained my place as your beloved daughter, right?” 

Why did everything have to go wrong this year? Why did you stop loving me? Why did I have to have a stepsister? She took away your love from me! If she were gone, I’d be the only one!” 

Paulina and Cain were speechless

Having another fam 

member means there’s more love to go around,” Paulina said, her voice trembling with emotion. Yes, we shared our love with Merry, but when we grow old, you’ll still have a sibling in this world. That’s what siblings are for! How can you be so selfish?” 

Leila’s laughter was cold and harsh, This is who I am. I’m just like you; I’m the bad seed, and so are you.You’re insane!Paulina exclaimed, aghast

Leila turned to Latham, her lips curling into a sneer as she said, “I nearly won. I was not lucky enough.That’s when Cordelia stepped in, saying icily, It has nothing to do with luck.” 

Leila froze as Cordelia pointed to a monitor and continued, The security camera was broken.” 

Outside, a camera that had been toppled by the wind lay disconnected on the ground. The footage everyone thought would incriminate Latham didn’t exist; his office, which also served as his private room, wasn’t under surveillance

Leila was lost for words

Merry broke the silence with a smirk, Did you think I went to find the security camera?” 

Two hours had passed since the incident. After telling Daniel about the setup, Merry had snuck into the 

adjacent office with Skyler to create a fake video. The man in the video, dressed like Latham and with his back to the window, was actually Skyler. The girl, supposedly Leila, was Merry in disguise 


Chapter 180 

Cordelia had masterminded the entire plan. Once Skyler arrived, she instructed the duo to shoot the video, which Skyler then edited to make it look convincing. Meanwhile, Merry returned to the classroom, giving the impression that she’d been busy there the whole time

Leila realized she had been set up and turned on Merry with venom, You framed me!” 

Merry sighed. I learned from the best.” 

The truth was that Merry had always taken the fall for her sister’s misdeeds. Time after time, she’d been punished for things she hadn’t done all because of Leila’s manipulations

Now, Merry had turned the tables, giving Leila a taste of her own medicine. But it was too late Leila had already confessed

Seething with rage, Leila lunged at Merry, only to be effortlessly subdued by Cordelia

Leila’s tirade continued even as she lay on the floor. So what if the truth’s out? I’m a minor; I won’t go to jail. I’ll just go back to being unloved and ostracized. After graduation, I’ll leave this town, and what can you do about it?” 

Her words, full of spite and arrogance, echoed through the room, captured by the reporterscameras. The principal frowned deeply. You’re expelled from our school.” 

Expelled? Leila didn’t care. So what? My parents will send me abroad. I’ll come back after studying overseas for a couple of years!” 

She glared at Merry, Do you think you’ll be the favorite daughter once I’m gone? No! It’s your fault I’m in this mess. They’ll blame you forever! You’ll never take the love that’s mine!” 

Such was the bitter injustice of the situation

Leila had wronged Merry, and Cain and Paulina would despise her for it

Similarly, now that Merry had pointed the finger at Leila, Cain and Paulina would resent her

With a sardonic smile, Leila spoke up, Now, we’re all in the same boat, aren’t we? Mom, Dad, I know you hate me, you loathe me, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to take me back home, right?” 

Cordelia’s eyes narrowed as she heard these words. She had deliberately exposed the truth, provoking Leila into making such untimely and imprudent remarks, not to drive her away but to ensure she paid the price for her actions

Cordelia pulled out her smartphone, gazing at the barrage of texts from Mr. AllRound

She slowly began to speak, I have something to say.” 

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

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When Cordelia first laid eyes on this dangerous, enigmatic man, she was strangely drawn to him- a compulsion given her 'love or die' curse. Assertive, she declared, "I'm rich and can hold my own. Be my boyfriend, and I'll have your back." It wasn't long before everyone knew that Cordelia, the academic genius, was supporting a handsome loafing man. Her protectiveness over him was something of a legend. A day came when she shielded him from a group of apparent street thug, coolly declaring,"My boyfriend's shy, you got beef, bring it on to me."

Love or Die CEO's Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

The thugs shivered, gazing at the protected man, a reputed figure feared in some circles. Who would've thought he enjoyed this kind of role-play with his girlfriend?


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