Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 182

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 182

Chapter 182 

Cordelia had always possessed a photographic memory, but as she stared at the familiar handwriting before her, she experienced the unnerving sensation of forgetfulness for the first time. She simply couldn’t recall where she had seen it before

Furrowing her brow in concentration, she was snapped out of her thoughts when Merry spoke up. Could it be that someone was pulling the strings behind Leila’s actions?” 

Cordelia shook her head, indicating she had no idea

Merry let out a resigned chuckle, Well, whether there was someone or not, Leila’s definitely gone offtrack. Could do her some good to get schooled a bit.” 

She shrugged nonchalantly before taking a seat across from Cordelia

Unable to remember where she had seen the envelope, Cordelia tucked it into her backpack, planning to deal. with it when the memory resurfaced

Just then, her cell phone buzzed, She glanced down to find a friend request from Sweetheart.” 


It sounded a bit sketchy, but Cordelia didn’t pay much mind. She never accepted requests from strangers and quickly shoved her phone back into the drawer

Next was Latham’s class. The recent events had taken a toll on him, but after a couple of days, he had bounced back. His voice was as booming as ever, commanding the attention of even the sleepiest student

As Cordelia tried to focus on the lecture, her phone buzzed again, this time with more persistence. After a minute, it vibrated relentlessly

Eventually, even Latham heard it. Phones are technically banned in school,” he scolded, and while we usually turn a blind eye, let’s not push it, shall we? Texting during my classreally? You all could learn from Ms. Cordelia here. Tops in math competitions and still pays attention. Unlike some” 

Cordelia silently switched off her phone and put it away

When class finally ended, Merry turned around with a mischievous grin. So, Lia, what juicy texts were you getting from your boyfriend during class?” 

Latham hadn’t pinpointed whose phone it was, but Little Parrot had heard it loud and clear

It’s not him,Cordelia replied, puzzled as to who would message her so urgently. She powered her phone back on to find the same friend request from Sweetheart, who seemed hellbent on adding her, with remarks getting increasingly aggressive

[What’s the matter? Scared to add me?

Bitch, you seduced someone’s man and now you’re playing coy?

[Bitch, speak up!

[Ugly duckling, stop clinging to my boyfriend for fame.

All insults, leaving Cordelia baffled. What was this all about

She furrowed her brow, blocked the person, and decided to forget about it. But Merry soon figured it out. Hey. Lia, isn’t your gaming ID Learner?” 

Cordelia nodded, and Merry exploded, Damn, you’ve been targeted!” 

Chapter 182 

Confused, Cordelia asked, What do you mean?” 

Merry showed her a forum post, Weren’t you teaming up with a guy named Jungler recently? He’s a famous. streamer from the same platform as me, known for his gaming skills. Apparently, he’s been duoqueuing with a girl named Learnerthat’s you, right? And he’s been hitting on you during his streamsahem!” 

Cordelia was clueless; all she did was play ranked games with Jungler for a couple of hours each day. When did he start pursuing her

Merry blinked, And then, Jungler went public with a relationship with a streamer named Sweetheart. But when they streamed their games together, people criticized Sweetheart’s skills, saying she wasn’t as good. as you. That’s when Sweetheart implied on her stream that you were so ugly, even Jungler ditched you!” 

Cordelia couldn’t help but smirk at the absurdity, while Merry burst out laughing, Lia, you ugly? That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard all year!” 

At the diner for lunch, Everard was already waiting for them. Merry was taken aback when she heard Everard was there, Lia, doesn’t he have work?” 

Cordelia hummed in agreement, recalling Everard’s laidback approach to running his shop, and repeated something she had told Mr. AllRound the day before, His head’s filled with nothing but love.” 

Merry was speechless but noticed Cordelia’s usually stoic expression soften ever so slightly. To Merry. Cordelia’s words seemed to hold a hidden affectionEverard’s world revolved around her, and her tone hinted she might not be entirely oblivious to his feelings

When they reached the diner, Merry made a beeline for a distant table with a pasta of pasta, while Cordelia sat down across Everard, who was lounging back, looking effortlessly dapper in a black shirt with the sleeves casually rolled up to his forearms

He watched Cordelia with an amused gaze, remembering her comments from the day before. It seemed she was finally catching on to her own feelings. But if he didn’t step up his game, they might never make progress

Everard took a few bites of his spaghetti, glancing at Cordelia before casually inquiring. So I hear you’re planning to take a dip in the pool tomorrow, learn to swim?” 

Cordelia savored a bite of her steak

Merry had been making significant strides recently, and seizing the moment, Cordelia hoped to get Merry back on her feet quickly. With the weekend coming up, and it being their day off, she’d asked Lorna to book the community pool. Concerned that Little Parrot might kick up a fuss if he got scared of the water, she decided to rent the whole place out for privacy

Cordelia nodded. Mhm.” 

A gleam of amusement flickered in Everard’s eyes as he chuckled, Cool,” 

Cordelia was puzzled. You’re happy about Merry learning to swim, why exactly

It didn’t take long for her to figure out why Everard had given his approval

When she and Merry arrived at the neighborhood gym’s pool, dressed in modest onepiece swimsuits and wrapped in towels, Cordelia’s eyes immediately found Everard. Shirt off, lounging on a poolside chair, he rested with hands clasped behind his head, his gaze lazily fixed on her, Girl, you’re late.” 

Cordelia was taken aback. How did you get in here?” 

The community didn’t allow strangers, and this gym was especially offlimits to nonresidents 

With a sly, flirtatious smile softening his sharp features, Everard said, Told your dad I’d teach you how to 

Chapter 182 

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

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When Cordelia first laid eyes on this dangerous, enigmatic man, she was strangely drawn to him- a compulsion given her 'love or die' curse. Assertive, she declared, "I'm rich and can hold my own. Be my boyfriend, and I'll have your back." It wasn't long before everyone knew that Cordelia, the academic genius, was supporting a handsome loafing man. Her protectiveness over him was something of a legend. A day came when she shielded him from a group of apparent street thug, coolly declaring,"My boyfriend's shy, you got beef, bring it on to me."

Love or Die CEO's Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

The thugs shivered, gazing at the protected man, a reputed figure feared in some circles. Who would've thought he enjoyed this kind of role-play with his girlfriend?


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