Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 191

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 191

Chapter 191 

When the door swung open and a guy stepped through, Sweetheart was taken aback. She had heard Jungler and Learner chatting online; the voice had been cool but pleasant, and she had been sure it belonged to a girl. A guy? This was a surprise

But as she processed the twist, Sweetheart couldn’t help but allow a playful smile to lighten her features

What a scammer

Still, if the scammer was a guy, and such a looker at that, maybe she could let it slide. A little flutter of her lashes, a pout of her lips, and all would be forgiven

Her train of thought was interrupted by his next words, and that’s when it clicked he wasn’t Learner. So, who was Learner, really

The whole chat room was buzzing with curiosity about who could possibly have such a dashing boyfriend, when Cordelia strolled in wearing her high school uniform

She slung her backpack over one shoulder, her wide eyes sweeping the room before fixing on Jungler and Sweetheart. Her face was framed by a ponytail and topped with a baseball cap, her complexion porcelain and flawless. She was tall and lean, her oversize jacket swaying with her every move

Every guy in the live chat held their breath as they laid eyes on her. What a knockout

Logan was completely dumbfounded. He shot to his feet, incredulity etched across his face, Are you Learner?” 

Cordelia nodded, Yeah.” Her voice was cool, her responses succinct. Logan almost couldn’t believe it Learner was stunning. Why hadn’t she shared a photo

He just stood there, gobsmacked. Sweetheart was equally stunned

As a streamer, Sweetheart knew her audience wasn’t there for her gaming skills most were guys who came for her looks. But now, seeing Cordelia, the chat room exploded in surprise

Holy smokes, she’s gorgeous!” 

I’m all in for this girl!” 

She’s a student, right? And she’s this pretty without makeup? Natural beauty!” 

It’s a blurry cam, but even that can’t hide her good looks!” 

In the silent room, Everard rose and pulled out a chair for Cordelia. She hung her backpack on the back of 

her chair and sat down, and Everard took the seat next to her

Now both in frame, the comments were all praise

What a visual feast! She’s beautiful, and he’s so handsome!” 

I can’t even, they’re too perfect!” 

Wait, does she look familiar to anyone else?” 

-Probably because all pretty girls look familiar to you?” 

No, for real, I’ve seen her in a TV show recentlyThat’s it! She acted alongside Bland!” 



Chapter 191 

I just googled it, she does look like that actress!” 

Looking at Sweetheart now, and then at herI’m reminded of what someone said about the difference between streamers and actresses… 

She’s an actress? No wonder she’s so stunning!” 

After regaining her composure, Sweetheart started reading the comments and caught one that made her speak up. So you really are Learner,” 

Cordelia glanced at her, uninterested in responding

Logan, however, asked, And how should we address you?” 

Cordelia thought for a moment, Just call me Learner.” 

Her distant demeanor left no room for confusion. She was here for one reason only to clean up a mess, and certainly not to buddy up with the likes of Jungler and Sweetheart

Logan looked embarrassed at the rebuff and turned back to Sweetheart. He had thought Sweetheart was pretty with a great figure, but next to Cordelia’s radiant beauty, Sweetheart suddenly seemed dull by 


Logan cleared his throat to speak, but Sweetheart beat him to it, Learner, so you’re an actress? How old are you? Are you really still in school?” 

Actress? Logan froze, along with the rest of the streamers. They all turned to look at Cordella

Sweetheart’s words were loaded with skepticism about Cordelia’s student status, especially since Jungler had been told she was a student

As the room filled with tension, Everard let out a scoff. His laugh was laced with scorn, drawing everyone’s 


Logan asked, What’s so funny?” 

Everard leaned back in his chair, oozing confidence. Even with his presence toned down, he seemed untouchable. He glanced at Sweetheart and clicked his tongue, Not only lacking in looks but in perception, too?” 

The room was filled with confusion

Sweetheart’s face turned beet red, Why are you insulting me?” 

Did I say anything untrue?Everard’s chin tilted up slightly, Didn’t you see her uniform?” 

Everyone turned to look, and that’s when they noticed the embroidery on Cordelia’s jacket: Greenmeadow 

International School

Sweetheart’s expression faltered again. After several comebacks and the unexpected revelation of Cordelia’s beauty, Sweetheart was losing her composure

She blurted out, How do we know that’s real? She’s an actress; how could she still be in school?” 

At that moment, Logan looked up, his face somber. He had found online articles about CordeliaActress Cordelia, who had starred in a TV series with Bland, playing his unattainable love interest to widespread acclaim. And this actress had been scouted right from her school

So, Cordelia was indeed a student



Chapter 191 

He fixed his gaze on Sweetheart and spoke up, She’s just a student, drop it.” 

Sweetheart took a deep breath, feeling even more stifled. She wanted to retort, but Logan had already called out, Excuse me, bring out the food!” 

One by one, the servers entered, bringing out the meticulously prepared dishes

This silenced Sweetheart

The Sapphire Sojourn Hotel was a toptier establishment, where the dishes were as appealing to the eye as they were to the palate, albeit pricey and served in modest portions

Cordelia was indeed famished, thinking she’d eat first and tackle the issues later, and so she eagerly eyed the food being served

Everard couldn’t help but smirk at her anticipation

As the steaks were placed on the table, he promptly served her, and Cordelia began to eat with demure gratitude

Observing their interaction, Sweetheart’s gaze darkened. She then put on a smile and chimed in, Right, Learner, eat up. It’s not every day you get to dine at a place like this, right? Bet you’ve never been here before?” 

Without pausing, she continued with a smile, I just ordered some bisque of lobster. Want some?” 

Upon hearing this, Cordelia slowly raised her head

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

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When Cordelia first laid eyes on this dangerous, enigmatic man, she was strangely drawn to him- a compulsion given her 'love or die' curse. Assertive, she declared, "I'm rich and can hold my own. Be my boyfriend, and I'll have your back." It wasn't long before everyone knew that Cordelia, the academic genius, was supporting a handsome loafing man. Her protectiveness over him was something of a legend. A day came when she shielded him from a group of apparent street thug, coolly declaring,"My boyfriend's shy, you got beef, bring it on to me."

Love or Die CEO's Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

The thugs shivered, gazing at the protected man, a reputed figure feared in some circles. Who would've thought he enjoyed this kind of role-play with his girlfriend?


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