Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 194

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 194

Chapter 194 

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Chapter 194 

The room was created. Logan’s team was set, and Cordelia’s included X, EternalLoner,and LegendHottie.” 

Her boyfriend’s handle just screamed swagger, while EternalLonerhad that I’mtoocoolforyou vibe. LegendHottiewas just plain narcissistic

The last to join was EW Club, Floyd, a handle that made a nearby streamer gasp, The Demon King Floyd?” 

Cordelia was confused, Who’s that?” 

The streamer looked at her, awestruck, That’s Floyd, the reigning champion of the desktop leagues for three years straightthe Demon King!” 

Floydwas a household name among the gaming community, a title that struck both awe and fear into the hearts of players

The room was silent as they absorbed the gravity of the moment. They were not just facing Xbut a lineup of gaming royalty. Logan’s confidence wavered, but the match was set

Floyd’s greeting broke the silence, Hey, guys.” 

The moment Floyd spoke, Cordelia was taken aback as she heard a sharp snap beside her. Turning her head, she caught sight of Yatesphone as it plummeted towards the table, saved only by his quick reflexes from a fate against the hard floor

Cordelia’s surprise was fleeting

There, the usually unflappable Yates seemed slightly flustered as he scooped up his phone. His eyes glued to the screen, he hesitated over the Exit Gamebutton for an eternity, but ultimately, he stayed his hand

Floyd’s voice, smooth and rich like aged whiskey, continued, And this must be Calvert, right?” 

Calvert chimed in, giving Lia a warm welcome, Hey Lia, it’s been ages!After a brief pause, he turned to Floyd, Man, you haven’t queued up with me in ages!” 

Floyd chuckled, Yeah, been swamped with training.” 

He seemed to scrutinize the last username on the list for a moment before asking, with a hint of uncertainty. EternalLoner, is thatYatesy?” 

The moment the nickname Yatesy slipped out, Yatesphone once again dropped onto the table. Without waiting for Floyd to continue, Yates snapped, It’s not.” 

Then, with an air of impatience, he turned to Cordelia, Lia, just start the game.” 

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

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When Cordelia first laid eyes on this dangerous, enigmatic man, she was strangely drawn to him- a compulsion given her 'love or die' curse. Assertive, she declared, "I'm rich and can hold my own. Be my boyfriend, and I'll have your back." It wasn't long before everyone knew that Cordelia, the academic genius, was supporting a handsome loafing man. Her protectiveness over him was something of a legend. A day came when she shielded him from a group of apparent street thug, coolly declaring,"My boyfriend's shy, you got beef, bring it on to me."

Love or Die CEO's Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

The thugs shivered, gazing at the protected man, a reputed figure feared in some circles. Who would've thought he enjoyed this kind of role-play with his girlfriend?


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