Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 197

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon Chapter 197

Chapter 197 

Look, as a student myself, I think you’re being unfair. Who says Cordelia’s grades are bad? And life isn’t just about hitting the books 

But as seniors, it’s crunch time for the SATs. Sure, life’s not all about studying, but each stage has its own priorities. Right now, hitting those books is about smoothing out the road ahead” 

Offtopic, guys, but I just realized how smart Sweetheart is! I’m even more of a fan now. Gorgeous, high GPA, and she’s a whiz at gaming? She’s like some kind of angel!” 

Admiration for intellectuals with stellar academic achievements was common, and Sweetheart’s popularity had taken a hit after yesterday’s debacle. But today, with her educational credentials out in the open, her popularity had rebounded 

Merry glanced at the chat room. After all that drama, Sweetheart’s stream is even more popular now” 

Little Parrot snorted, Some no name university from Ontoky City, and she dares to compare with you? Preposterous! Lia, let’s show them!” 

Cordelia, the subject of their discussion, was indifferent. Boring.” 

Ever since that livestream incident with Little Parrot, she had seen the irresponsible nature of online attacks, where words were thrown without regard, often wounding deeply. No wonder they called it online exposure

She continued reading, unconcerned by the online chatter. Her reallife friends knew her as a straightA student. Why worry about faceless netizens

To her, it was all noise

Seeing Cordelia’s cool response, Merry suddenly felt her own agitation was rather pointless

But just because Lia wasn’t into the online scene didn’t mean Merry wasn’t

Fuming, Merry logged into an alt account and waded into the online fray

You think Lia’s a bad student? FYI, she’s Ivy League material, aiming for Superiority College!” 

Dreaming, are we? Superiority 

not Greenmeadow Academy” 

College aren’t that easy. Besides, it’s always Greenmeadow High’s students who get those

Big talk, everyone can do that, I’m Harvardbound then!” 

Trying to pick a fight with Sweetheart? Even getting into a regular Ontoky University is a stretch for her,” 

Doesn’t Greenmeadow Academy focus on international studies? Barely anyone there takes the SATs, right?” 

The online world was a battlefield, and Merry was in the thick of it, her heart aching as she read the brainless attacks 

She was about to share the posts in the Flame Uniongroup, rallying her online allies to join her crusade, when her phone 


Distracted by the recent chat in Flame Union, she mistook the first chat window for the group and didn’t realize she had messaged the wrong place in her indignation

Merry texted, [Guys, I need backup! They’re trashing my Lia, have they forgotten our millionstrong army?

[I can take on a hundred of them, no sweat!

[Insult me all you want, but back off Lia! I want everyone in on this, or you’re dead to me!

[After I post the tweet, send me screenshots, I’ll like it, buy likes if I have to. If you can get over ten thousand likes and retweets with your own army, you’re my dad!

After sending the messages, she returned to her Twitter offensive, unaware of her mistake. The deal for Lia’s university. placement was done, but without tangible proof handy, and certainly not something to flaunt online, Merry felt helpless 

While Merry was deep into her sevenhundredth reply, another message popped up

This time, she saw clearly it was from Brandon, her crush, with a screenshot attached

Startled, Merry hurried back to the chat. Brandon had shared a screenshot from his own popular Twitter account 



Chapter 197 

Bland said, Actress Cordelia has indeed been accepted to Superiority College on a scholarship. I can vouch for that. Please keep discussions civil and refrain from commenting on matters you’re not fully informed about.” 

The tweet was barely two minutes old and already had thousands of retweets

As Merry was processing this, Brandon messaged again, [Now, call me dad.

Merry froze, then rapidly scrolled through the messages she had mistakenly sent him

Brandon had first asked, [Are you in class?

Then came her barrage of messages…. 

Merry’s heart sank. Her phone dropped from her grasp as she buried her face in her textbook, a wave of mortification washing 

over her

Her carefully constructed image of composure and grace had crumbled. 

And then, Brandon sent another message, [Never mind, I don’t want to be your dad.

On impulse, Merry typed back, [Then what do you want to be to me?

She hit send before the gravity of her words hit her, and she scrambled to retract them, but it was too late. Brandon had seen it, and now he sent a voice message. Normally, she would have waited to listen, but this was from her idol…. 

She quickly scanned the room, plugged in her earbuds, and pressed play. Brandon’s deep, resonant voice tickled her eardrums, Well, how about you call me oppainstead?” 

OppaShe felt like she’d died and gone to heaven. The sweetness was overwhelming

So there was Cordelia, witnessing the sight of Little Parrot who, in the first half of class, had been all fired up, battling it out like some kind of superhero for hundreds of rounds. But in the latter half, she was grinning like a goofball

The English teacher caught her not paying attention and told her to stand at the back of the room to listen. To everyone’s surprise, she stood up with a smile… 

When the class was over, Merry returned to her desk

That’s when she noticed that Bland’s latest tweet was also receiving some skeptical comments

Bland already vouched for her last time, and now he’s doing it again? Why do I smell a scandal brewing?” 

Cordelia has a boyfriend, and he’s quite the looker

the season 

Is it just me, or is this hilarious? Guaranteed admission to Superiority College? As far as I’m aware, it’s not even th for that yet. Aren’t they afraid their bluff will be called?” 

Meanwhile, in Sweetheart’s gaming livestream…. 

She was playing games and looking at the chat, which was filled with compliments for her and digs at Cordelia. She was having a blast

But then, she saw a message scroll by saying that Bland had posted something to clear Learner’s name

Sweetheart checked it out and laughed. She knew the drill, having been through the SATS herself, Guaranteed admission? Maybe at other schools, but Superiority College? The timing is quite sensitive, you knowall the competitions haven’t even started yet. But I did notice that this year, Superiority College has only guaranteed admission to one student. You guys can do a bit of digging. It was all over the trending topics not too long ago” 

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

Love or Die CEO’s Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

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When Cordelia first laid eyes on this dangerous, enigmatic man, she was strangely drawn to him- a compulsion given her 'love or die' curse. Assertive, she declared, "I'm rich and can hold my own. Be my boyfriend, and I'll have your back." It wasn't long before everyone knew that Cordelia, the academic genius, was supporting a handsome loafing man. Her protectiveness over him was something of a legend. A day came when she shielded him from a group of apparent street thug, coolly declaring,"My boyfriend's shy, you got beef, bring it on to me."

Love or Die CEO's Daily Dose of Swoon (Cordelia and Sanderson)

The thugs shivered, gazing at the protected man, a reputed figure feared in some circles. Who would've thought he enjoyed this kind of role-play with his girlfriend?


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