Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 1

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Let’s Get A Divorce

“Let’s get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine,” Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife.

Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness.

She thought, ‘It’s been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?’

It was Aurora who had pursued Roland before, bringing 20 million dollars into the Duncan family, hoping to live in happiness. But she soon realized that Roland was a playboy and heartbreaker, never settling down even after marriage.

Out of gratitude, Aurora turned a blind eye to his affairs, devoting herself tirelessly to the development of the Duncan Group.

But this ultrasound image made it impossible for her to bear any longer.

Suppressing her sadness, Aurora calmly said to Roland, “I’ve checked, and Ms. Gray is a regular at bars and nightclubs. Are you so sure the baby is yours and not someone else’s? Are you sure you want to raise someone else’s kid?”

After saying this, she glanced at Roland secretly, glancing over to his lower half.

She thought, ‘Wasn’t Roland injured while saving me, leaving him unable to erect? That’s why we never had sex in our three years of marriage. Roland can’t be so foolish to raise someone else’s child. Could it actually be his?’

This thought shocked Aurora.

Roland, sensing her shock, smugly thought she didn’t want to divorce.

“You can never turn me on, and it’s your fault. Don’t blame me. I can always get an erection with other women!” he said.

“Stop sowing discord and just sign the papers and leave!”

Hearing this, Aurora considered her guess was right. She grabbed Roland’s wrist and asked urgently, “Where were you the day before Valentine’s Day when I was eighteen?”

Aurora had always been gentle. Roland didn’t expect her to be so anxious suddenly and was taken aback by her strange question.

Disgusted, he shook off her hand, boasting, “Where do you think I was? Of course I was making love!”

Aurora’s heart sank.

She thought, ‘Did I mistake the person who saved me?’

The man who saved her had injured his private parts, so she naturally thought he surely became impotent.

That was why she had stooped to marry Roland with 20 million dollars.

She thought, ‘So, my years of dedicated marriage and efforts for the Duncan family… Was it all in vain? If it weren’t for that life-saving favor, I wouldn’t… Well, if that’s the case, there’s no need for me to compromise anymore.’

In a moment, Aurora’s eyes filled with anger, and her previously gentle demeanor vanished.

She casually picked up the pregnancy report, her eyes narrowed, exuding a commanding presence.

She said, “Roland, you think too highly of yourself. If not to repay a favor, why would I settle for this marriage?

“You cheat, and I have emotional cleanliness. Since we can’t go on, let’s divorce!

“But, I’ve wasted my three years on you. How do you plan to compensate me? Well, it doesn’t matter. We’re divorcing anyway. With your marital infidelity, I make sure you won’t get a penny and will leave with nothing!”

The next second, the study door was kicked open, and a middle-aged woman with gray hair, cursing, stormed in. “You good-for-nothing! What did you say? Leave with nothing?”

It was Ruby Duncan, Roland’s mother, whom Aurora had taken care of for three years.

Ruby was always stingy and unreasonable, treating Aurora with little respect. Moreover, she believed Aurora should be meek and submissive around Roland.

So, when Ruby heard Aurora yelling at Roland, she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Normally, Aurora would have quickly apologized, offered money, or gone shopping with her. But things were different now. She felt she had to settle an account for every bit of bullying she received from the Duncan family over the years.

With a smile, Aurora said, “Ruby, you’re not that old, are you? Can’t you hear clearly what I said? Oh, it’s my fault. I should have taken you for a check-up earlier.

She continued, “Listen, your dear son has been cheating on me and even got his lover pregnant, and now he wants a divorce. I was discussing how to make him leave with nothing…”

“Pregnant? When is the baby due?”

Ruby’s eyes lit up when she heard Roland had a child with someone else.

In her mind, Aurora was just a loser who could never get pregnant. Aurora could never control the Duncan family or drive her and Roland away.

Hearing Ruby’s words, Aurora felt even more grieved.

In Ruby’s eyes, an illegitimate child made her three years of hard work meaningless.

Moreover, Roland was excitedly telling Ruby about Jessica Gray, his mistress, who was two months pregnant.

Ruby, only considering the child as her precious grandchild, not caring who its mother was, scolded Roland, “How can you be so thoughtless? Jessica is carrying your child. How can she live alone? Bring her home now. I’ll take care of her! As for Aurora, aren’t you asking for a divorce? Better do it quickly. Sign the papers and drive her away, so I won’t be angry seeing her.”

Aurora thought, ‘Now that Ruby has a grandson, she wants to kick me out so they can all live here? Dream on!’

Aurora snorted coldly, “Fine, but it’s you who should leave, not me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? This house belongs to the Duncan family. You must leave now!” Ruby glared at Aurora, looking fierce.

“No can do. This house is actually mine,” Aurora sneered. “The Duncan Group’s initial 20 million dollar investment was mine. Every business deal over the years was handled by me, and even the company’s current scale is thanks to my hard work. It has nothing to do with your useless son. So, not just the house, even the entire the Duncan Group belongs to me.”

“Nonsense! You’re just greedy, eyeing the Duncan family’s money!”

Ruby just couldn’t stop mentioning the Duncan family. She had planning to kick Aurora out before they got divorced.

Aurora said, “Your family really disgusts me!”

Aurora packed up her computer and files from the desk. “If you have anything else to say, talk to my lawyer.”

She walked downstairs without looking back but froze when she opened the door, thinking, ‘Edward? Why is he here?’

The Hastings family was incredibly wealthy, unlike the Duncan family. Nobody knew how Roland managed to have Edward Hastings, the current CEO of the Hastings Group, as his godfather.

Edward was only a year older than Roland, so addressing Edward respectfully as Roland’s godfather was something Aurora couldn’t bring herself to do.

She thought, ‘It’s embarrassing to have Edward see us discussing the divorce.’

Aurora said, “Roland… Roland is upstairs…”

As Aurora stepped aside for Edward, Roland and Ruby caught up with her.

“Make it clear! Did you hire a lawyer? Do you think you can sue us? You won’t get a penny…” Roland said. As soon as he came downstairs, he immediately saw Edward’s stern gaze. He was so shocked and quickly changed his tone. “Mr. Hastings, what brings you here?”

“What lawyer?” Edward originally didn’t want to get involved in this matter, but when he saw Aurora’s look of distress, he couldn’t help but speak up.

Aurora replied irritably, “Mr. Duncan’s mistress is pregnant and wants to marry him. Now they’re eager to drive me away. Here’s the deal. When you agree to give me half of the Duncan Group’s shares, call me back to sign the divorce papers.”

As she left, Aurora heard Edward say, “Aurora’s terms are quite reasonable. The Duncan family won’t incur any financial losses.”

Aurora wondered, ‘What does that mean? Why didn’t he help the Duncan family but speak up for me?’

Aurora glanced back and drove away.

On the way, she scrolled through her phone and dialed a number she hadn’t contacted in three years.

She said, “Cynthia, I’m returning to the Hansen family.”

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

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Read Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward) is an amazing novel about Edward and Aurora. 

Aurora, strong-willed and confident, got rocked by a love triangle that ended her marriage. She went back to her family's business and asked Edward for help. Things took a wild turn when she accidentally drank something that spiked their night together. Edward, smart and devoted, didn't plan for that night with Aurora. However, he discovered a familiar mark on her, and agreed to her suggestion to get married driven by curiosity. When Aurora's ex heard about their wedding, he tried to stir up trouble online and attack her reputation. But Edward always shielded her. Everyone could see Edward was head over heels for Aurora. Life threw curveballs at them, but the big question was, could they make their love last?

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook

"Let's get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine," Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife. Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness. She thought, 'It's been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?'

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook


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