Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 2

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Let’s Go Home

Aurora’s cold but beautiful face was filled with determination.

She hadn’t called this number for three years just to stay with Roland to repay a favor.

But it had all been for nothing.

“Ms… Ms. Hansen? Is that you?” Cynthia asked.

Cynthia Lawrence was Aurora’s assistant. Cynthia’s voice was trembling with excitement.

It’s been three years since Cynthia heard Aurora’s voice. She was too shocked to speak properly.

Back then, the entire Hansen family believed their enemies secretly took Aurora away, and as her assistant, Cynthia could hardly absolve herself from the blame. She’d been searching for Aurora, even not daring to change her phone number. Now, she was so surprised that Aurora finally contacted her!

“Ms. Hansen, where have you been these three years? The Hansen family has been trying every way to find you, I…”

Aurora didn’t want to dwell on these past three years, as Roland’s betrayal was a painful reminder of her futile efforts and how laughable her sacrifices had been.

Aurora said, “It doesn’t matter now! Cynthia, I need you to do something for me.”

“Okay, I’ll do anything for you! Just don’t leave again…” Cynthia cried loudly with excitement like a child.

Aurora felt a lump in her throat but controlled her emotions.

Holding back tears, Aurora instructed in a lowered voice, “Find the best lawyer in Venterra and draft a divorce agreement for me with the terms…”

Cynthia was shocked, thinking, ‘A divorce agreement? Has Ms. Hansen been married for these three years?’

Aurora closed her eyes and told the driver to start the car. Then she reminded Cynthia, “Don’t ask anything. I’ll explain everything when I get back.”

Then Aurora hung up as the car sped off.

The driver glanced at her several times in the rearview mirror, thinking, ‘Isn’t Cynthia the vice president of the Hansen Group in Venterra?’

Later, at the Duncan Group, a man in a suit was waiting downstairs with the divorce agreement Aurora requested.

He said, “Ms. Lawrence asked me to escort you.”

“No need,” Aurora said, took the document bag, and strode towards the CEO’s office.

Inside, the atmosphere was steamy.

Jessica, half-dressed, was seductively sitting on Roland’s lap and rubbing against his crotch.

Jessica asked, “Roland, when are you getting a divorce? I can’t wait any longer!”

Jessica was Roland’s mistress. Innocent makeup even enhanced her coquettish glance while her voice was affectedly sweet. A complete phoney.

With a bang, the door to the CEO’s office burst open just as Roland just touched Jessica’s leg.

Aurora saw clearly what they were doing.

Her heart ached uncontrollably, but she feigned composure, slamming the document bag on the table.

Aurora ordered, “Sign it.”

Jessica saw the fleeting look of distress on Aurora’s face. She didn’t feel ashamed. Instead, she hugged Roland tighter, with arms around his neck. Jessica asked, “Roland, is this the woman who can’t have your children?”

Jessica teased, covering her mouth with laughter, “I thought she was special. But here she is, ordinary and unattractive. No wonder she had to pay you so much money marrying you!”

Roland enjoyed seeing Aurora’s displeasure.

But when he saw the terms of the divorce agreement and Aurora’s signature, he couldn’t stay arrogant anymore.

Pushing Jessica away, he stood up and stared at Aurora. “Are you sure you want to divorce me?”

Jessica sensed something was wrong and glared fiercely at Aurora with gritted teeth.

Jessica didn’t want anything to disrupt her plans to marry Roland.

Aurora looked coldly at Jessica, who was clinging to Roland. Suppressing her disgust, she responded indifferently, “Cut the crap. Sign it.”

Roland frowned. In his memory, Aurora couldn’t live without him. Even if he was unfaithful, she never complained.

Roland thought to himself, ‘Did I really cross her line this time?’

His mood was inexplicably gloomy, especially when he saw the line in the divorce agreement: [Aurora shall leave with nothing, leaving all property to Roland.]

Roland thought, ‘What does Aurora mean by this? She’d rather leave with nothing just to divorce me?’

Jessica said, “Roland, my stomach hurts! Can you hurry up? Just sign it.”

Seeing Roland hesitate, Jessica pretended to be in pain, holding her stomach. Although her act was obviously fake, Roland, the silly man, couldn’t tell it.

Aurora watched them. When she noticed Jessica’s secretly smug face, she suddenly clenched her fists.

Aurora wanted to see how far Roland would go for Jessica, who was carrying another man’s child.

The main and only reason Aurora had married Roland was to repay a favor.

She could now use Roland’s impotence to humiliate him, but she still couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Aurora just said, “Sign it, and the money is yours. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other.”

Roland felt torn and increasingly anxious.

Seeing Aurora’s resolute expression, he made his decision and quickly signed the paper.

Roland said, “You’ll regret this!”

He scoffed coldly. Their three-year marriage ended with that paper.

Jessica continued to act coquettishly towards Roland, her voice grating to Aurora.

Roland, suppressing his anger, was even more gentle to Jessica. “Alright, I know. I’ll take you to the hospital for a prenatal checkup soon. You’re pregnant, and of course, I’ll take good care of you…”

Aurora, listening to their conversation, felt heartbroken, her heart aching.

She even forgot how she left the Duncan Group.

A limited edition Rolls-Royce was parked at the company’s entrance. A middle-aged man in a tailcoat and vintage glasses saw her staggering out, immediately got out of the car, and rushed to her.

He said, “Ms. Hansen, let’s go home.”

The man was the old butler of the Hansen family, Tom Deleon. He respectfully opened the car door for Aurora.

Aurora’s eyes brimmed with tears.

After three years, she finally met Tom, who had cared for her like his own daughter since she was little. Aurora relented at last.

She said, “Tom, I’m sorry…”

Seeing Tom’s gray hair, she knew she could never repay his kindness.

Before Tom arrived, Cynthia had told him a lot. With tears in his eyes, he just gently patted Aurora’s shoulder. “Just get in the car, Ms. Hansen. You don’t need to say anything. I understand. For three years, your grandpa, your three brothers, and I have been waiting for you to come back, without any complaint.”

Aurora pressed her lips, smiled faintly, and said no more. Once she got into the car, she quickly wiped her tears away.

She thought, ‘I can’t let my family see me in this distressed and upset state. Especially not Dad and Mom! As for that scumbag and his mistress, I won’t let either of them off! I swear to settle this score with them!’

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 2, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward) is an amazing novel about Edward and Aurora. 

Aurora, strong-willed and confident, got rocked by a love triangle that ended her marriage. She went back to her family's business and asked Edward for help. Things took a wild turn when she accidentally drank something that spiked their night together. Edward, smart and devoted, didn't plan for that night with Aurora. However, he discovered a familiar mark on her, and agreed to her suggestion to get married driven by curiosity. When Aurora's ex heard about their wedding, he tried to stir up trouble online and attack her reputation. But Edward always shielded her. Everyone could see Edward was head over heels for Aurora. Life threw curveballs at them, but the big question was, could they make their love last?

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook

"Let's get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine," Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife. Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness. She thought, 'It's been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?'

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook


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