Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 6

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Distorting The Truth

Edward, seated on the sofa, lifted his coffee cup for a sip and then slowly spoke up. “Tell me. How do you want me to help you?”

Roland’s eyes sparked with anticipation.

He had long devised a plan to deal with Aurora.

“Mr. Hastings,” Roland began, his tone calculated, “since she took the project, she must be planning to utilize it for herself. Could you uncover the company involved and perhaps, discreetly interfere with it? She needs a lesson, that traitorous wretch!”

Roland imagined a dramatic scene in his mind.

In his imagination, Aurora faced a severe reprimand from the partners, ultimately losing her reputation and having to come begging him.

He certainly wouldn’t be lenient. He thought Aurora deserved a harsh lesson!

His smile grew more sinister as he contemplated the scenario.

Adding fuel to his thoughts, he declared, “And she has to pay me a hefty sum!”

Edward looked at Roland with a smirk full of disdain.

He believed Aurora had the poor taste to have chosen Roland.

Edward scolded, “So low and cheap!”

His voice, not loud but commanding, filled the room.

Roland, oblivious, continued, “You’re right, Mr. Hastings! Aurora hooked up with another man right after our divorce, using him. She’s totally a slut!”

Edward chuckled, “I was talking about you! Thanks to Aurora, the Duncan family has its current status.

“You are the one using her to benefit your company. It’s hilarious that you have the audacity to come to me with these stories after divorcing her. Shame on you!”

Expressing his disapproval, Edward continued, “You expect me to get involved in this messy family affair?”

While acknowledging the truth, Edward’s blunt exposure left Roland embarrassed.

He wondered, ‘Why is Edward always siding with Aurora? Aren’t I closer to him?’

Unable to argue, Roland attempted to defend himself.

Roland said, “It’s my fault we divorced, but she shouldn’t have taken the project! She should have left amicably instead of stabbing me in the back! It’s betrayal!”

Edward was astounded by Roland’s skill in distorting the truth.

He knew that Aurora left without taking a penny.

Edward felt increased disdain for Roland, who continued to slander Aurora even after she had compromised so much.

The Duncan family, never satisfied, took everything from Aurora, leaving her with nothing.

Edward couldn’t decide whether to blame Aurora or condemn the Duncan family’s avarice.

Uninterested in prolonging the conversation, he leisurely sipped his coffee.

Observing Edward’s disinterest, Roland suppressed his dissatisfaction and attempted to ingratiate himself further.

“Please help me, Mr. Hastings. The company is in chaos over this project. I’m truly at a loss.”

Edward thought, ‘Without Aurora, the Duncan family’s future looks bleak indeed.’

Edward said, “Do what you want. I won’t intervene.”

Roland thought, ‘Won’t? But I need you to intervene!’

Roland cursed inwardly, realizing he wouldn’t get any help today.

He exchanged a few more pleasantries and left dejectedly.

Edward watched him go, his eyes reflecting a mix of emotions.

He then walked to his study, picked up his phone, and called his assistant.

Edward said, “Check on Aurora’s recent activities.”

After the call, Edward returned to his work, intrigued by Aurora.

Edward thought Aurora was entirely unexpected and interesting.

Soon, his assistant called.

“Ms. Hansen has indeed been quite active recently. She’s taken over a company on the verge of bankruptcy as well as a project affiliated with the Duncan Group. It appears that she is gearing up to integrate this particular project into her own company.”

Edward asked, “She just took it? What did the partners say?”

“Ms. Hansen has indeed been quite active recently. She’s taken over a company on the verge of bankruptcy as well as a project affiliated with the Duncan Group. It appears that she is gearing up to integrate this particular project into her own company.”

Edward smiled, thinking, ‘So that’s how it is. People know to choose the more substantial company.

‘It seems Aurora does have some skills, or else the partners wouldn’t value her that much.’

Edward inquired, “Do you know the name of her new company?”

“Mr. Hastings, the company’s details have been sent to your email. It’s not a new company, though. Currently it is in financial distress. It’s unclear if Ms. Hansen can turn it around.”

Edward pondered, ‘She must have taken only one project due to limited funds.

‘It’s a stroke of luck for the Duncan family. If Aurora had more funds, more projects might have been taken.

‘Back then, the Duncan Group was in complete chaos.’

Edward’s interest in Aurora intensified. He was eager to see how she would tackle the current crisis.

Given her abilities, the Duncan Group’s future seemed challenging.

A sudden recollection struck Edward. When Aurora joined the Duncan family, they teetered on the brink of bankruptcy.

It was her individual effort and financial backing that saved the Duncan Group, elevating it to its current stature.

Faced with a similar situation now, Aurora was likely to handle it with ease.

Nonetheless, he remained curious about how she would navigate her current dilemma without any resources.

“Keep an eye on Aurora’s actions and report back to me regularly,” Edward instructed his assistant.

“Sure thing, Mr. Hastings.”

The assistant, though puzzled by Edward’s keen interest in Aurora, followed his orders.

After assigning additional work tasks, Edward hung up the phone.

Edward stared at his computer screen, but his thoughts were consumed by images of Aurora’s tenacious defiance, bringing a smile to his face.

He mused, ‘Indeed, intriguing women are the most captivating.’

Meanwhile, oblivious to being observed, Aurora contemplated how to approach Edward.

They had met before, but their interactions had been minimal.

She recalled their brief encounters in Duncan Villa, where she had paid him little attention, knowing only that he was Roland’s godfather.

Mocking Roland’s lack of pride, Aurora couldn’t believe Roland would stoop so low as to fawn on Edward so much.

The thought alone embarrassed her, but Roland seemed to have no qualms about it.

She thought Roland lacked any sense of shame when it came to flattering others.

Now, after her divorce, she felt a sense of awakening.

She realized she had been naive in extending kindness to ungrateful individuals.

But now, at least, she had cut ties with them.

She was determined to settle scores with Roland for what she had suffered for these three years.

She wanted Roland to know that he didn’t deserve her!

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 2, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward) is an amazing novel about Edward and Aurora. 

Aurora, strong-willed and confident, got rocked by a love triangle that ended her marriage. She went back to her family's business and asked Edward for help. Things took a wild turn when she accidentally drank something that spiked their night together. Edward, smart and devoted, didn't plan for that night with Aurora. However, he discovered a familiar mark on her, and agreed to her suggestion to get married driven by curiosity. When Aurora's ex heard about their wedding, he tried to stir up trouble online and attack her reputation. But Edward always shielded her. Everyone could see Edward was head over heels for Aurora. Life threw curveballs at them, but the big question was, could they make their love last?

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook

"Let's get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine," Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife. Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness. She thought, 'It's been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?'

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook


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