Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 7

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Achieving Her Goal

At that moment, Aurora was in her new company’s office.

Gazing at the financial reports spread across her desk, highlighted in ominous red, a deep sigh of frustration escaped her.

The financial state of the company appeared even more dire than when she first took over the Duncan Group.

To effect a turnaround, effectively managing the recently acquired projects was imperative.

Clearly, securing funding was the top priority.

She frowned slightly, thinking, ‘I need to meet Edward soon and ask for his help. Resurrecting this company without the backing of the Hansen family seems nearly impossible.’

In the midst of her worry, Scott entered the room, bearing news.

“Rara, I’ve got something for you!”

Aurora’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. “Have you discovered anything about Edward?”

“I had to pull some strings to get this information. How do you plan on thanking me?” Scott teased.

Aurora tossed a tissue from her desk at him. “Just spill it. Don’t keep me in suspense!”

“A buddy of mine frequents a bar and spotted Edward there. After some investigation, I learned that he visits the bar every two weeks. Today is his day.”

“Which bar?” Aurora asked eagerly.

Scott waved his phone. “Nereida Bar. I’ve sent the address to you.”

“Do you want me to accompany you tonight?” Scott offered.

Aurora refused immediately, “No, I’ll go alone.”

She mused, ‘A bar? An ideal setting to approach someone. It’s all about the ambiance. If I set the mood right, I’m halfway there.’

‘It seems like fate is on my side.’

Tonight’s mission held crucial significance for Aurora, and she was determined to succeed.

Seeing Aurora’s unprecedented seriousness, Scott was slightly surprised.

Scott asked, “Rara, if you need help with anything, just tell me.”

She gave him a sly look, smiling.

“Actually, I could use your help now. Take me to your styling studio.”

She already had a plan in mind.

Believing that men were attracted to beautiful women, she was confident that if she could catch Edward’s attention, she would have her foot in the door.

In her mind, meticulous preparation and genuine sincerity would undoubtedly attract him.

Upon arriving at the stylist’s studio, Aurora stood before arrays of clothes, a slight frown on her face.

“Scott, you claim your store is the best with this kind of stuff?” she questioned.

Scott rolled his eyes, sighing, “It’s not my fault! Your standards are too high. Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll fetch some special items from the back.”

A satisfied nod from Aurora accompanied her cunning smile.

“Something sexier, please. With a sexy figure, I can’t settle for ordinary clothes!”

Scott’s eyes widened, and he slapped his forehead.

“So, you’re playing the beauty card!”

Laughing, he began selecting clothes for Aurora.

When the stylist was done, Aurora, looking at her reflection in the mirror, nodded in satisfaction.

As the night deepened, Edward, dressed in a crisp suit, entered the bar, immediately capturing the attention of women.

He surveyed the room, not spotting Aurora, and headed to a corner, ordering a whiskey.

Despite the formal attire, he seemed perfectly at ease, unaffected by the noise around him, exuding a natural charm.

Edward, handsome and charismatic, dressed with taste and sporting an elegant wristwatch.

He was the Prince Charming in many women’s eyes.

Several bold women couldn’t resist the urge to approach him.

Soon, a sultry woman approached him with a drink.

She cooed, “Handsome, are you alone? Would you like a drink?”

Her hand extended, aiming for his shoulder.

Edward’s face darkened, subtly evading her touch, and he replied coldly, “Get lost!”

Disbelief clouded her face, thinking she must have misheard.

Undeterred, she spoke softly once more, “Handsome…”

Edward’s demeanor turned sharply intimidating.

He said, “I said get lost, didn’t you hear?”

His tone was icy, his gaze piercing.

Terrified by his look, the woman hastily retreated.

Yet others still attempted to flirt with him.

Within half an hour, Edward had rebuffed five or six women.

Soon, no one dared approach him, and they all watched from a distance.

When Aurora walked into the bar, she didn’t sense anything unusual and looked around for Edward.

Adorned in a striking red strapless gown with a high slit, she showcased her figure flawlessly.

Already stunning and charismatic, her attire made her the focal point upon arrival.

After ordering a drink at the bar, she confidently navigated the room in her high heels, making her way towards Edward.

Murmurs spread through the crowd.

“Another one trying her luck, such a pity for such a beauty.”

“Just another superficial woman.

“How many women have approached him before her?”

“If I’m not mistaken, six.”

“Look! It’s starting!”

They commented, anticipating the drama.

Upon reaching Edward, Aurora exuded poise and sincerity as she asked, “Would you like a drink?”

Edward looked up at her clear eyes, showing recognition.

She really came,’ he thought.

His gaze roamed over Aurora. He noticed how different she looked today.

From the moment Aurora walked in, Edward had noticed her.

Edward found her intriguing, displaying various facets of herself unlike other women.

As he was about to look away, something on her shoulder caught his eye.

‘Her tattoo…’ he thought, ‘Maybe it’s just a coincidence. After all, many share similar tastes.’

He squinted, trying to see more clearly.

He thought, ‘The same spot, the same design…’

Lost in thought, Edward was brought back by Aurora’s polite smile.

She said, “If you don’t speak, I’ll take that as a yes.”

Now intrigued, Edward looked at her and uttered, “Sit.”

Under the astonished gaze of the onlookers, Aurora sat across from Edward.

“Could they be friends?”

“That can’t be. Why didn’t him refuse her?”

“I have to admit looks really do matter.”

“She dressed like that. Any man would be tempted.”

The crowd murmured discreetly, careful not to let their comments reach Edward’s ears.

Meanwhile, Aurora and Edward locked eyes, the atmosphere between them growing somewhat ambiguous…

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 2, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward) is an amazing novel about Edward and Aurora. 

Aurora, strong-willed and confident, got rocked by a love triangle that ended her marriage. She went back to her family's business and asked Edward for help. Things took a wild turn when she accidentally drank something that spiked their night together. Edward, smart and devoted, didn't plan for that night with Aurora. However, he discovered a familiar mark on her, and agreed to her suggestion to get married driven by curiosity. When Aurora's ex heard about their wedding, he tried to stir up trouble online and attack her reputation. But Edward always shielded her. Everyone could see Edward was head over heels for Aurora. Life threw curveballs at them, but the big question was, could they make their love last?

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook

"Let's get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine," Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife. Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness. She thought, 'It's been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?'

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook


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