Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 8

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Who Could It Be?

Aurora took the initiative, delicately lifting her glass and taking a sip before turning to regard Edward with a probing gaze.

In response to her unspoken question, Edward asked, “Is there something you wanted to discuss?”

His raised eyebrow hinted at his curiosity about Aurora’s motives.

Unfazed by his slightly cold demeanor, Aurora thought, ‘I’ve handled tough projects before. How hard can handling a man be?’

She answered. “Yes.”

Edward toyed with his glass with a faint smile. “You must have put in quite an effort to find this place.”

Aurora did not attempt to hide her intentions.

“Of course, I wanted to show you my capabilities, Mr. Hastings.”

Edward thought to himself, ‘Capabilities? If I didn’t want her to find me, her capabilities alone wouldn’t have led her to me.’

However, he appreciated Aurora’s frankness.

“Weren’t we supposed to have a drink?”

He suddenly changed the subject, leaving Aurora a bit confused.

She asked, “So, Mr. Hastings, are you interested in my proposal?”

“I’m more interested in you than your proposal,” he replied.

Then, Edward instructed the waiter to bring more drinks.

Soon, two bottles of whiskey graced the table, making Aurora feel queasy and uneasy.

She looked at Edward, puzzled.

She asked, “Mr. Hastings, what is this about?”

“Drink up, enjoy yourself, and maybe I’ll agree,” he said, his smile not entirely friendly.

She was taken aback.

Things weren’t unfolding as she had anticipated.

Aurora had assumed her persuasive skills would lead Edward to see the benefits and agree to invest.

However, the presence of two full bottles of whiskey surpassed her expectations.

She wasn’t sure if Edward was challenging her or testing her.

But she felt that since she was already there, she had no choice but to go through with it.

Attempting to appear at ease, she responded, “Mr. Hastings, I appreciate your sincerity. Let’s have a drink. Don’t worry. No matter how many bottles you open, I’ll finish them and ensure you leave satisfied.”

After making this declaration, Aurora filled her glass, clenched her teeth, and downed it in one go.

Wiping the remaining drops from her lips, she looked up to find Edward leisurely sipping his drink.

Ready to refill her glass, she was interrupted by Edward.

He advised, “Take it slow, Ms. Hansen. I don’t want you getting too drunk. Savor the drink. Haste makes waste.”

Aurora smiled, “Mr. Hastings, you are so successful, and I’m not a nobody. You’ve probably heard of me. I wouldn’t say I like to drag things out. Time would change many things.

“I’ve come with sincerity, and now that you’ve granted me an opportunity, I plan to make the most of it.”

Edward appreciated Aurora’s candor and straightforwardness.

However, he pondered whether her directness might pose a disadvantage.

“Don’t worry. We only have these for tonight,” Edward said, glancing at the two bottles on the table, his meaning clear.

Aurora was stunned, thinking, ‘Is this going too smoothly?

‘We haven’t even discussed the specifics of the cooperation, and he’s already agreed?

‘Isn’t he afraid I’ll ask for too much? Or does he believe I won’t make unreasonable demands?’

Seeing her silent, Edward raised an eyebrow.

“What’s the matter? Does this condition trouble you?”

Aurora snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head slightly. “I’m just curious. Are you always this gentle with women, Mr. Hastings?”

For some reason, Edward wanted to tease her.

“Gentle? It depends,” he replied.

Aurora thought, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that. Edward seems indifferent to women, but he was so flirtatious to me.’

She said with a smile, “Mr. Hastings, you have a unique way of giving compliments.”

As they concluded their banter, they also finished a bottle of whisky.

Aurora glanced at the empty wine bottle and let out a sigh of relief.

She knew it was still within her limits.

One more drink, and she probably would have been entirely out of it.

Just as she contemplated this, an abrupt and overwhelming desire surged through her, leaving her parched. She wondered if she had drunk too much.

Soon, an unusual sensation enveloped her body, akin to a million ants crawling within, causing an unbearable itch.

Aurora knew she wasn’t at home, and especially in front of Edward, she had to maintain her composure and gritted her teeth, enduring the discomfort.

As she looked up at Edward, she noticed a similar desire in his eyes.

Edward, feeling a subtle change in his body, turned grim.

Meeting Aurora’s gaze, a realization dawned on him.

He said, “The wine’s been tampered with.”

“It wasn’t me!”

Aurora explained quickly.

Their words hung in the air, creating a tense atmosphere.

Edward narrowed his eyes at Aurora, reflecting, ‘She wouldn’t dare to drug me so boldly if she were underhanded. But who could have tampered with the wine?’

Aurora harbored doubts. Edward was reputed for not indulging in women, yet she believed he had ordered the wine. If he hadn’t drugged her wine, then who could it be?

Affected more profoundly due to the quantity she consumed, Aurora felt a more intense reaction.

But she understood restraint was imperative.

She bit her lip hard, making a conscious effort not to emit any seductive sounds.

Unbeknownst to her, her enticing gaze and charming appearance were already stirring Edward’s desire.

With a stern face, Edward struggled to suppress his agitation, wanting to leave immediately.

When he looked up, he saw Aurora, seemingly in a delirious state, awkwardly touching herself.

Clenching his teeth, he called out urgently, “Aurora! Aurora!”

However, she was lost in the drug’s effects and didn’t respond.

Edward decisively took her and left the bar.

The moment he touched her, he felt a sense of relief.

As if finding solace, Aurora clung to him desperately.

Knowing it was too late to go to a hospital, Edward believed there was only one option left.

Then he headed straight for a hotel with Aurora.

He said, “I’m taking you to a hotel. Hang in there!”

On the way, he struggled to restrain her wandering hands, but he couldn’t stop her from continuously kissing his neck.

He commanded, “Stop it.”

Edward, enduring his discomfort, coaxed Aurora in a hoarse voice.

Aurora, in a daze, whispered repeatedly, “Help me… I’m burning…”

“Hang on. We’re almost there…”

They reached a hotel owned by the Hastings Group, making their way directly to the top floor.

Within minutes, in the bathroom, Aurora, overcome with desire, was unwilling to let go of Edward. Then she accidentally slipped, pulling him into the bathtub alongside her.

The water seemed to have a cooling effect, and as Aurora grappled with her wet clothes, she writhed in the tub.

Edward pinned her down, his eyes filled with desire.

Her movements caused his breath to quicken, and the situation escalated when her seductive moans echoed in his ears.

Aurora, feeling like she was burning up, couldn’t stay still.

She kept moving, accidentally touching Edward’s lips.

Succumbing to the heat of the moment, she leaned in to kiss him, gently sucking on his lips.

Edward finally relinquished restraint, taking dominant control as their lovemaking intensified.

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

Lucky Me I’m Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward)

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Read Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook (Aurora and Edward) is an amazing novel about Edward and Aurora. 

Aurora, strong-willed and confident, got rocked by a love triangle that ended her marriage. She went back to her family's business and asked Edward for help. Things took a wild turn when she accidentally drank something that spiked their night together. Edward, smart and devoted, didn't plan for that night with Aurora. However, he discovered a familiar mark on her, and agreed to her suggestion to get married driven by curiosity. When Aurora's ex heard about their wedding, he tried to stir up trouble online and attack her reputation. But Edward always shielded her. Everyone could see Edward was head over heels for Aurora. Life threw curveballs at them, but the big question was, could they make their love last?

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook

"Let's get a divorce. Jessica is pregnant, and the baby is mine," Roland Duncan said as he slammed an ultrasound image in front of Aurora Duncan, his wife. Sitting at her desk, Aurora propped her head up, looking at the ultrasound image on the desk. She felt overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness. She thought, 'It's been three years since we got married. How many times has Roland done this?'

Lucky Me I'm Divorced by Modesty Brook


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