My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Chapter 23

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Chapter 23

Chapter 23 An Envious Woman

Elvis nodded viciously. “I understand.”

Cherise furrowed her brows fiercely when she heard what the doctor said.

Has Grandma been upset by anything lately

When Mary learned Cherise was marrying a disabled person, she fell seriously ill.

Not long had passed, so what had agitated her again?

She cast a doubtful gaze at Elvis

Elvis looked away hurriedly. He pushed Mary back to the hospital room with the nurse.


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Mary remained unconscious. After Cherise confirmed that Mary was alright, she led Damien to visit Mary before leaving.

Damien returned home while Cherise went to school.

At school, she felt uneasy. She felt the students around her were looking at her strangely.

-In the evening, Lucy went to Cherise after classes ended, panting with rage. “Cherry, I’m telling you. An

envious woman is really terrifying.”

At that moment, Cherise was looking at a post on the campus confession page.

The username of the person who had posted the confession was Cressida Moon.

Cressida Moon wrote a mysterious post saying she noticed a wealthy person was providing for a country girl who seemed very poor. Cressida Moon also listed proof that the girl was being provided for.

For example, being sent to and picked up from school in a luxury car.

Another example was that in the past, the girl used to hang out in the library when she didn’t have classes, but she was now nowhere to be seen.

Yet another example was that the girl had poor relatives asking for money at the school’s entrance.

And so on and so forth.

As Cherise read the post and comments of other students‘ guesses below the post, she asked, “What’s up?”

Upon seeing Cherise look at her cell phone earnestly, Lucy leaned over, and her jaw dropped.

She instantly turned off Cherise’s cell phone screen. “You’re looking at the post?” 

Cherise was confused. “What’s wrong?”

“Cressida Moon is Cressa Lycs!” 

When her classes ended yesterday evening, Cherise recalled that Cressa saw her enter Damien’s car.

Upon seeing Cherise’s blank face, Lucy poked her head in exasperation. “She’s talking about you, but you’re reading the post calmly!”


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Chapter 23 An Envious Woman

Cherise wrinkled her brows slightly. “I don’t think it’s me, right?”

“Although I’m sent to and picked up from school in a luxury car and haven’t been to the library lately, none of my relatives have come to trouble me!”

“Moreover, many students are being sent to and picked up from school in luxury cars. Many have suddenly stopped hanging around in the library as well How can others think it’s me?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. She took out her cell phone and showed Cherise photos of the school entrance. “Isn’t this your aunt?”

Cherise stared at it. The woman in the picture on Lucy’s cell phone was Eriana, who had failed to make trouble at the hospital in the morning!

“Why is she here?!”

As the best university in Mondale, poor relatives of students would often ask for money at the entrance

But Cherise never thought that Eriana, her aunt who wasn’t biologically related to her, would one day come to her school to look for her.

“Let’s leave through the back door.”

Lucy sighed upon seeing Cherise’s astonished expression. “I guessed you would be defenseless, so I deliberately came back to look for you.”

“Cressa has posted the photo in the forums. If you leave from the main entrance and your aunt catches you, the whole school will discover you’re the needy girl being provided for!”

A chill crept over Cherise’s heart.

Gossip was frightening.

Although she never felt like marrying Damien was embarrassing, she was used to her peace and being ordinary. She didn’t want to be the topic of other people’s idle conversation.

Cherise took a deep breath, and her grip on her cell phone tightened. “Let’s go through the back door.”


My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Novel Full Episode

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Novel Full Episode

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 10, 2023 Native Language: English
Read Novel My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose (Damien Lenoir and Cherise Shaw). My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose novel is a Contemporary story: “You want to be with me? Are you not afraid you could die?” Rumors about the blind man, Damien Lenoir, said he was naturally violent and killed his biological elder sister and three fiancées. Cherise Shaw married him resolutely, even if she would die. She thought she would care for him after getting married but never imagined that he would instead pamper her to no end. He said, “She’s my woman. Only I can bully her.” He said, “I’ll torture whoever dares to touch my woman.” He also said, “My woman must birth many children for me.” Cherise was furious. “Who would want to birth many children for you?!” The man showed her the video at their wedding back then. In the video, she had an earnest expression. “I’ll try my best to give you children!” She denied it with a flushed face. “This doesn’t count. You lied and told me you were blind during our wedding!” He nodded. “Get ready. We’ll have another wedding.”

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Novel Full Episode

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Summary

"Uhm… should I undress and get on the bed first or… help you undress first?" Cherise Shaw asked cautiously, standing at the bathroom door with her body wrapped in a towel. It was her wedding night. The wheelchair-bound man, who was blindfolded with black silk, would be her husband from now on. This was her first time seeing him in person, and he was more good-looking than in pictures. The man had distinct facial features, with a sharp nose and thick eyebrows. His tall and slender figure matched the image of Cherise's dream man. But alas, he was a disabled, blind man.

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose Novel Full Episode

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The best time to read a novel depends mainly on your personal preferences and your schedule. However, here are some suggestions:
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Remember that the goal is to create a calm and focused environment in which you can fully engage with the novel. Find the time that works for you and allows you to enjoy the book without distractions.

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