Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 763

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 763

hapter 763

Ethan already had a lead. He was about 70% sure that Olivia was still alive and that he could soon find out where she was right now.

His expression remained unaffected as he said, “Thanks.”

Keith met Ethan’s gaze. Ethan’s eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like he had lost a lot of weight. Keith could see that for the past few days, every single second had been torture to him.

The people who attended the funeral found it weird. Never mind someone bleeding at the funeral, the Miller family didn’t even stop Ethan, allowing him to continue kneeling.

There was a great meaning behind a man prostrating himself, and it was only reserved for the most reverent of times.

But now, Ethan was kneeling to pay respects to his wife. He was even kneeling for a long time, refusing to get up.

Time ticked by, and the sky grew dark. Unable to endure it any longer, Leia fainted.

Janice hastily went forward. “That’s enough, Ethan.”

Ethan looked at Leia. The blood on her forehead had already clotted, and she looked very weak.

For some reason, he kept recalling Olivia’s pitiful look after chemotherapy.

Leia’s current condition paled in comparison.

Ethan sneered. The other people around them were still wondering about their relationship. So, Ethan. glanced at Brent and said, “Send her to get treatment.”

Then, he continued kneeling and repenting.

He knelt for a whole day.

Leia never expected that this was how she would return to the Miller family.

She had no idea how long she had been out. But eventually, she woke up.

She had just opened her eyes when she heard an anxious voice ringing in her ears. “Are you alright? How are you feeling?”

She looked in the direction where the voice came from. It was Janice, who was wearing a black cocktail dress at the moment.


Janice had a worried look on her face. “Don’t move. The doctor said that you have a concussion, and you need to rest for now.

“You must be thirsty or hungry after sleeping for so long. What would you like to eat?”

Leia looked at the woman in front of her, seemingly a little dazed. The woman in front of her looked exactly like the face that had haunted her dreams

But the only difference was that she had never seen Janice with this expression before.

Leia parted her lips, saying in a hoarse voice, “You…”

Janice’s heart ached when she heard Leia’s voice. She hastily stood up and said, “You must be thirsty. I’ll get some water for you.”

She had never been a good mother all her life, so this was her first time doing something like this. She was both overwhelmed and nervous, so she looked a little panicky.

Before she could reach the kettle, she tripped over a chair and took a great fall.

Janice hastily scrambled up. Then, after pouring some water into a cup, she brought it to Leia. “Leia, try drinking some water.”

Leia only felt that she was dreaming.

Was this truly her mother? In the past, Janice had always looked at her with a gloomy expression and asked why she was born into this world.

Leia opened her mouth and took a sip of water. Her head still felt heavy. She had no idea if this was reality or just a dream.

When Leia finished drinking the water, Janice told Sharon to bring Leia some food.

Janice fed Leia patiently and gently. Throughout the whole process, she wasn’t annoyed at something Leia had never experienced before in her childhood.

is was

“Are you full?” Janice helped Leia wipe her mouth.

Leia nodded. “Yes. Don’t you hate me?”


Just then, someone opened the door. Ethan appeared at the entrance, clothed in black.

“Now that you’re full, we can begin.


Leia looked at Ethan, who looked like the Grim Reaper, His pale face was void of emotion, and it looked cold and stern.


Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Novel Full Episode

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: November 14, 2023 Native Language: English
The novel Even After Death (Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller) is a Billionaire, telling a story of Olivia Fordham was married to Ethan Miller for three years, but that time could not compare with the ten years he spent loving his first love, Marina Carlton. On the day that she gets diagnosed with stomach cancer, Ethan happens to be accompanying Marina to her children's health check-up. She doesn't make any kind of fuss, only leaving quietly with the divorce agreement.

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

However, this attracts an even more fervent retribution. It seems Ethan only ever married Olivia to take revenge for what happened to his little sister. While Olivia is plagued by her sickness, he holds her chin and says coldly, "This is what your family owes me." Now, she has no family and no future. Her father becomes comatose after a car accident, leaving her with nothing to live for. Thus, she hurls herself from a building. "The life my family owes will now be repaid." At this, Ethan, who's usually calm, panics while begging for Olivia to come back as if he's in a state of frenzy …


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