Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 782

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 782

Chapter 782

The first thing that appeared in Olivia’s mind after Logan said that wasn’t Snowball. It was Ethan’s face.

She was so stunned that she trembled.

Logan slowly added, “Maybe your cat has come back for you. Every meeting is meant to be. Perhaps your cat has returned to you in a different form.”

Olivia’s brows unfurrowed. That explanation made her feel better.

Everyone should have a new chance at life. Snowball was like that; she was the same.

When they arrived at the veterinarian clinic, the veterinarian performed a thorough check on the kitten. He

noticed that Olivia was very tense the whole time.

She was worried that the kitten might have a weak immune system.

It would be bad if it was infected with something like the feline panleukopenia when it was a stray.

The veterinarian took off his gloves and reassured her, “Don’t worry. The kitten is in good health.

“It’s just a little dirty. It doesn’t even have ear mites. We just need to clean it up and vaccinate it. Miss,

please wait while I take the kitten for a bath.”


Olivia waited outside the room, but her eyes were fixed on the kitten the whole time as she looked at it

through the window.

It was because she had lost Snowball before that she cherished the new kitten. Olivia had the kitten in her

arms the entire way home.

In her eyes, the kitten was Snowball.

The kitten was very close with Olivia, too. It would either play right next to her or follow her around


Even when they sleep at night, the kitten would be in her arms.

Olivia felt like a piece of her heart had been restored.

For some reason, she kept feeling like someone was looking at her at night. She didn’t know if she was

just imagining it.

She felt it again, so she quickly opened her eyes. But no one was there.

Her curtains weren’t drawn, so she could see what was going on in the yard.

It was quiet there. Upon closer inspection, she could see someone under the plum tree.

It was Logan.

But Logan wasn’t looking at her. Snowball was no longer sleeping next to her.

It had gone out to the yard.

Under the dim lights, Logan crouched on the ground and played with Snowball.

The normally quiet man had a gentle expression. He was also holding a cat teaser in his hand.

The man and the cat were having a lot of fun together.

Oliva didn’t expect such a burly man like Logan to have a soft side to him. For a split second, Logan’s

crouching position reminded Olivia of Ethan.

She quickly dispelled the unrealistic thought from her mind. That was impossible. Ethan never liked cats,

while Logan seemed to like Snowball a lot.

Olivia thought she was becoming deranged. Why did everyone look like Ethan to her?

Logan was obviously more slender than Ethan. He was also very quiet and honest, unlike the dignified

demeanor that Ethan had.

It was clear that Logan liked cats, but he didn’t dare to show it when Olivia was around in the day. So he

could only play with Snowball in the middle of the night.

No wonder Snowball had been sleepy during the day recently.

Olivia wasn’t drowsy anymore, so she got off the bed.

Snowball purred and ran toward Olivia when it noticed her.

Logan didn’t expect Olivia to wake up. He quickly stood up with an anxious expression.

“Ms. Fordham, I’m sorry. I- Did I rouse you from your sleep? Snowball came out to play, so I played with it

for a little.”

Olivia smiled. “It’s fine. I slept too much during the day. Continue playing with Snowball. It likes you a lot.”

“Maybe it just likes the cat teaser you bought.”

Logan scratched his head, looking embarrassed.

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Novel Full Episode

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: November 14, 2023 Native Language: English
The novel Even After Death (Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller) is a Billionaire, telling a story of Olivia Fordham was married to Ethan Miller for three years, but that time could not compare with the ten years he spent loving his first love, Marina Carlton. On the day that she gets diagnosed with stomach cancer, Ethan happens to be accompanying Marina to her children's health check-up. She doesn't make any kind of fuss, only leaving quietly with the divorce agreement.

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

However, this attracts an even more fervent retribution. It seems Ethan only ever married Olivia to take revenge for what happened to his little sister. While Olivia is plagued by her sickness, he holds her chin and says coldly, "This is what your family owes me." Now, she has no family and no future. Her father becomes comatose after a car accident, leaving her with nothing to live for. Thus, she hurls herself from a building. "The life my family owes will now be repaid." At this, Ethan, who's usually calm, panics while begging for Olivia to come back as if he's in a state of frenzy …


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