Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 1

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 1

Chapter 1 I’m With Her Grandson

Ever wondered what it was like dating a ball of energy?

Bridget Cole woke up groggy, her head pounding from last night’s intense encounter.

She thought, “Who would’ve guessed that such a good-looking guy could go all night like that? He had endless energy and had sex with me several times nonstop!

“Maybe he was that excited about his successful proposal last night?”

Sitting up in her hotel bed, Bridget realized Nigel Moyer was nowhere to be found.

She grabbed her phone, and dialed his number, intending to talk to him about pacing themselves, but the voice on the other end sent her heart sinking.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is not in service.”

Nigel had disappeared.

Bridget searched everywhere for him, but no one had seen him. Worried, she finally called the police.

The result was shocking. There was no record of him ever existing!

It was as if he had never left a trace. His work address, home address, even their hotel records from last night, and surveillance footage…all


It was like he’d vanished into thin air.


Bridget even had a crazy thought: was their six-month relationship all just a dream?

But then, she discovered she was pregnant.

The Cole family went ballistic, and Bridget’s grandma, Fanny Foley, disowned her and her parents, kicking them out.

In just a month, Bridget went from being Ms. Cole of the prestigious Cole family to a well-known abandoned woman, living a modest life after having the baby.


Five years flew by. At the Intercontinental Hotel.

A loud noise echoed at the entrance of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Bridget arrived on an old motorcycle and stopped at the hotel entrance, using her slim legs to prop up the bike.

Hayden Moyer, now 5 years old, hopped off the back seat nimbly. He removed his helmet and ruffled his naturally curly hair, his big, intelligent eyes filled with excitement. “Mom, are you sure Dad’s here?”


Bridget removed her helmet as well. She was dressed casually in loose clothes, her long hair tied back casually, giving her a laid-back look. Amidst the elegantly dressed crowd in the lobby, she seemed out of place.

Today was the birthday of Roslyn, who came from the Moyer family, the first great family. Her grand birthday party was held in the hotel, and all the guests were either rich or noble.

It had been years since Bridget attended a party like this since her expulsion from the Cole family.

Just an hour ago, she received an anonymous email with the latest financial news headline: “Nigel Moyer, heir of the first consortium, returns for mother’s birthday!”

The accompanying photo was taken at the airport. The man in it wore a sharp black suit, his tall, well-built figure dominating the scene. He was handsome with chiseled features and piercing eyes. This was her ex-boyfriend, the one who claimed to come from an “ordinary family”!

Today, she was here to confront him about their past.

Bridget parked the motorcycle and entered the lobby with Hayden when an unexpected sound caught her attention.

“Look! Isn’t that the Cole lady who got booted from her own family?”

Hearing the voice, Bridget turned and saw about eight girls huddled together, surrounding Yasmin Stout.

Yasmin’s eyes widened when she spotted Bridget, her smile freezing. “Bridget, what are you doing here?”

Yasmin’s voice carried surprise and hostility.

Bridget lowered her gaze and countered, “Why can’t I be here?”

Her response prompted an immediate rebuke from someone.

“Bridget, you can’t talk to Ms. Stout like that! You’re not the same Ms. Cole anymore!”

“Sure, you and Ms. Stout were once considered the two most stunning women in Nalpure, but now you can’t even compare.”

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“Exactly! Mrs. Moyer is quite fond of Ms. Stout, and she’s about to get

engaged to Mr. Moyer.”

Bridget was taken aback. “Nigel?”

“How dare you address him so casually?”

“Who do you think you are? Back then, you were involved with multiple men at once, and you had a baby without even knowing the father!”

“Can’t you afford a decent dress?”

“You have no shame, Leslie. Your family needs to work on manners.”

Leslie Cole, Bridget’s cousin, was among the affluent young ladies present. Angry and ashamed, she rushed up to Bridget and hurled insults.

“Bridget, have some self-respect! You’re an abandoned woman, kicked out by your own family. Why are you even here? Don’t tell me you’re here to extort money from us!”

Sarcasm flickered in Bridget’s eyes.

She was a victim of what happened back then. But someone twisted the facts, making her out to be a promiscuous woman whom everyone shunned.

Outsiders treated her this way, and even her relatives who knew the truth remained indifferent.

Bridget couldn’t be bothered arguing with irrelevant people, but Hayden couldn’t stand seeing his mom treated unfairly. He stood behind her and said, his voice low yet determined, “Mom, are we at a hotel or a zoo? Why’s there a barking dog here?”

Leslie was furious. “You brat! Who do you think you’re calling a dog? Come out here!”

Seeing things spiraling out of control, Yasmin intervened with a firm tone. “Enough.”

As Roslyn’s future daughter-in-law, she was responsible for today’s event, and any public spectacle would reflect poorly on her.

She fixed her gaze on Bridget.

Bridget had smooth skin, rosy lips, and a distinctive red mole on her nose bridge, making her look quite attractive. With her eyes slightly lowered, she exuded a sense of world-weariness, highlighting her charm.

Yasmin realized she couldn’t allow Bridget to stay at the party.

Yasmin clenched her fingers and added, “Ms. Cole, do you have a gift envelope? To secure a seat, you need more than just an invite. You have to contribute to the birthday fund…”

Bridget was mildly surprised. “Gift envelope?”

“You’ve probably been away from these fancy gatherings for too long. The Moyer family has a tradition.”

Yasmin raised her voice. “Mrs. Moyer prefers cash over gifts at her birthday parties. There’s an unwritten rule for these occasions”

“Those who send $160,000 get a seat.”

“Those who send $1.6 million get a prime seat.”

“How much are you contributing, Ms. Cole?”

Leslie stomped her foot in frustration. “She doesn’t have any money!

Her family’s broke! Bridget, why are you even here? You’re not trying to extort money from us, are you?”

Others chimed in mockingly.

“Not everyone can be a guest at the Moyer family’s banquet, not to mention that she shows up with her bastard. How ridiculous! Is she here to find some random man as the father of her boy?”

“Ms. Stout, you’re so kind. I suggest you call security and get her out of here!”

Yasmin was smug. She smiled and said, “Ms. Cole, if you don’t have the money with you, you’d better leave before you get kicked out…

The people were waiting to see Bridget make a fool of herself.

However, Bridget suddenly smiled and pushed Hayden, who was enjoying the show with great interest behind her, to Liam Byron, the Moyer family’s housekeeper, “Please ask Mrs. Moyer which table should I go to if I’m with her grandson.


Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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