Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 10

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Triplets?

Bridget’s words flashed across Nigel’s mind.

“If you don’t believe me, you can just do a DNA test yourself.”

Bridget didn’t look to be lying when she said this. He almost believed in her.

But he gave up on this thought when his gaze swept across Royce.”

He was schemed against just for that night, and he had never dated Bridget. How could he have a baby with her? This was ridiculous.

He lowered his eyes and went into the study room.

Downstairs, Roslyn was hesitant to speak when she looked at the entrance of the study. Nigel always wore a straight face. He was supposed to be close to the kids,

But Nigel was sent abroad when he was young, so he wasn’t close to Roslyn. She couldn’t push him hard.

At this time, the butler came into the house and said in a low voice, “Mrs. Moyer, Ms. Stout caused trouble in the kindergarten under the Moyer family’s name and made Bridget’s son withdraw.”

Roslyn’s eyes turned cold.

She wasn’t married, yet she was taking advantage of the Moyer family’s name to fulfill her wish. Was she suitable to be the future mistress?

Roslyn rubbed her temples with a headache.

How could her loving grandson have such a mother?

She had to reconsider if she should continue fixing Yasmin and Nigel.

At this time, Kristy was reporting to Hayden with her phone. “Hayden, I’ve asked about it. His last name is Moyer, and he is Dad’s son.”

The Cole’s place.

Hayden was annoyed after seeing the text. He complained, “A son will always be his father’s son!”

Kristy replied, “But I’m not. I’m Dad’s daughter.”

Hayden was irritated.

He put down the phone. It was unreliable to ask his shy sister to gather information for him!

At this moment, someone knocked on the door downstairs.

Bridget was absent-mindedly wiping the motorcycle.

She raised her head after hearing the sound and saw Yasmin standing outside the villa with a bunch of people. They were in uniforms and looked to be government officers.

Yasmin was not as embarrassed as she was in the kindergarten. She took out her work pass and seriously introduced, “Bridget, we’re from the Children’s Aid Society. Someone reported an abuse of children here, so we’re here to investigate.”

Bridget was puzzled.

Yasmin was haunting her like a ghost!

Bridget narrowed her eyes and asked, “Who established this organization?”

Yasmin still said seriously, “Our organization was led by the Moyer family and had a few big enterprises as its members. We have lawyers and doctors who help kids for free.”

She took out a notebook. “Bridget, I’m going to ask you a few questions, and I hope you’ll honestly answer them. What’s your job?”

Bridget put down the duster and had a thoughtful look on her beautiful face. She said slowly, “I’m kind of a freelancer.”

Yasmin smiled and took down some notes. “So, you’re jobless.

According to our investigation, your parents don’t have a job either, so your family has no income now!”

Bridget was speechless.

“We also asked your neighbors. We learned that you have two kids, but you locked the girl up in the house all year round to stop her from going out. Why?”

Bridget said irritably, “Because she doesn’t like going out.”

“How is that possible? Kids all like to run around to have fun. You must have done it for a reason! You had a messy private life and got pregnant before marriage. Someone said that he had seen a strange man going into your house several times. We suspected that the girl was abused. We have to see her.”

“She isn’t home.”

Yasmin’s attitude was firm. She was determined to get her dignity back. “She doesn’t leave the house. How could she be away from home? Bridget, you’d better cooperate with us, or…”

Bridget’s eyes turned cold and she said, “What will happen to me? From what I know, charity organizations are not allowed to break into any houses.

Yasmin was startled and took a step back. “We’re working with the police. We now have enough evidence and we’ve asked them to save abused kids. During the investigation, the kids would be brought to an orphanage for good care!”

A trace of viciousness flashed across her eyes. “I work as a volunteer at orphanages all year round. Don’t worry, I’ll take ‘good care of your kids.”

After Yasmin said this, the sound of sirens was heard.

Yasmin, snickered. “I know you’re a good fighter, but you can’t stop them, right? Assaulting the police is a crime!”

Bridget had to loosen her clenched fists as she saw them breaking into the house and walking upstairs.


The children’s room was opened and the crowd went in. Yasmin raised her head and proudly walked into the room, only to find that it was empty.

Bridget smiled, “I told you they were not home.”

Yasmin asked in shock, “Where are they?”

“Oh, they’ve gone to look for their dad.”

Yasmin was frightened from the bottom of her heart. Did the kids meet Nigel?


Hayden, who fled away, was in a taxi. He held a Transformer model in his hand and patted his chest.

He was smart enough to leave from the back door when Bridget winked at him. Otherwise, he would have been caught!

Hayden was going to find his father now!

And Hayden would ask his father why he only gave Royce a gift.

He soon arrived at the Moyer’s villa.

Nigel was going to leave, and the bodyguards were waiting for him at the door.

The bodyguards saw Hayden sneakily playing with stones not far away. He would look at the cars from time to time.

A bodyguard was alerted. “Whose kid is this? Why is he here?”

Oliver leaned against the car and couldn’t help saying, “You’re frightened by a mere kid. He isn’t here to recognize Nigel as his father, right?”

The bodyguards laughed after hearing this.

At this time, Nigel went out. The bodyguards stood straight and solemnly looked around.

Just as Nigel was getting in the car, the boy playing with the stone rushed over. He was so fast that the bodyguards were caught off guard.

When they came back to their senses, they saw the boy hugging Nigel’s leg. He widened his eyes which were the same as Nigel’s and called out, “Dad!”

The crowd was confused.

And so was Nigel.

Hayden blinked his eyes and said, “Dad, I’m Hayden. My mother is Bridget. I’m Kristy’s twin! I miss you so much!”

Nigel was shocked.

First, it was Kristy, and then, it was Bridget. Now, someone named Hayden came to him.

Would he have triplets if he didn’t recognize Hayden?

Nigel became angry for no reason. He bent his waist and carried Hayden up.

He needed to run a DNA test. That woman couldn’t pester him after the result came out!

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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