Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 12

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Bridget Saves Royce

Roslyn and Jeremy sat on the sofa and looked at them.

Jeremy was somewhat thirsty and saw the plate of watermelons in front of Kristy.

Jeremy said softly, “Kristy, is the watermelon sweet?”

Hearing his words, Kristy trembled. She raised her head slowly, hesitated for a moment, and took a piece of watermelon reluctantly.

Then, she bit it and replied, “It’s sweet.”

After that, she continued to lower her head and read.

Jeremy was dumbfounded.

Hayden suddenly reached him. “Mr. Moyer, do you wanna have some watermelon?”

Jeremy nodded.

Hayden sighed, “We never saw our dad since Kristy and I were born. Mom was so tired as a cleaner…”

“Didn’t you say that she worked at construction sites?”

“She had two jobs. My mom was very poor. So Kristy has never eaten watermelons. She cherishes food. Thus, each piece of watermelon costs-800 dollars. I promise it’s sweet and watery.”

Hayden took out his phone and showed the QR code.

Jeremy transferred the money to Hayden.

As Jeremy at the watermelon, he looked at his two children and felt pity. “Alas, they must suffer much these years.”

Thus, he agreed to transfer 800 dollars. He thought he owed them.

Roslyn didn’t reply.

Jeremy added, “Mom, I can’t be compared with Nigel these years. But he only has one child and I have two. I win him now.”

Roslyn was speechless.

Suddenly, Liam came in and said in a low voice, “Mrs. Moyer, Yasmin is here. She says she wants to tell you something about Bridget’s two children.”

Roslyn frowned. “Ask her in.”

When Yasmin came in, she said hurriedly, “Mrs. Moyer, we found that because Bridget couldn’t find the man that night, she vented her anger on the children. These are evidences from Children’s Aid Society.”

Jeremy stamped his feet angrily. “How dare she bully the children?”

Yasmin glanced at Jeremy curiously and couldn’t understand why he was so excited.

Yasmin showed the evidence in front of them and said, “There’s also information from Bridget’s grandmother that she’s unstable and shallow since she was young. And…”

Yasmin said in a very small voice, “Mrs. Cole told me a secret. Bridget was trafficked to a small village when she was ten. She was found at the age of 13. At that time, she was covered in blood and didn’t allow anyone to get close. She might suffer something.”

Jeremy heard this and guessed, “Being trafficked to a small village?

Could it be that she was sold to a man who could not have a wife?”

His face changed. “Then she’s not pure. She might even have a mental problem.”

Roslyn just listened and said coldly, “This is not important. Even if it’s true, it’s not her fault.”

Roslyn looked at the files on the table and said angrily, “But if these are true and she abuses the children, I won’t let her go.”

Liam also said, “Ms. Kristy is afraid to talk to others. Could it be also because of this?”

Roslyn frowned, “Get some doctors to have a full check for them both physically and mentally.”

Yasmin hesitated for a while and said, “Mrs. Moyer, I come to tell you about this, because they must be fragile and sensitive. Maybe we should send them to the orphanage.

Roslyn refused, “No, just let them stay here.”

Yasmin didn’t insist. She was afraid that they would doubt her. She said, “Alright. But they are too small now. If Bridget threatens them, I’m afraid that they won’t tell the truth. And if Bridget uses this excuse to badger Nigel, she might scare Royce.”

Roslyn raised her chin and said, “Before I figure this out, Bridget is not allowed to come to the Moyer’s house and see the children.”

Yasmin sighed with relief. As long as Bridget couldn’t come to the Moyer’s house, she couldn’t explain for herself. Yasmin smiled, “Mrs. Moyer, I’ll take Royce out for lunch.”

These years, Yasmin often came to visit Royce. Roslyn never refused her.


Yasmin took Royce to a restaurant and entered a private room.

After the waiter served the food, she smiled at Royce, “Royce, don’t forget to tell your dad that you miss your mom and want me to the Moyer’s house to see you. Okay?”

Nigel limited Yasmin to visit the Moyer’s house once a month. But Yasmin wanted more chances to deal with Hayden and Kristy.

Royce didn’t even raise his head.

Yasmin continued, “Those two kids are here to fight for the wealth of the Moyer family. You have to kick them out. Their mom is also a bad woman. If she goes to the Moyer’s house, you can’t let her see your dad. Got it?”

Royce still didn’t answer.

“Are you mute?” Yasmin was furious and Royce paused.

Yasmin still wanted to say something, but her phone rang. She saw the number and turned his back to pick it up.

She didn’t notice that Royce quietly stood up, opened the door, and

went out.

On the street, Royce lowered his head and walked alone.

He thought, “Why do other children’s mothers love them? She comes to me but asks me to do something every time.”

Royce was upset. He didn’t look at the traffic lights and just went across the road.


Suddenly, there was a blowing of a car horn. Royce looked in the direction and saw a truck.

Royce subconsciously raised his hand to block the harsh light.

But he couldn’t avoid the truck.

He even could feel the heat as the truck rushed to him…

He thought, “Will I die today?”


Suddenly, a motorcycle appeared.

A woman with a helmet stepped on the accelerator and rushed to Royce.

Then, she lowered her body to grab Royce. He felt a warm hug. The motorcycle was almost hit by the truck.

The motorcycle was too fast and the woman pressed the brake pedal hard.

There was a squeal of brakes.

The tires rubbed against the ground. The woman immediately carried Royce to jump from the motorcycle. She hugged Royce in her arms, rolled on the ground, and finally stopped.

The motorcycle toppled over on its side and the wheels still rotated at full speed.

Royce was dumbfounded. The woman took off her helmet and asked him, “Are you OK?”

He opened his eyes wide and felt that his empty heart was full now.

Bridget checked and thought he didn’t get hurt. She looked at her own leg. It was too dangerous just now. When she jumped from the motorcycle, her leg was hurt by the motorcycle,

Half an hour later.

Nigel and Roslyn rushed to the hospital.

Roslyn asked, “How’s Royce? Is he okay?”

The bodyguard lowered his head. “Mr. Royce doesn’t hurt, but he might be scared. He doesn’t want to leave that woman who saved him.”

Roslyn sighed with relief and said, “Then let’s go to visit Royce’s lifesaver. She’s the Moyer family’s honored guest.


Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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