Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 6

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 6

6 Helena Awakens to the Truth

Bridget answered the phone, and she heard a coquettish female voice, saying, “Honey, I personally handled the test and even missed my beauty sleep for that. You owe me one, OK?”


“I envy you so much. You retire at such a young age, and on the contrary, my life is so miserable. I’m busy all day long…”

Bridget interrupted her, “So, the results are?”

They are biological father and son. I have sent the electronic copy to your email.”


Hanging up, Bridget frowned and thought, “It seems that I didn’t make a mistake. Then why wouldn’t Nigel remember me?”

She took out her phone, looking for Nigel’s information.

To her surprise, there was no news about his injuries or sickness, and even that story in the financial news was gone.

There was nothing online about Nigel.

Nigel, the heir of the Moyer family, was a mystery in Nalpure.

He was secretly groomed from birth as the chosen heir. The Moyer family released a few pieces of information related to him to the outsider only, never to his name and photos.

She now got it. No wonder she failed to find any information about

him in five years.

Meanwhile, Helena drove a Chevrolet and rushed out.

Without time to think more, Bridget got on her motorcycle and went after Helena.

Helena had been working humbly and hard for the Cole family for years to make money, and Bridget had tried to persuade Helena countless times to no avail. Maybe today, she could show Helena Fanny’s true color.

Helena and Bridget went into the Cole’s place one after another.

Parking the motorcycle, Bridget quickened her pace and caught up with Helena.

Seeing her, Helena was thrilled. “Bridget, are you here, because you have thought it through? I’m glad. You should get closer to your grandma. We are family after all.”

Helena fantasized, “After I get promoted to general manager this time, I can arrange a position for you in the family’s company, too, so you will have a job.”

Bridget said nothing and thought, “No need!”

Talking, they went into the living room.

Irene sat in the main seat with a livid face, and Fanny, her hair gray, was sitting next to Irene, smiling fawningly and saying something to Irene.

Seeing them, Helena was a bit stunned. “Mrs. Stout, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

After greeting Irene, she walked to Fanny eagerly. “Mom, about the

general manager…”

A crisp sound rang out.

Before Helena could finish speaking, Fanny suddenly raised her arm and slapped Helena hard.

Her face burning, Helena was dumbfounded. “Mom?”

Fanny said angrily, “Don’t call me that! I taught you decency and shame, and I failed to teach you how to be a mother! You spoiled Bridget so much that she takes no one seriously now. That’s why she caused this terrible mess!”

Fanny told her about what had happened at the banquet. Helena’s eyes were red. “Mom, there must be some misunderstanding. That’s not who Bridget is!”

Standing next to them, Bridget lowered her eyes and sighed slightly.

She thought, “I figured that after being slapped, Mom could finally see the reality, yet being a sophisticated phony, Fanny successfully brainwashed Mom again.

“Mom is known for being protective of me.

“Even when I got pregnant out of wedlock and was thrown out of the family, she never criticized me.

“As an orphan, Mom longs for kinship.

“The same case applies to Fanny and particularly to me.”

Fanny sighed, “No matter what misunderstanding it is, it’s the fact that she hit Ms. Stout. Cut the crap. The Moyer family is furious now. If we want to make this go away, we must apologize to Mrs. Stout.”

Helena looked at Irene sitting on the single sofa.

Irene, however, looked down and made a surprised expression. “Since when did my shoe get dirty?”

Helena froze.

Fanny said, “What are you waiting for? Wipe Mrs. Stout’s shoe now!”

Helena turned her head at once and looked at Fanny unbelievably.

Fanny lowered her head and suddenly stepped forward. “I begged Mrs. Stout for a long time before she nodded. As long as you apologize to her properly and show her our sincerity, she’ll let Bridget off. I know you are too proud to lower your head. I failed to teach you well. If you don’t, I’ll do it for you…”

Seeing her about to squat down, Helena was frightened. She knelt down. “Mom!”

The next moment, someone clutched Helena’s arm.

Bridget held Helena and looked at Fanny with a half-smile and a hint of sarcasm in her eyes.

Fanny’s legs were slightly bent. At this point, she wasn’t sure whether she should kneel down or stand up, and she could hardly continue her disguise.

She glared at Bridget with hatred.

She thought, “The bitch has offended the Stout family. Mrs. Stout promised me that as long as I cooperated with her to humiliate Helena, then she would let the Cole family off the hook.

“And who gives a damn about Bridget?”

Fanny straightened up, grabbed Helena’s hand, and said phonily, “Helena, I know you’re upset. It pains me to see you like this. But we have a big family here. Besides, you’ve got to look out for Bridget. It hasn’t been easy for her with the kids. If she gets targeted by the Moyer family…”

Helena heard Bridget’s name.

She cried and said, “OK, I’ll do it…”

Bridget frowned. “That won’t change anything. The Stout family won’t leave us off the hook.”

Helena’s body trembled slightly. “It’s OK, Bridget. Don’t worry. Your grandma won’t lie to us.”

Bridget clenched her fists, knew there was no use talking anymore, and closed her mouth.

Helena pulled a tissue out of the tissue box on the coffee table and slowly half crouched down in front of Irene.

Then she reached out with trembling hands, lifted Irene’s foot onto her knee, wiped the upper of Irene’s shoe, and then said, “Mrs. Stout, I’m sorry.”

Irene said nothing.

Irene looked down on Helena. Irene’s husband had a crush on Helena when he was young, which left Irene with a grudge. At this moment, seeing Helena so humble, Irene finally smiled with satisfaction.

Fanny hurriedly asked, “Mrs. Stout, you are no longer upset, right?”

Irene pulled back her foot, smiled, and said, “I’m OK now. I will tell the Moyer family that the Cole family has kicked them out, and everything has nothing to do with the Cole family. As for them… The

Moyer family won’t let them off. Mrs. Cole, the Cole family won’t have a problem. Right?”

Fanny said at once, “Of course. I disowned her five years ago already. I have nothing to do with her…”

Helena stared at them in astonishment, listening to their conversation in disbelief.

Helena thought, “What did Mom say?”

Just then, someone held her arm and helped her stand up.

Bridget’s eyes were utterly cold, and so was her voice.

“Mom, do you believe me now?

“If you do, stand back, or you’ll get hurt.”


Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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