Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 7

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 7

 Chapter 7 Going to the Father of My Kid

Seeing that Helena was still stunned and seemed to have missed her words, Bridget pulled her back a few steps and then came up to Irene.

Bridget said coldly, “Your shoe is still dirty.”

Irene sneered, “What is it? You want to beg for mercy, too? Stop dreaming!”

The next second, something happened.

A splashing sound rang out.

Bridget picked up the fish tank next to her and threw it over Irene.

Irene felt a chill on her head and something greasy rolling down her cheeks. She reached out, grasped a goldfish, and jumped up with a loud cry. Unfortunately, she slipped on the weed and fell on her knees in front of Helena.

Bridget put down the fish tank and raised her eyebrows. “That was a bit much.”

Irene said nothing at once.

She flared up and screamed harshly, “Bridget Cole! You are doomed!”

Fanny was startled, hurried to help Irene up, and roared at Bridget, “You ungrateful girl! Drop dead if that’s what you want. Don’t implicate us!”

Bridget looked at Fanny.

Fanny was startled by Bridget’s dark, gloomy look. Thinking of

Bridget’s ruthless nature, Fanny shouted out, “Help!”

The maids and the security guards burst in.

Fanny pointed at Bridget and Helena “Kick them out! They will never be allowed in the mansion again! And, Helena, you’re fired! Don’t ever go to the office again!”

It was only then that Helena finally could utter something. “Mom, I just got a big deal for the company. I’m about to sign…

Helena was innocent enough still trying to salvage some of that mother-daughter bond by mentioning that at this point.

Fanny sneered, “You’re right. You got us a deal with the Zeal Group, and the Cole family will not have to be worried for decades to come. Your brother can do the signing. Why should I keep you? Piss off!”

The disbelief in Helena’s eyes finally slowly faded, and gradually, she looked bitter.

It seemed that she was trapped in the ice and snow, and suddenly, she felt no trace of warmth.

Her body trembled slightly.

Just then, a warm, strong hand took her shoulder.

Helena looked back slowly and saw that Wilfred was behind her at some point. Wilfred’s tall figure, coupled with deep features, seemed to give her strength at this moment.

He stepped forward, shielding Bridget and Helena behind him with his broad shoulders. His eyes, identical to Bridget’s, no longer seemed playful. His voice was deep and strong.

“Mrs. Cole, I can let go considering that you raised Helena up. From

today on, our family of five will no longer have anything to do with the Cole family. I hope you will never regret today.”

Then he put his arm around Helena and strode out of the door.

Fanny sneered, “Those who do not know might think that our family’s live-in son-in-law is some remarkable character whereas he is just a Z- list actor. Wait, that’s not right. I don’t think he gets to be an actor now. What does he have that can make me regret?”

With a gleam of sarcasm in her eyes, Bridget followed Helena and Wilfred out the door.

As soon as they got to the parking lot, Wilfred took credit and said, “Honey, how did I do? Was I full of momentum? Did I show them the attitude of ‘don’t think you get to bully me, just because I have no money”?”

Depressed, Helena said perfunctorily, “Yes. You did a good job.”

“Then you’ve got to bring out your best and start your own company to surpass the Cole family!”

Helena was stunned. “Start my own company?”

Wilfred said righteously, “Yes. You have to make a lot of money! Then invest in a show, so I don’t have to walk timidly when I’m with others ever again! When I become a household name, I’ll rub it in that despicable phony’s face and see how regretful she gets!”

Helena said nothing.

She stared at him. She was all for business, yet she was driven out of the company. She was at a loss, and right now, she felt that she somehow found the meaning of life.

Yet soon she reacted and said, frowning, “Put the startup funds aside,

we’ve offended the Moyer family…”

The Moyer family was powerful in Nalpure. Once the Moyer family spread the word, no one would dare to work with them.

Seeing that, Bridget said, “It’s a misunderstanding. I’ll go and explain it to the Moyer family.”

Helena nodded. “You’re right. The Moyer family isn’t unreasonable. I’ll go apologize for you.”

Helena didn’t want Bridget to be treated unfairly. She could be wronged, yet Bridget couldn’t.

Bridget said, “No need. I’ll go there myself.”

Helena wanted to say something, but Wilfred suddenly turned pale and covered his abdomen. “Helena, I got an upset stomach. Get me home, OK?”

“What? Can you hold in till we get home? Or maybe you can do it here…”

“No! The Cole’s home is so filthy!”

Helena said nothing.

She hurriedly helped Wilfred into the car, slammed on the gas, and rushed out, leaving Bridget standing in situ with twitched corners of her mouth.

Then Bridget’s phone rang.

She picked it up and heard a flirtatious male voice, saying, “You were kicked out of the Cole family? They are so stupid. If it wasn’t for Mom running the business, they would have been out on the street already. I feel sorry for Mom!”

Bridget said, “She is my mom.”

“What’s the difference anyway? Well, in this case, we can call off the cooperation between us, the Zeal Group, and the Cole family, right?”


“By the way, someone has offered a high price for Dr. Z’s biological petri dish patent. Would you like to meet the buyer?”

“I’m busy.”

“What can you be possibly caught up with now that you’re retired?”

“Going to the father of my kid.

She hung up and went to the Moyer Group.

The Moyer Group was located in the center of Nalpure. The

magnificent tall building reached into the sky, like a deity overlooking the ordinary.

Bridget entered the door and politely said to the receptionist, “Hello. I’m here to see Nigel.”

The receptionist said, “May I know who you are? Do you have an appointment?”

“No. Please call him and tell him I’m Bridget Cole.”

Bridget was certain. Now that Kristy was with Nigel, he would see her of course.

Yet after hearing her name, the receptionist said with disdain, “You are Bridget Cole? Ms. Stout has already reminded us. I won’t let you go up to harass Mr. Moyer! Please leave immediately, or there will be consequences.”

She waved, and the bodyguards rushed over.

Bridget frowned, thinking about whether to fight her way in.

The receptionist sneered, “Do you think anyone gets to see Mr. Moyer?”

Meanwhile, Oliver was on the top level of the building.

He was sighing while stroking his chin, “Nigel, Dr. Z is so elusive and even has his phone encrypted on the highest level. We have no trace of him at all, or we won’t trouble you…

Nigel was tapping the laptop keyboard with his fingers with distinctive joints.

The laptop screen light shone on his face, accentuating the steadiness within his eyes. It seemed that he had everything under control.

A crisp sound rang out.

He hit the enter button, and Oliver leaned over to the screen. “You’re such a badass, Nigel! I can’t believe that you broke through the firewall! You really are a computer whiz! Let me see where Dr. Z’s phone is located.”

The next moment, he was slack-jawed. “Isn’t this the office gate?”


Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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