Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 8

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie Chapter 8

Chapter 8 You Are Fired!

Downstairs in the lobby.

Bridget squinted at the security guards who had gathered around her.

All these people were armed with electric batons, and it was clear they were all well prepared. Bridget thought, “The security forces of the Moyer Group are indeed powerful.”

The receptionist quipped, chin raised, “Bridget, Ms. Stout is going to engage Mr. Moyer soon. Shame on you for pestering him!”

At this time, there was a flurry of agitation at the elevator, and several black-clad bodyguards came out, standing domineering on both sides with their hands behind their backs.

Nigel was dressed in a black suit and had a straight figure. With his sharp figure and determined face, he looked like a soldier.

Bridget thought, “Five years ago, Nigel was still a handsome young boy, but now he is a tough guy.”

“Bridget, what are you doing here again?”

Oliver, wearing a floral shirt, with his hands in his trouser pockets, came over and frowned. “Nigel and I are busy looking for someone. We don’t have time for you today. Be sensible and get out of here!”

Oliver thought, “Dr. Z has always been mysterious, few people in the outside world know his true identity. But why is he suddenly here? Does he know that we want to buy microbial petri dishes?

“There are so many people coming and going in the lobby, and there is

a stream of people coming to the Moyer Group for business, so who on earth is that Dr. Z?”

Bridget ignored Oliver and walked right up to Nigel.

Nigel’s bodyguards, however, had long been experienced and blocked Bridget from all directions.

Bridget could only stand two meters away from Nigel, looking at him calmly. “Here is the DNA report. You are my kids’ dad.”

Nigel slightly narrowed his slanted eyes.

Oliver said in surprise, “You’ve even prepared a fake report?”

Bridget was about to say something when her phone rang.

Bridget thought, “There were a lot of calls today…” She frowned distractedly and was about to hang it up when she saw it was a call from Hayden’s kindergarten. She immediately answered it. Hearing what the person on the other side of the line said, she sighed and said, “I’ll be right there!”

Hanging up the phone, Bridget then said in a cold voice, “If you don’t believe me, go and get a test yourself Nigel, I hope you can contact me after you get the report and explain to me what is going on.”

Bridget glanced at the receptionist and sarcastically said, “By the way, does the Moyer Group take orders from Yasmin now?”

With that, Bridget ran out of the gate in a hurry, seeming to have something urgent.

Through the glass door, Bridget could be seen picking up her helmet, riding deftly on the motorcycle, and leaving with a buzz.

Bridget finished all the moves in one go, looking so cool.

Oliver could not help but exclaim, “It is true that Bridget is a goddess out of reach! Oh, I almost forgot my business. Nigel, look where Dr. Z is now.”

Nigel picked up his phone, only to find that the red dot showing Dr. Z’s position in the tracking app disappeared after flashing a few times.

Oliver said in disappointment, “I think we’ve been spotted!”

Nigel put away his mobile phone, looking calm, and there was no disappointment in his dark eyes. Instead, he looked coldly at the receptionist.

The receptionist lowered her head in fear and said submissively, “Mr. Moyer, Ms. Stout…”

Nigel felt disgusted to hear Yasmin’s name, so he said coldly, “You are fired!”

With that, Nigel strode out.

Oliver asked as he followed Nigel, “Where are you going, Nigel?”

“Back home.”

“What are you doing back home? Aren’t you gonna look for Dr. Z?”

Oliver suddenly realized something and said, “You’re not really going back to doing a DNA detection with that little girl, are you? But Bridget is right. A DNA test could tell if that girl is your kid… But be careful, lest someone tamper with the report…”

Nigel paused a little and glanced at Oliver. “Kristy!”


“The girl’s name is Kristy!”

Oliver went speechless, thinking, “You don’t even know whether she is your daughter or not yet… And you are already standing up for her?”


At Golden Bilingual Kindergarten.

The kindergarten was built in the Gothic style and looked very impressive. This was the best kindergarten in Nalpure.

Bridget hurried to the principal’s office and saw Hayden holding a Transformer toy in his hand. With his shoulder drooping, his head lowering, and a small face full of grievances, he looked like an abandoned dog standing in the corner.

A woman in expensive clothes sat on the sofa with her back to Bridget, saying something hypocritically, “I am doing this for the good of this child. At such a young age, how dare he steal my son’s toy? If this kid is not strictly disciplined, we can’t imagine what he will do when he grows up.”

The principal, Abby Proctor, nodded and said with respect, “Don’t worry, Ms. Stout. We will take this matter seriously!”

“As the No.1 noble kindergarten in Nalpure, how could you recruit such a kid? His mother is a famous ignoramus in Nalpure. Like mother, like son. Watch out for this kid ruining your school’s reputation.”

“Yes, you are right, Ms. Stout.”

Bridget’s eyes turned cold and she stepped forward. Kaylyn Pacheco, Hayden’s teacher, had been standing next to Hayden. When Kaylyn saw Bridget, her eyes turned red.

“You are finally here, Ms. Cole.”

Hearing this, the woman with her back to Bridget slowly turned back, and it was Yasmin.

Bridget’s voice turned cold. “What are you doing here?”

Yasmin’s eyes gleamed with a faint light. Your son stole my son’s favorite toy, and of course, I’m here to stand up for my son!”

“Your son?”

“Yes. Nigel and my son. His name is Royce Moyer and he is five years old.”

Bridget froze in place.

A cold feeling spread over Bridget’s body.

“No way!” Bridget said subconsciously.

“How is it impossible? Ms. Proctor, tell her, who is the father of my child?”

Abby immediately said, “Although Royce is very low-key at school, Mrs. Moyer personally came here and told us Mr. Nigel Moyer was his father when Royce entered the school…”

Yasmin walked to Bridget and said with the status of Nigel’s girlfriend in a low voice, “Ms. Cole, Nigel slept with you just for physical needs. He won’t admit your kids are his…”

Bridget clenched her fists and felt depressed.

Over the years, Bridget had imagined a lot of scenarios of meeting Nigel again and thought that he might have remarried, and if so, she would not pester him.

However, Bridget never thought it would be like this.

“So that’s why Nigel said he didn’t know us even if he didn’t have amnesia?” Bridget thought.

Abby said in a solemn and unfriendly tone, “Ms. Cole, Hayden was jealous that his classmate Royce was chosen to be the flagman, so Hayden deliberately stole Royce’s most cherished toy. This practice is really bad, and it is against the school rules and laws. What do you say? What should we do?”

Kaylyn couldn’t help but cut in, “The flagman was elected by vote, and clearly Hayden had the highest number of votes…”

Before Kaylyn could finish her words, Abby stared viciously at her and Kaylyn didn’t dare to go on.

Then Abby said in a commanding tone, “Ms. Cole, I think you and Hayden should apologize to Ms. Stout and the Moyer family. In the case of the toy, let’s see how much it is worth in cash and you should make the appropriate compensation.



Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie

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Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities by Cassie


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