Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 76

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 76

Chapter 76 

Are youokay?” 

Ihmhno!I throw up everything that I have eaten in the last couple of hours.” 

I told you! You should not have come to see the b*dy.Colt says

You were right. I shouldn’t 


Before leaving the room,

glance back one more time

Two bodies lie next to each 

other. Men I have seen 

around the house doing 

rounds and now they are 


Who is killing them, and why

Come on. You shouldn’t 

have to see this.Colt rubs 

my back and leads us out

Back in the war room, we are 

all gathered here now

We know it for a fact. Ezra is 

meeting with other packs 

and looking to make 

alliances. And to top it off

we have confirmation that 

Oliver is with him.” 

Archiethe betasays

We suspected that but how 

do you know all of this for 


He nods. We have people inside helping us. Feeding us information.” 

Mhand what can we make 

about these killings? Are theserandom killings?” 

We don’t know yet. But we 

do know that it was done 

with the same weapon.” 

Same weapon? So it must be the same person then.” 

Yes, we believe so.” 


Is it Ezra?I ask

We don’t know.” 

If so, that means that he 

would have infiltrated the 

pack and by him, I mean one 

of his men.” 

Which is not farfetched 

since assassins have been 

running amock around our pack already.” 

True, but I am not sure it is 

Ezra. Why would he want to kill these men? They were guards, and I am not trying to belittle them, I am just saying that killing these men 


seems senseless.Colt says

Victorwho had been just listeningnods. Agree.” 

Then what the hell is going 

on?I ask

We have a murderer among 


Great, as if we don’t have 

enough complications 


So what do we do?” 

Place more guards around 

the house. These murders 

seem to be concentrated on 

the main house.Archie says

I’ll continue investigating.” 

Yes. Keep doing that. In the meantime, everyone be careful.I say

They all nod

Now, how is Rodrick doing with Oliver’s pack?” 

He already sent a report

The pack is secured and 

under control.” 

Good. And the river packs?” 

All good as well but we might want to have one of 

our generals there.Vitor 


I ponder this for a moment

I don’t think that would be 

such a good idea.” Garret says. I get that you want to have someone strong at the forefront. The river packs are the only thing between this pack and Ezra’s. So if they are attacked, they’d be 

the first ones to fall and the 

general stationed there with 


Exactly what I was thinking

SendCrow.I say

Crow!They all ask with 

shock and confusion. He is


A rogue that has been 

working for us.I remind 


Because he fears your 

father.Beck says

I am not so sure about that

He told you of where I was

did he not?” 

They all look at each other

Look, before here, I had 

never heard of rogues 

working for a pack and they 

did not seem to be under the 

influence of my father’s 

power. Why is that?” 

Warrickknew he didn’t 

have to.Archie says

And why is that?” 

Wellhis words were that

wellfed dog will not bite the 

hand that feeds him.” 

I nod. So, we keep the agreement with them but 

also reward them for what 

they have done.” 

Reward them? If we are 

attacked, they’d be the first to fall. Hardly a reward.” 

They don’t know that.I tell them. The river packs will 

either fall or not. It is one or 

the other. So do you really 

want to sacrifice our own 

good men knowing this?” 

Can you sacrifice even 

them?Colt asks

I look down. He knows me 

so well. I did come up with 

this idea but the more

think about it, the harder it is 

to do

I can’t. Sowe explain it to 

them. We tell them the truth

Roguesdespite their bad 

reputationcan be 

fearlessor idiots but will 

render the same results.” 

And if they refuse?Garret 


Then we’ll think of 

something else.” 

Very well. I’ll send notice to 

them now.Victor says

leaving the room

Let’s meet up again when 

we have heard from them.” 

Everyone is dismissed

How is your stomach feeling?Colt asks

My stomach?!I panic

Yeahyou threw 

up earlier.” 

Ohmuch better.‘ 

Cass, there you are. Come.Kanda appears from out of nowhere and grabs my hand

What are you doing?” 

I want to speak to you.She looks at Colt. Only girls. No boys allowed.” 

Colt’s eyebrow shoots up

Is it boy talk?I ask


Uhmyeah. Boy talk.” 

I give Colt a smile and wink at him before turning the 

corner and leaving him 



Is this about my brothers?” 

Why? Have they said anything?She asks

I laugh. Not at the moment.‘ 

Oh. But no. I lied. It’s about 

you.SHe says



Within minutes, we are at 

the pack doctor

Here she is doctor. Check 


Check me?” 

Just because you are keeping it a secret does not mean that you shouldn’t be taking care of yourself. I told 

the doctor of the situation 

and told him that I’d kill him if he said anything.” 


She waves her hands and 

leaves, closing the door 

behind her

The doctor gives me a frazzled stare. If it is your 

wish that it is kept a secret, then so it shall, Alpha. But the scary lady is right. It is 

best to make sure that 


everything is going good.” 

Alright.I give in. I know 

they are right

Good. We’ll do an internal 

sonogram and-” 

No. I don’t want to do that 

without Colt.” 

Very well. We can just do a checkup without


I nod, relieved. Okay

He takes blood and then

pee in a cupobviously not 

in front of him

He then puts a device on my 


What is this?” 

A fetalscope. It is a specialized stethoscope used 

to hear the heartbeat of

fetus.He explains


He puts the end of the device in his ears and stays silent for a few seconds

It is very early in the 

pregnancy so it is hard to 

hear it but, you can still hear 

  1. it. Here.” 

He puts the device on my 


The loud heartbeat is yours

Ignore that one and try to 

listen in between them.” 

I stay quiet, concentrating 

until I do hear it

It is so subtle but it is there

I almost can’t believe it. It is 

hard to believe in something when you don’t see it but it is there. There is a tiny little being inside of me. It is 


Our little Alpha is growing

The early stages are crucial 

so please don’t exert 




Chapter 76 


I nod. How far along do you 

think I am?” 

It is hard to determine 

without having a look but I would say around twelve 

weeks, give or take. Your 

morning sickens should 

improve soon.” 

That’s great news.I am 

excited about that

You know, you won’t be able to hide it soon.He says. I give it a week or two till pack 

members can tell. Your scent 

will start changing soon and 

the fetal heartbeat will only get stronger, strong enough that it will be heard by others in the pack.” 

I suck in a deep breath.

need to tell Colt. But I also 

need to make a decision 

about what to do with my powers. Honora has done this before but never on

pregnant woman. She 

doesn’t know if it will affect 

the baby but even she says 

that she doesn’t believe it 

will. I need to think hard 

about this

I head back to the dining 

room, looking for Colt. As I pass through the hall with windows, I notice in the distance that the reforming 

camp is gone. I can’t see the wooden structures that were 

there before

Victor did as I asked. It 

brings a smile to my face

What are you so happy about?Colt appears behind 

  1. me

That.” I point out of the 


He almost gasps. It’s gone?” 

Yes! Finally.” 

He smiles and turns to me

Thank you. I know I haven’t 

shown it but it bothered me 

every time I saw it.” 

I put a hand on his cheek

Don’t thank me. It was the 

right thing to do.” 

He gets close and puts his hands on my waist. Mh. I need to thank youI want to thank you. Tonight, let me show you how thankful I 

am.His voice is low and 

filled with want. I know how 

he wants to thank me. The 

way he says it makes a desire 

burn in me

Okay, I won’t refuse it.” 

He ki*ses me. His l*ps are 

always so warm


What?!I ask, startled

I turn to see Victor. There is 

another one.” 

Another one? Another 


Another b*dy!” 


“F**k!Colt curses


He leads me upstairs to one 

of the bathrooms in the hall

A body is clumsily lying down inside the tub, her legs 

out of the tub

A woman?” 

Yes. One of the maids

The clear shower curtain 

thankfully covers her but 

you can see all the blood that 

slides down the tub

This was not so long ago

Fifteen minutes, give or 


So they could still be 


Yet it could be anyone.” 

Garret mutters

We have a serious problem here. Someone is killing our people and in broad 

daylight. A bold moveor a crazy one.Colt says

I nod. Either one is not 


We haven’t told the pack of 

what is happening but

think we are going to have to 

now.Victor says

Alright, if you think we 

should, then let’s do it. I just 

hope it doesn’t cause panic.” 

I know.I can tell he is 

worried about it too

If only you could use your power to find out the truth.” 

Garret says

He is right. If my powers worked, I could ask pack 

members and find out who 

did it. I could stop another 


I am the Alpha of this pack. This is my family and I need to do something to help

I am going to do it.I mutter 

to Colt


Do what?” 

I am going to let Honora help me. I need to get control of my power.‘ 

Colt cautiously nods. Okay

I am concerned but this is 

your decision.He hugs me

I wonder if he would think 

the same if he knew I was 

with child. I honestly don’t 

think he would

I hug him tightly

I am sorry. I am sorry for doing this. I am sorry for not 

telling you

As soon as we can, we head back to Honora’s shop.

don’t know if this is the right 

thing to do but I am doing it


Scarred Alphas by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May

Score 9.3
Status: Completed Released: March 17, 2024 Native Language: English

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Novel Free

An angry soul is what you might call Cass, but what else could she have turned into when all her life she had been rejected and unfairly punished? By her pack and even…her fated mate. The man who is supposed to be her pillar, her lover. A man whom the moon goddess herself deemed to be hers and she his. But then…why does he hurt her so Well if he doesn’t want her, if he doesn’t see the value in her…someone else definitely does and he will stop at nothing to have her. But, will her hidden. power change that? Will the daughter of a madman “Alexis?” “Cass…” he whispers. “What…what are you doing, Alexis?” “You want to be cheeky with me?” He asks, his voice low and baritone. “W-what?” My l*ps quiver. His eyes go to my l*ps. “I…could k*ss you right now.” He mutters. “Why…would you want to?” “Why would I not?” He responds. “Because… I am unwanted by the men in my pack.” “Men? They are not men. You have been dealing with boys…I am no boy.”

Scarred Alphas


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