Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 78

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 78

Chapter 78 

Will this work?Miles asks

I have no idea. I hope so

I look into Bryn’s eyes and 

she looks into mine with 

hope and expectation

I focus, trying to reach the power inside of me. Bryn

you may speak again.


She takes in a deep breath and opens her mouth. Ihate you.” 

You did it!Dash cheers

Ah!Bryn screams as she jumps with excitement

That was a lot easier to do

I look back at Honora with

smile. It worked!” 

She smiles back and nods

As it should.” 

I am so happy that this is not something I have to worry about anymore

Now let’s take care of that 

baby. Here, drink this tea.” 

She says handing me a tea 


Tea? What is it for?I ask as

take it

I never really liked tea even though I have had it with Lotus and Poppy but just out of courtesy

It is Rooibos tea. It’s full of 

antioxidants and naturally 

free of caffeine. It’s good for the baby.” 

Kanda nods. Yes, Rooibas tea is very good for 



I sigh and start slowly sipping the tea

When Honora walks out of 

the parlor, Lotus takes the 

teacup from my hand and 

smells it. She then takes


What is it?” 

Nothing. Tastes like normal 

Rooibos tea.‘ 

Why would you think 


She is good at making potions so just making sure she didn’t put something extra that might be bad for werewolves and she might 

not know about it.She looks 

towards the door Honora left 

and mutters. I should 

probably go tell her about some of the plants that could harm our kind just in case.” 

I narrow my eyes at her. Are you all going to be fussing like this the whole time?” 

She laughs and walks away. Maybe.” 

Hey, you!I hear Bryn 

behind me

I can’t believe that you did 

that to me! You are horrible!” 

She continues talking and I am already sick of it


She stops her yapping 

unable to talk again

Her eyes widen and they 


I am not asking you to bend over backward, just, leave me alone. Live your life and don’t bother me or I promise you, you will never talk again. You can speak again.” 

IfineShe says and 

sprints out of the room

Mhm. You are way scarier 

now.Dash says

I am?” 


Don’t worry. I am not going to abuse this power.” 

Good. Then you’ll be a good 


I smile and nod

My eyes fall to Colt who quietly sits on the sofa watching me. He doesn’t speak to me unless there is something to be said. Has been like this all day

I feel frustrated but I don’t 

say anything. I leave him 

alone like he wanted

He follows me to the war 

room for our meeting

It is confirmed that they have not had their meeting with these other packs just yet. But something is up. My 

contacts tell me that Oliver 

has been having secret meetings with Ezra. So they have not been able to get any 

more information on their 


I see. Have we contacted 

these other packs?I ask

Of course. We’ve contacted 

the major packs that 

surround all of us. Most of 

them are very weary. They 

don’t know who to believe 

and many of them don’t 

want to deal with us.” 

Thaks to our reputation


Maybe we could host our own meeting?Colt speaks

If we did this, we’d have to 

be careful. Many of these packs are already on Ezra’s side just because they don’t like us.Garret says

Then we should. Let’s at 

least try.” 

Alright. It will take me a day 

or two to make a plan.” 

Victor says

I look at Archie now

Anything new about the murders?” 

I have narrowed my suspicions to a few suspects. I need you to use your power on them now that you have 


Alright. Let’s do it.” 

Let’s start with someone 

who is right here, right this 


Someone here?I am 

surprised and so is everyone 


He nods and looks at Kanda


Me?!Kanda is surprised 

and so am I. 

Why her?I ask

Murders started after you all came back. It’s not personal

but because of this, I can’t 

just rule her out. I have to look at every angle.” 

Wellyou are right.Kanda 

says, surprising us again. She looks at me. Do it.” 

Without hesitating, I nod 

and stare into her eyes

Alright. Kanda, did you 

murder those men?” 

No.She quickly says

Did you have anything to 

do with it?” 

No.She says again

There. She is innocent.” 

Archie nods. Very well. I’ll 

bring you the others.” 

Kanda gives me a big smile lifting her two thumbs up

Archie eventually brings all his suspects but they all 

come out clean

Back to square one.Archie says disappointed. In the meantime, no one should 

walk alone. Always have 

someone with you.” 

We all agree and end the meeting. I head up to see Warrick and update him on everything but he won’t even listen to anything that does not concern the pregnancy

He seems much more 

excited than anyone else

even me

You old dump truck ass is going to be a grandpa.

playfully tell him

He laughs. Call me whatever the hell you want, it won’t 

diminish my spirit! I had lost hope with Victor and Garret

Those two have not found their mates yet.” 

I never knew how much you wanted to be a grandpa.” 

Of course I did! To see my line continueit’s all I always wanted, power or not.” 

I smile. Well, you need to get better if you want to see 

this little one grow. So hurry 


I’ll be doing somersaults by 

the time this one is born.” 

Can’t wait to see that then.

kiss his head and leave him 

to rest

The doctor told me that he is 

getting better. It will still be 

slow but there is 


Colt and I have dinner in our 

room. He is quiet most of the time but I find myself 

wanting him close. I want his 

touch, his warmth. As we 

watch TV, I steal glances in his direction. I also look at my clock. There is 

somewhere I need to be soon 

and I don’t want to miss it

Suddenly, Colt wraps his 

arms around me

It surprises me. Are you-” 

No.He quickly says


He sighs. I am not trying to 

give you the silent treatment. I am just not ready yet but

can feel you want a hug.” 

You do?” 


Yeah. You are my mate.” 

Yes, I am. Now come with 

me.I take his hand and lead 

him out

Where are we going?” 

Quitely I lead him to the 

Doctor’s office

Why are we here?Colt asks

I made an appointment. We are going to see our bean.” 


Right this way Alpha. Our nurse sonographer is ready 

for you.The doctor says

Within a few minutes, we are 

staring at the black screen 

with a tiny thing in the 


I guess it is much bigger 

than a bean now.I mutter

Colt is silent but does not 

unglue his eyes from the 


There. You can see the heart 

beating.The doctor points to an area that thumps up 

and down

It’skickingColt says as we watch a little leg go up 

and down

It is strange to see that.

don’t feel anything

A little dancer.I mutter

Doesdoes anything look 

strange to you?I ask the doctor

I am thinking back to when

was born

No. Everything looks 


I feel relieved

I feel Colt hold my hand as 

he continues to stare at the 

screen in awe

And we can’t check the s*x 


Right now this is all we can 

see, it is hard to see when it’s 

this early.The nurse says


I walk out of the office 

feeling elated. I turn to Colt whowith no surprise to mehas been quiet

He walks next to me looking 

into the distance


Finally, he looks at me and 

to my surprise, smiles

It was kicking.He says

My mouth also curves in

smile. Yes. It was.” 

Ican’t believe we are going to be parents.” 

I know. It seems surreal.” 

He nods, agreeing

After walking in silence, he speaks again. We need to 

end this.” 

End what?” 

This mess with Ezra. I want 

to just focus on youus.He 

moves close. I don’t want to 

have to worry about Ezra 


That would be great. I am 

tired of it too.” 

MhHe nods. Come, let 

me pamper you.” 

Pamper me?” 

Yeah. I am doing this every night before bed. You are 

carrying our child and 

deserve it.” 

He takes me to the bathroom 

and runs me a warm bath.

take my clothes off and get 

  1. in. He does the same and sits 

behind me where he 

massages my shoulders and 

back. It feels so good and 

didn’t know how much

needed it

After the warm relaxing 

bath, we lie in bed

Soare younot angry at me anymore?” 

No. But don’t do something like that again. I am your mate and you know you can 

trust me with anything. I am 

here for you no matter 


Okay, and you are right. You are my mate, I know I can trust you with anything.” 

We finally both are able to get a peaceful sleep until we 

are woken up by a knock on 

the door

Yeah?!Colt asks

Alpha, Victor, and Garret wish to speak. They say it is urgent.It is Serge speaking

Very well.I say but can’t 

seem to get up. I am so 


I close my eyes taking Colt’s scent in when he suddenly 

asks a weird unrelated 


Uhmwe can still have s*x

right?He suddenly asks

My eyes pop open. What do 

you mean?” 

I meaneven if you are 


Oh. Yeah. We can.‘ 

That’s a relief.He says and 

we both laugh

Can’t live without it, huh?” 

I’m sure I could but I choose 

not to. I mean, I have two 

hands but you feel so much better.He growls in my ear

Then maybe later we can take a little break and you 

can tell me how much better 

I feel while you are inside 


He closes his eyes and 

moans. Mh.” 

Laughing, I get up and get ready. We both do. We walk downstairs ready to see 

Victor and Garret. I am 

surprised to see people 

rushing about and looking

bit lost

What is happening?” 

That’s a good question.Colt 


As we walk downstairs

Victor rushes to us


What is it? What is all this 

commotion about?” 

You are not going to believe 


Tell me!” 

Alphas of neighboring packs are lining up outside. They have arrived for a meeting.” 

What?! Why didn’t You tell 

me they were coming already?!” 

Because I didn’t know!” 

What do you mean? Didn’t 

you say you were going to 

prepare a plan for


Yes, but I have not even 

finished it!” 


He shakes his head. I don’t 


Scarred Alphas by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May

Score 9.3
Status: Completed Released: March 17, 2024 Native Language: English

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Novel Free

An angry soul is what you might call Cass, but what else could she have turned into when all her life she had been rejected and unfairly punished? By her pack and even…her fated mate. The man who is supposed to be her pillar, her lover. A man whom the moon goddess herself deemed to be hers and she his. But then…why does he hurt her so Well if he doesn’t want her, if he doesn’t see the value in her…someone else definitely does and he will stop at nothing to have her. But, will her hidden. power change that? Will the daughter of a madman “Alexis?” “Cass…” he whispers. “What…what are you doing, Alexis?” “You want to be cheeky with me?” He asks, his voice low and baritone. “W-what?” My l*ps quiver. His eyes go to my l*ps. “I…could k*ss you right now.” He mutters. “Why…would you want to?” “Why would I not?” He responds. “Because… I am unwanted by the men in my pack.” “Men? They are not men. You have been dealing with boys…I am no boy.”

Scarred Alphas


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