She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 26

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 26

Chapter 26 # You: Dian Hew 1, Waming Will Fuelp YOU ŠKAMA

Casping that De ?wn at thing war shod to myan yun, Ylaya y revered to prevent Naona ficans getting this truhla *key Mara Cheyanne te your site You Need to be more generoux Besides, the didn’t mean any direct tittat A stays finetel spunting soph Cheyenne was surprised by her thick ekas 

vastaja, por me Truly TolerareChayerine complimerted with a smille that seemed to contain sarcasm

Butt Malaya lucepted li with a smile, showing how strong her mentally was

Cheyware, took at these things on the table. They are your dowry. I found every single item from the warehouse.” 

Warehouse? Did she really think I didn’t see her and Nora lurking around at the auction that day

However, Cheyenne wasn’t bothered to expose her hypocrisy. As long as she got the items back, that was enough

Thank you so much. These items are all exquisite treasures. If even one was missing, my mom would turn in her grave if she knew.Oh, how could that ber 

Malaya watched as Cheyenne had a few servants carry the items upstairs to her room

She felt heartbroken. To redeem these antiques, she had spent over 13 million

Alright, I’m a bit tired now. I’ll go back to my room and rest. Good night.” 

After saying that, Cheyenne gave a light smile, elegantly yawned, and headed upstairs

Once her figure disappeared at the staircase, Nora angrily kicked the table in front of her. Bang

A loud sound rang out, and even she winced from the pain, looking at Malaya with grievances

Mommy, look at her arrogant appearance. I wish she were dead.” 

Hush, my dear, you shouldn’t talk like that. Alright, don’t be sad, that money will come back to us sooner or later!” 

Malaya covered her daughter’s mouth and said coldly

Hearing this, Nora finally felt a little calmer. She looked up at her mom with eyes full of anticipation


Mm, I swear. Whatever she has, you’ll have it too. And if you don’t have it, I’ll help you snatch it!” 

After all, she loved her daughter the most

How could she allow Cheyenne to trample on Nora’s head and act arrogantly

Just you wait. There’s a long road ahead

But Malaya heard the sound of a car engine outside the villa early in the morning

It was very noisy

The constant movement of furniture made it impossible for her to sleep

Annoyed, she sat up and hammered the twometerwide velvet bed underneath her

Her delicate face was wrinkled with anger, and her eyes were tinged with dark circles

She had a sleepless night

For the first time, she dreamed of that fool, Selah

Selah was wearing a white dress, holding a windmill, and standing under a tree, smiling at her

That smile seemed mocking

Malaya, wearing a white lace ruffled nightgown, stepped out of her room to take a look

She was met with the sight of an unfamiliar rugged face

The man was wearing a black tshirt, around forty years old, and had a rough and tall appearance

His looks were ordinary

He was sweaty and exhausted, his tshirt sticking to his solid and sturdy back

Who was he

And in his hands, he was holding a huge wooden rack

Wasn’t that Cheyenne’s beloved bookshelf

It was said to be made of expensive nanmu wood and had been cherished in her study for years

It was locked up

Malaya had once had her eyes on that bookshelf. After all, nanmu wood was even more expensive than gold

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the key

She didn’t dare to do anything excessive, as breaking in might arouse George and the family’s suspicion

So she had to give up

But today… 

How could Cheyenne suddenly unlock her study and allow a stranger to touch her belongings


Chapter 26 H You Dont Have 11. Moming Will Help You Snatch it 

The moment the moving worker saw Malaya, his eyes lit up

The ladies of wealthy families were indeed different

She had fair and smooth skin and, even at forty, looked like she was in her thirties, retaining her charm. Especially when she ran out without wearing a bra, the nightgown’s fabric was very thin

After just a few steps, everything was clearly visible

What are you doing? It’s embarrassing. Hurry back and put on your clothes!George’s furious voice sounded in her ears, waking Malays up from her daze. She suddenly remembered that she had rushed out without putting on a bra

Damn it

That country bumpkin stared at her for so long; it was so embarrassing

In the living room downstairs, on the sofa

Cheyenne also witnessed the scene just now, a faint trace of mockery appeared in her eyes. Softly she said, Malaya is really sexy, even her nightgown can’t cover up that great figure!” 

To George, her compliment sounded extremely unpleasant

As a man, the older he got, the more he cared about his dignity

Listening to his daughter’s sarcasm and thinking about the moment when Malaya and that lowly country man locked eyes for almost a minute, his anger escalated


She was obviously just being dissolute

At her age, she still wore such a nightgown. How had he not noticed how dissolute she was before

Layne chuckled helplessly

He reached out and knocked on Cheyenne’s hand. Although it was reprimand, his voice was still as indulgent as ever

What do you know, little girl? Adultsaffairs are none of your business!” 

Although he also disliked that woman

Malaya took away everything that originally belonged to his daughter, Selah, and even intended to destroy Cheyenne’s life

But with so many people present, it was not appropriate for Cheyenne to say that

If it got out, people would say that she was intentionally targeting her stepmother. 

He didn’t care if that woman was embarrassing herself or not. But his granddaughter Cheyenne was the best in this world

Being reprimanded by her grandfather, Cheyenne playfully stuck out her tongue

Grandpa, I know I was wrong.” 

That’s good.” 

Layne smiled gently, put down the teacup in his hand, and then looked at George in front of him. His hand trembled slightly under his long sleeves


It’s been a long time since we last met.” 

George was afraid of this formidable man

He quickly handed him a cigarette and sighed, Yes, ever since Selah passed away, you went to Shedale. It’s been over ten years since we last saw each 


But in these ten years, I see you haven’t made much progress! The Lawrence Group has been declining under your leadership!” 

When he left Akloit, the Edwards Group was comparable to the Foley Group

But now, they couldn’t even reach their threshold

It was truly embarrassing

Chame 27 1 Only Have One 

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No me going out and pulling in autord my Bears 

Edwards family’s bikinize aves, while to peer cle 

George wat à conservative who didnt dura invect and insisted on elecking with traditional manufacturing inefestiget it search until the global seorsimm crisis hit that year that Lawrance Group’s News became apparent. Being part of a low end industry made them vulnerable and they quickte bankruptcy 

Fortunately ** This time Layne happened to know old Mr. Foley from the Folley Family who extended a helping hand so Lawrence Group could surve 

Years later, old Mr. Foley suddenly said Nora and Kelvin were a good match and demanded marriage between them with any conditions they wanted 

However, kelvin had a reputation for being coldhearted with a bad temper within Akloit’s business circle. There were also rumors about his unattracthe appearance and unpredictable personality which often led to scandalous news stories

Malaye certainly wouldn’t allow her only seventeenyearold daughter Nora to marry such a man, but George couldn’t bear losing the Foley Family’s support either 

After much consideration, they ended up forcing Cheyenne onto the wedding car despite her notorious reputation while also demanding an exorbitant amount of money which became headline news throughout Akloit City

Old Mr. Edwards only found out about all of this later on

When Cheyenne turned eighteen, he was doing research abroad

He had planned to come back and surprise her on her birthday, but instead he was shocked to find out that she had already gotten married 

And it seemed like old Mr. Foley was even more pleased with his new granddaughterinlaw, boasting that he wouldn’t mistreat Cheyenne

Layne finally let it be after that

But Kelvin saw the whole thing as a scheme by Cheyenne

Even though he didn’t care who he ended up marrying, he despised this kind of scheming behavior

Especially since the Lawrence family demanded 100 million dollars and showed their insatiable greediness. He was very disdainful of them

If it weren’t for his grandfather’s pressure, he would never have married such a woman

Dad, you know how hard it is to do business these days. What can we do without connections and background?George said

Although the Lawrence Group had been around for many years, their business model was outdated. Besides, Kelvin only gave them 100 million dollars but completely ignored them afterwards

Every time George invited him to dinner, Kelvin refused by saying that he was very busy. Alright, the company was bought by you back then, so it’s your business and I don’t care!” 

As for the Edwards family’s connections, why were they unwilling to collaborate with George

Most likely it was because George married Malaya less than a year after Selah’s death, which made everyone look down on him and naturally withdrew 

their investment


I came today because I heard that someone had taken possession of things my daughter left for my granddaughter. I came all the way from Shedale specifically for this.” 

Although the old man was smiling, the probing in his eyes made George’s heart tremble

He was even more embarrassed

Dad, you misunderstood. Malaya saw that Cheyenne wasn’t home and locked those items in the warehouse because he worried that the servants might clumsily break something.” 

While George was speaking, Malaya came down the stairs wearing a new set of clothes

Her long hair was coiled up at the back of her head, and a thumbsized pearl necklace adorned her neck

Radiant and luxurious, elegant and composed

No matter how you look at her, she appears to be a cultured wealthy housewife

Dad, this is really a misunderstanding. I have found all the things and returned them to Cheyenne. You can ask her.” 

Malaya sat next to George, answering in a soft voice

Her calling him Dadmade Layne feel uncomfortable all over

He snorted. Don’t call me Dad. I only have one daughter, Selah. You’re surnamed Mitchell but call me Dad. How do you call your real father?” 

It was ridiculous that a mistress called her husband’s first wife’s father Dad

Malaya really had thick skin. Layne thought Malaya must have bullied Selah when she was alive

At the thought of his deceased daughter, Layne’s expression grew even colder

Malaya was asking for trouble and didn’t know how to smooth things over. She decided not to say anything and sat there awkwardly

Grandpa, don’t be angry. I only have one mom, so don’t worry,” Malaya said quickly

The grandfather and granddaughter echoed each other, which really pissed Malaya off

Well then,” Layne said as he pulled out a piece of paper from his wallet. When your mother got married back then, I picked out all the wedding gifts and even wrote down a list which I found last night in my notebook.” 

The paper was yellowed with age but filled with history


She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

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The Foley Villa in Akloit. In front of the mirror stood a woman wearing a white cotton camisole nightgown that reached her knees, revealing fair arms and slender legs. Her chestnut hair contrasted against her pale face; the once bright eyes were devoid of their youthful radiance on this day marking 1162nd day since she married Kelvin Foley. For over three years, Cheyenne Lawrence was nominally "Mrs. Foley", confined to this cold mansion, waiting for his occasional return. At the thought of this, she suddenly laughed at herself.

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