She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 28

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Stepmother Suddenly Becomes Passionate 


Looking back now, that missing toy that Selah talked about was probably the pair of jade lions. Selah saw them as especially important and when they went missing, she was upset for days

George felt shocked at this memory and his wrist shook unconsciously while pouring tea. He didn’t even notice the scalding hot water spilling onto his handback

George’s peripheral vision scanned Malaya wondering how she managed to take the jade lions from Selah. He knew that Malaya and Selah had never given each other presents. The only possibility was that Malaya stole them from Selah

The thought nade George feel sick, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask. After all, family secrets were meant to be kept hidden

Layne was a shrewd person and could tell from their reactions that something was off

Layne decided to let it go and make a new pair for Cheyenne when he had time

To ease the tension in the room, Malaya put on her role as a dutiful wife and mother, warmly greeting Layne, Mr. Edwards, you must be hungry since you came so early in the morning.” 

I’ll go to the kitchen and give some instructions,she said, getting up and walking towards the kitchen as if escaping

Cheyenne was about to say that it wasn’t necessary, but Malaya had walked away. She couldn’t help but furrow her brows. Is Malaya trying to please my grandfather?” 

After about half an hour, all the valuable antiques were finally loaded onto the car. George watched as they were secured and gave an embarrassed smile

In his mind, he complained that Cheyenne was too petty. Her last name was Lawrence, not Edwards. These things wouldn’t be lost even if they were stored in the Lawrence Villa. He didn’t understand why she had to take all of them away

The car drove away. 

Cheyenne wanted to leave with her grandfather, but George insisted on him staying for dinner so she had no choice but to stay temporarily and have breakfast with this group of people

The gorgeous restaurant had a retro European decoration style; even the plates were exquisitely expensive. At a huge round table sat Layne in first place, George on his left side and Cheyenne on his right side

Malaya could only sit next to George as second best option.” 

Nora was staring at Cheyenne with disgust, but the latter didn’t seem to care. She even flashed a sweet smile at Nora, which only made Nora more angry and think indignantly, With old Mr. Edwards backing her up, it’s no wonder she is so smug today. She’s just annoying to look at! Her mother has been dead for over a decade and now there is no relationship between the Lawrence family and the Edwards family. I really don’t know why Father and Mother need to fawn over old Mr. Edwards!‘ 

It was really strange that they asked Cheyenne and Layne to stay for breakfast, which ruined my appetite

Just as she was wondering about their motives, Malaya lifted her cup of tea and offered it to old Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards, I offer you this tea as a thank you for taking care of Cheyenne all these years. Her mother died young and she’s such a poor thing,” said Malaya with false sincerity. 

Cheyenne almost choked on her dumpling after hearing that statement, feeling disgusted with Malaya’s hypocrisy

Layne stood up impassively, his clear eyes fixed on Malaya. Cheyenne is my granddaughterinlaw, it’s only natural for me to take care of her. In fact, I should be thanking you!” 

Layne took a sip of his tea and placed the cup back on the table. In the meantime, Malaya nudged Nora with her elbow while Layne was talking to George

Leaning in close to Nora’s ear, she whispered softly, You should get up and offer a toast to Grandpa.” 

Nora pouted slightly and asked in a low voice, Why? Don’t I have my own grandpa?” 

Malaya chuckled at the immature response but explained gently nonetheless. Don’t you understand? The Edwards family may not be involved in business anymore but old Mr. Edwards is still one of the top artists out there. If he takes you under his wing as an apprentice and teaches you painting skills, then getting into prestigious schools won’t be an issue for you.” 

Indeed, old Mr. Edwards had quite a reputation in painting circles; he even knew some foreign artists including professors from renowned universities. If Nora could study under him, then it would definitely boost her status significantly

Upon hearing this explanation from Malaya, Nora felt intrigued by this opportunity presented before her eyes

She had been practicing her painting skills for so many years, hoping to become a famous artist one day

But after all these years, she was just average among her classmates, even at the bottom

She was mocked by many wealthy girls

As her mother said, if she could get this old man’s recommendation, couldn’t she take a shortcut and directly enter the Royal Academy of Arts? After some simple consideration, Nora picked up the teacup in front of her and stood up

With a cute smile on her face and bowing to Layne respectfully, she said, Grandpa, let me offer you a cup of tea. I wish you good health.” 

Layne knew that Nora was Malaya’s daughter as soon as he saw her

After all, they looked like they were carved out of the same mold. When it came to differences, Malaya was more experienced than Nora who still seemed naive and wore all emotions on her sleeve

Why did they want to flatter him

What made him worthy of their attention as an old man well past his prime

Layne didn’t bother to know the truth but gave an perfunctory answer, Good girl.” 



Chapter 28: Stepmother Suddenly Becomes Passionate 

He drank his tea before sitting down again


Nora thought the compliment sounded insincere. She felt uncomfortable about it and thought, This old man really has no shame. Does he really think himself a guest of high importance?‘ 

Sean, an internet addict, had stayed up all night playing League of Legends and was dragged out of bed by his mother at 7 AM. He sat at the table like a chainsmoker, with no energy

Old Mr. Edwards just glanced over and shook his head silently. After comparing them for a while, he felt even prouder that his Cheyenne was superior to this mistress’s two children by far. He believed that if Selah was still alive, she would be pleased

Halfway through dinner, Malaya couldn’t help but bring up old Mr. Edwardspainting

Mr. Edwards,” she said eagerly, I heard your new work Summer Retreatwon a national gold medal! Congratulations!” 

Layne listened indifferently and said it was nothing much while Cheyenne looked at Malaya with confusion as she propped her chin up with one hand

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

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The Foley Villa in Akloit. In front of the mirror stood a woman wearing a white cotton camisole nightgown that reached her knees, revealing fair arms and slender legs. Her chestnut hair contrasted against her pale face; the once bright eyes were devoid of their youthful radiance on this day marking 1162nd day since she married Kelvin Foley. For over three years, Cheyenne Lawrence was nominally "Mrs. Foley", confined to this cold mansion, waiting for his occasional return. At the thought of this, she suddenly laughed at herself.

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She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane


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