She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 40

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Mr. Foley Was Late Today 

Kate, who was a bit singleminded thought that Cheyenne was complementing her 

Her fair round face had two blushes on it, which complemented her big round eyes and made her look innocent and invely 

I actually did this for the first time,she said styly just witended a training session for a charity yesterday 

Really? You did such a good job, Cheyenne touldn’t bear to discourage her and turned to Reece, sitting across from him in a chair

How did you get hun?she asked

Reece sighed with frustration and replied, Well I shot an action scene last night that required some martial arts moves. The stunt double happened to be absent, so I had to do it myself” 

Who knew that my wrist dislocated after just a few moves? The director called for a break so I could wrap it up 

But then! accidentally fell down again and hit my hand on one of the prop swords. It’s made of wood but still managed to hurt me.” 

Dislocated your wrist?Cheyenne lazily stretched out her own tender hand and asked Reece to show it to her

He obediently stretched out his injured hand

She looked at the mummylike bandage around his hand with pursed lips before carefully unwrapping the gauze

It turned out that Reece’s socalled injury was just a cut on his index finger, about two centimeters long and with the skin turned over. It could be easily stitched up

Cheyenne’s eyes widened as she held his finger and applied some pressure

So this is your excuse for tricking me into buying you turkey?” 

Ah ah ahCheyenneI’m sorry, please let go!” 

It wasn’t that painful at first, but Reece really felt the pain when she squeezed it like that He raised his hand in protest. Cheyenne, it hurts.Hmph!” 

Serves you right!Kate gloated and made a face at him

Then she complained to Cheyenne. I told him it wasn’t serious and we didn’t need to bother you. But he said he wanted something to eat and we were too lazy to go out” 

Okay, Cheyenne got it now. These two foodies teamed up just to trick her. She placed the half turkey wrapped in oil paper on the table and took out a small white porcelain bottle from her bag

This gourdshaped bottle was custommade for her to hold various types of medicinal powders

Cheyenne handed the bottle to Reece. Your wound has been treated, and this medicine will help you heal even faster. Apply it twice a day, morning and night, and don’t let it touch water during that time. I guarantee that within three days, you won’t even have a scar.” 

Upon hearing this, Reece took the small gourd bottle like a treasure and kissed it fervently. Thank you, Cheyenne! I knew you were the one who loves me most!” 

Kate also wanted one for herself but Cheyenne had no choice but to give her one too

However, they were actually beauty products that Cheyenne made herself. They could be eaten as candy on regular days as well. They were really just fun things to please girls

After sitting with Reece in the hospital for a while and finishing off the turkey she brought him, Cheyenne left

Meanwhile on another side of town, Kelvin walked into his company looking disheveled

There was an important shareholder meeting scheduled for 10:30 AM this morning but Kelvin was nowhere to be seen

The atmosphere in the large conference room was tense yet eerie; all shareholders dressed uniformly in black suits sat at their designated seats looking immaculate

Some of them began whispering amongst themselves with expressions of annoyance etched onto their faces

Kelvin had been running this company for years without ever being late or absent from work. He always stayed until everyone else had gone home too! In many ways, he was considered an exemplary workaholic at his company

Even on his wedding day, he was still working overtime at the office. After finishing work at noon, he took some time to go to church in his groom attire before returning to work after a twohour break. That evening, he flew directly overseas. The next day, everyone thought he would stay there for a few more days. However, he showed up at the office at 8 o’clock in the morning, looking sharp and ready for work

When they saw Mr. Foley sitting in his leather chair in the office with his neat outfit on, everyone was shocked and speechless as if they had seen a ghost, because he didn’t look like a newlywed husband in any ways

But today, Mr. Foley was late for once

The meeting was scheduled for 10:30 AM, but there was no sign of him when it was almost 11 AM

Chris anxiously stood by the door watching the closed elevator doors from time to time while occasionally glancing down at his watch

He thought that after dropping Miss Berry off at the villa earlier, Mr. Foley would take a taxi straight to their company’s headquarters but when Chris arrived there himself, Mr. Foley wasn’t there yet

Chris retraced his steps back towards where they parted ways earlier but still couldn’t find any trace of Kelvin anywhere! He considered calling him but then remembered that it was always him who carried Kelvin’s phone with him

Is Mr. Foley worried about Miss Berry and went back to the villa?Chris made a phone call to inquire about who was at the villa, and the servant answered that only Miss Berry was there. Mr. Foley had not returned since he left in the morning

Mr. Richards, what is Mr. Foley busy with? Should we continue with this meeting?One of the shareholders couldn’t wait any longer and asked


Chapter 40 Mr Foley Was Late Today 

Yes, we’ve been waiting for almost an hour! Shouldn’t we temporarily cancel today’s meeting? I have other things to attend to another shareholder 

chimed in 

It’s rare for Mr. Foley to be late today!Some people suggested canceling the meeting while others wanted Kelvin to explain his absence from today’s meeting 

The scene became chaotic like a marketplace as voices grew louder

Chris had worked for Kelvin for many years and finally learned some of his authority. He scanned around coldly before saying. Please calm down, shareholders. There must be a reason why Mr. Foley is late.” 

What reason? As a company CEO, he doesn’t even know how to manage time?A middleaged man named Cody Berry spoke up; he was one of the company’s largest shareholders at about forty years old

Cody was also one of the people who initially opposed Kelvin’s appointment as CEO, citing that Kelvin’s major in college was not in business management but rather in computer science. A young man under 20 with no formal professional background and born with a silver spoon, he simply couldn’t handle hardship. But ultimately, Kelvin proved Cody wrong with his abilities

Back then, the Foley Group was facing bankruptcy crisis and it was this young man whom Kelvin looked down upon that saved the day. He easily recovered the losses and continued to expand the company to where it is today

But Cody thought that Kelvin’s success was just pure luck. He believed that it was due to an unexpected assistance from an international mysterious hacker named Mr. X, who helped save their system together

What’s even more miraculous is that Mr. Xdidn’t ask for any payment and disappeared without a trace

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ward Seeing his et jacket res the back of his chair with precision Sitting down elegantly, he surveyed the room before speaking in a tra voce as begin 

The people who hail been repressing their dissatisfaction moments ago at fell sillent, head’s bowed as they focused on their files 

Only Cody still seemed unhappy about Kelvin being an hour late to today’s meeting He raised his head to stare straight at Kelvin and asked. Shouldn’t you explain why you’re late” 

Kelvinis paze sharpened instantly upon hearing this question

With just one glance from him, Cody felt a chill run down his spine but stood up straight nonetheless, strong and composed as he met Kelvin’s stars head-on 

Kelvin suddenly slammed the file in front of him onto the table with a loud thud that echoed throughout the conference room

Although it wasn’t very loud, everyone could hear it clearly

1 don’t have to explain anything to you, Kelvin said coldly. If you don’t want to stay for this meeting, then leave.” 

Cody was so angry that his face turned pale. After all, he was the secondlargest shareholder in this company

When the Foley Group was founded, the Berry family was one of the five founding members. His older brother, Foster Berry, died in the line of duty. leaving behind a sickly daughter named Abbie, who had been around Kelvin for so many years without being acknowledged. He was constantly suppressed by Kelvin in the company. With all this in mind, how could Cody not be angry. The Foley family never even considered them as part of their 


Mr. Foley, even if you don’t explain it to me, you should explain it to all shareholders here. We’ve wasted an hour for nothing!Cody spoke up fearlessly once again

Upon hearing this, Kelvin glanced at other shareholders and gave a faint smile

Do others think I need to explain?This smile made people shudder with fear

They would rather see Mr. Foley get angry than see him smile like that because it felt extremely dangerous

No, no, no, there must be a reason why Mr. Foley is late. Time is running out; let’s start our meeting quickly.Yes! Mr. Foley seems exhausted from rushing here too.” 

Mr. Foley, let’s start our meeting now. It’s about time for lunch break but we really need your input on our work.” 

The flattery filled the conference room, making Chris feel sick to his stomach. These people were so fake and insincere

Earlier, when Mr. Foley hadn’t arrived yet, they had all been echoing with Cody about needing an explanation. But now they were all flattering Mr. Foley. Kelvin raised his hand expressionlessly and ordered everyone to stop speaking. He announced in a cold voice, Since we all agree that time is valuable, let’s start the meeting now. Chris, turn on the projector for the slides.” 

Yes, Mr. Foley, Chris replied

Today’s meeting was much fasterpaced than usual and not as longwinded. In fact, compared to other meetings they had attended before, they’d rather attend meetings hosted by Mr. Foley, which didn’t drag on forever just to come up with a conclusion

However, Mr. Foley’s presence was always too strong for them; they often needed to be fully alert just to keep up with him

When it was time for work hours to end, Kelvin summarized what needed attention again before announcing that everyone could leave now that their tasks had been assigned

There was an obvious sigh of relief from everyone in attendance who then left one by one from the conference room

Cody remained silent throughout the entire process, but it seemed like he had something to say as he dragged his feet to leave

Kelvin lifted his head and looked at him with cold, sharp eyes. Is there anything else that Mr. Berry needs clarification on?” 

Under Kelvin’s stare, Cody couldn’t vent his frustration and answered through gritted teeth, It’s just a personal matter. Since my niece has returned home, I want to pick her up tonight and bring her back home. It wouldn’t be right to disturb Mr. Foley.” 

Cody thought, Since Kelvin has divorced for Abbie’s sake, he must have some feelings for Abbie. As long as I can control Abbie, I can also control Kelvin

But unexpectedly, Kelvin nodded without hesitation. That’s right. Chris, notify Abbie and tell her to pack her bags.” 

Okay,Chris replied

This left Cody bewildered

Shouldn’t Mr. Foley express some courtesy or show some hesitation

But instead of that expected reaction from Kelvin, he simply nodded nonchalantly

Cody couldn’t understand Kelvin; although Kelvin was more than twenty years younger than himself in age, Kelvin was much more scheming than he expected

Alright then, thank you very much for letting my niece go.” 

Chris snorted disdainfully and thought, Mr. Foley hasn’t restricted Miss Berry freedom at all! It’s Miss Berry who went to the company with Mr. Foley 

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

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The Foley Villa in Akloit. In front of the mirror stood a woman wearing a white cotton camisole nightgown that reached her knees, revealing fair arms and slender legs. Her chestnut hair contrasted against her pale face; the once bright eyes were devoid of their youthful radiance on this day marking 1162nd day since she married Kelvin Foley. For over three years, Cheyenne Lawrence was nominally "Mrs. Foley", confined to this cold mansion, waiting for his occasional return. At the thought of this, she suddenly laughed at herself.

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